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Ative follows the development of these Northern peoples the Nordmenn from their origins and the legendary pre history to the military triumphs of Canute and the defeat of Harald Hardrdi at Stamford Bridge in 1066 which symbolically ended the Viking age The book recounts the Vikings' exploits in war trade and colonization the assault on Western Christend A dream of a history book deep detailed never a moment's boredom and ta da with writerly touches I have a huge gratitude for writerly touches wit humour art spent on a sentence in non fiction that doesn't often bother to be a writer too It makes the research swim by when you have them nuggets to look forward to

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A History of the VikingsOm; the trading and military ventures to the Slav and Muslim worlds and to Byzantium; and the western voyages of discovery and settlement to Greenland Iceland and America Numerous photographs maps and drawings contribute to Gwyn Jones's rounded portrait of Viking civilization and vividly evoke the importance in their culture of religion art and seafarin I would give this book three and a half stars if I couldThe first few chapters are solid two star chapters; the author's style defines the word orotund and sentence after sentence takes up half a page to convey the simple attitude of we just don't know However once the book gets into the historical period Jones does an excellent exhaustive job of cross referencing sources and because this is an older work every single one of them is cited in a footnote The footnotes in fact are so copious as to be distracting In a history work this is a good thing; in a narrative it is less so Unfortunately Jones is unable to split the difference as effectively as many authors and rather than gather the entire footnote material into endnotes the publisher has elected to leave them as footnotes There is one other significant and jarring addition compared to other books of this type and class and that is in line line drawings Some of the drawings such as maps of Hedeby or the archaeological dig plans for Brattahlid are excellent Some of them however are jarringly bad line art and they do not appear with any explanation so it is impossible to tell if they are a rendition of an original source many are or are the results of a six year old helping illustrate the manuscript many look like this is a possibility I feel that either elaboration or an omission of the line art would have been an improvementI feel I must note the scholarship in this work At the time it was written it was very much state of the art That was fifty years ago with a revision twenty years ago so much of it is severely out of date and the references are mostly to 19th and mid 20th Century scholarship rather than modern work off the top of my head the design of the buttresses at the Trelleborg longhouses comes to mind the consensus has moved on from the drawings in this book However Jones is a standard work in the field and is therefore something of a must have in a reference library even if the field of Norse studies has grown past this book

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A History of the Vikings Book ↠ 504 pages º Reflectionslisburnltd ☆ An utterly splendid book uite the most brilliantly written balanced and explanative general work on the Vikings ever to appear in English or in any language Scandinavian StudiesThe subject of this book is the Viking realms Denmark SweAn utterly splendid book uite the most brilliantly written balanced and explanative general work on the Vikings ever to appear in English or in any language Scandinavian StudiesThe subject of this book is the Viking realms Denmark Sweden and Norway their civilization and culture and their many sided achievements at home and abroad A highly readable narr the temptation is strong to offer generalizations about the viking himself produce a 'typical' figure and prop him against the museum wall with his catalogue number and descriptive label It is a temptation to be resisted because of its limiting and misleading conseuences Harald Hardradi who waged war from Asia Minor to Stamford Bridge for thirty five years was a viking; so was his father Sigurd Sow who stayed at home and counted haystacks Hastein who led the Great Army of the Danes into England in the early 890's was a viking; so too was Ottar who came peaceably to his lord kind Alfred's court with walrus tusks and lessons in northern geography The men who destroyed churches in England Ireland and France were vikings; so too were the woodcarvers of Osberg and the metalworkers of Mammen The men who said 'With law shall the land be built up and with lawlessness wasted away' were vikings; so were the practisers and curtailers of blood feud the profit makers and those who robbed them of profit the explorers and colonizers the shaper's of verse forms and makers of legend The kings and their counselors who brought the Scandanavian countries within the boundaries of Christian Europe were vikings In short the viking is the aggregate of this book and recalcitrant to summaryEarlier this year I had a serious need to read some Viking history thanks in no small part to the fact that the History Channel made a scripted show about vikings and it's awesome Having no idea where to start I bought TD Kendrick's A History of the Vikings from the bargain shelf at Barnes and Noble and dived in It was disappointing Kendrick's book while thorough is almost exclusively concerned with what the vikings did while they were in places like England and Iceland Which is great if you already have a base of knowledge about their daily life and their homelands but I didn't so the book was frustrating for me But I still had a viking itch to scratch and so I decided to try again with Gwyn Jones book of the same title And I was glad I did Jones' book is everything Kendrick's wasn't Jones still discusses viking campaigns to Canada and England also the Middle East which I can't remember Kendrick getting into but also gives the reader a ton of information about viking society and how it functioned You learn about the viking social structure their laws their burial rites their religion their language there's even a detailed description of how they built their boats And you get to learn exactly what a blood eagle is and trust me it's just as cool and gross as it sounds There are tons of photos and drawings included so the history feels fully explored The book goes through the lives of several important figures in viking history as well as some other major players from the era and gives an overview of the age of the vikings from the beginning in the 8th century to 1066 when it officially ended Best of all is the writing style which is written in the same overly scholarly tone that Kendrick's book was but since Jones was writing about thirty years later it's readable and fun as you can see from this passageThe Moors took so many prisoners that the gallows of Seville did not suffice for them and the city's palm trees bore strange fruit Report of the Emir's victory was not entrusted to mouth and uill alone he sent the severed heads of 200 vikings on a dumb but elouent embassy to his allies in TangierI love that so much People just don't write history books that way any and it's a damn shame