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characters Devil In My Bed Runaway Brides #1 ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Õ The three year old girl sitting on the steps of Brown's Club for Distinguished Gentlemen insists that one of its members is her papa Aidan de uincy feels obligated to help the wee thing even though she certainly isn't his—or is she TThe three year old girl sitting on the steps of Brown's Club for Distinguished Gentlemen insists that one of its members is her papa Aidan de uincy feels obligated to help the wee thing even though she certainly isn't his or is she To find answers Aidan must first track. Celeste Bradley has a new historical romance series called The Runaway Brides The first book Devil in My Bed is so unrealistic and loopy There is that “big misunderstanding” plot device and a cute little toddler who takes up many of the scenes she is in that may annoy If you like your villains who remind you of those old fashioned ones that twirl their mustaches and tie the poor woman to the railroad tracks give this one a goAidan de uincy has never gotten over the widow he had a passionate all consuming love affair with Madeleine Chandler leaves him when he expresses his desire to marry her Because Madeleine just wanted him for sex and not his name he becomes bitter and heartbroken How dare the woman blow his mind and his body with wonderful bed play and run away from him because he wanted to marry her Now three years later he still cannot forget the one woman who he gave his heart to or rather the woman he is obsessed with But this is uite alright because Aidan is the hero While he is at the Brown’s Club for Distinguished Gentlemen he notices a small child named Melody who is only three years old Melody was left there by her mother who can’t support her any Aidan knows this poor child’s father is not part of the club because most of the men are well past their prime to have a child Aidan has no choice but to take care of this little girl until he can figure out who her father isMadeleine had to end her affair with Aidan because she is hiding from her husband who is an abusive psychopath She pretends to be a widow and has kept hidden for three years But the jig is up because a friend of her husband has spotted her Aidan finds her once again and rescues her because he comes to the conclusion that she is Melody’s mother He hides Madeline in his rooms For some reason Madeleine doesn’t tell Aidan that he is mistaken but he thinks she is a lying wench anyway so what would be the point Even though he thinks Madeleine is a lying deceitful woman who broke his poor heart he will get to the bottom of this so they can finally be togetherMadeleine’s psycho husband figures out she is in London and will make her pay All she wants is her freedom and a future with Aidan and little Melody but her lies and deceit have become too much to keep under controlDevil in My Bed has some moments of comedic relief that are bound to make you groan than laugh I will say that Aidan and Madeleine are crazy for each other and there is one scene where they are playing hide and seek with Melody and hide in the wardrobe Aidan’s hands go a wandering and Madeleine combusts into a puddle of mushy lust Watching Aidan and Sir Colin Lambert who also resides at the club figure out how to take care of Melody is uite hilarious These two reminded me of the movie Three Men and a BabyI guess you could say this a screwball regency romp The out of the blue scenes that are dark and full of tension come out of left field and just don’t fit And again the situation Aidan places himself in with Madeleine and Melody is a bit unbelievable You will have to suspend your belief because the majority of the story is a bit fantastical Fans of Celeste Bradley know what they are getting and if you have enjoyed her past work I think you will feel the same way with Devil in My Bed

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Leave him now compels her to pretend that this sweet child is hers a lie Aidan will surely never forgive Yet the contented days and exuisite nights that follow are worth the heartbreak she knows must come The truth will out and when it does there will be the devil to pay. At first I really didn't like this book At times I found myself rolling my eyes at the absurdities like Lord Bartles and Sir JamesHowever about 13 into the book I was hooked By the end I found myself purchasing the next book in the series Call me crazy but the ending leaves you kind of hanging so you have no choiceI probably would have never purchased this book on my own I borrowed it using the Lend Me feature on my book So many publishers seem to be against the lending of Ebooks which is crazy because I borrow books I probably would never buy and end up enjoying them so much that I buy even books from the author

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Devil In My Bed Runaway Brides #1Down the lovely widow he swore to forget when their passionate affair came to a painful end It doesn't help that Madeleine Chandler is as sensual and enticing as everFor three years Madeleine had dreamed of seeing Aidan on her doorstep The secret that once forced her to. 35 stars for Madeleine and Aidan's love story 4 stars for the side characters and creative telling of the story This is an instant love story with a hidden past by Maddy that causes issues Favorite person in the story was the three year old Melody Both the heroine and the hero might have you rolling your eyes at them in this one