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GracelingWith words alone With elegant evocative prose and a cast of unforgettable characters debut author Kristin Cashore creates a mesmerizing world a death defying adventure and a heart racing romance that will consume you hold you captive and leave you wanting. When a monster stopped behaving like a monster did it stop being a monster Did it become something else This is one of my most reread books of all time and it was such a big influence on both what I write and what I love to read and I love and appreciate it every time I think this book is a little bit misunderstood sometimes Graceling opens as Katsa a character graced with the skill to kill people—literally actually murder them—puts a group of guards out cold rather than killing them while trying to rescue a falsely imprisoned old man She then returns to her palace where she is thought of and treated as a weapon for a cruel king She thinks of herself as a dog and a brute and an idiot until she and a new friend move to track down the answers to a mystery dogging a nearby kingdom Katsa prizes her mind it is the only she has ever had to herself One of the first things we learn of her is her hatred for mind readers and while this serves a plot purpose it also ties in well with her other fears Her body and power has for so long been Randa’s as a weapon But she is not a weapon Though Katsa could and would kill the bad guy to survive a horror movie she also does the right thing or tries She cares for other people in her own stubborn and angry way To move anywhere beyond her own self image she must go from thinking of herself as a killer a monster a weapon to thinking of herself as a justice seeker She must find love Po and allow herself to care for those around her Bitterblue And she must go from thinking of her talent as a curse to thinking of it as a tool The graces are a neutral element—both good and bad depending on their useThe thing about the climax of Katsa's character arc is that it isn’t defined by violence it’s defined by Katsa regaining power over her mind view spoilerIt isn’t a great feat that she kills; we know all along that she can kill anyone she wants It is the fact that she kills someone as he tries to control her mind that is so important Her conflict is never about her physical power but about her love for Bitterblue and Po And she wrests back mental control not through her grace but through her love for other people hide spoiler

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Ng she is forced to work as the king’s thug She never expects to fall in love with beautiful Prince Po She never expects to learn the truth behind her Grace or the terrible secret that lies hidden far away a secret that could destroy all seven kingdoms. When a monster stopped behaving like a monster did it stop being a monster Did it become something else Authors take note This is YA Lit done rightKatsa is a monster She's been one ever since she discovered the power of her killing Grace Onlyshe starts to wonder does she have to beIn the Graceling Realm those born with heterochromia different colored eyes are blessed with a Grace A Grace can be anything from the mundane ie holding your breath indefinitely to the cruel ie mind control Katsa has been blessed with a killing grace Ever since she was a child she could murder at the slightest touch A Gracling born into her kingdom is automatically offered to the King her uncle Under his thumb she murdered tortured and struck horror across his lands and the seven kingdomsHowever as she grew older she became less comfortable in her own skin So she formed an alliance with sympathizers and started moonlighting as a hero When a mysterious prince one with a silver eye and a gold eye and graced with fighting visits to her kingdom she finds herself uestioning everything she's ever doneFirst off abso freaking lutely loved this premise The powers the suabbling kingdoms the atmosphere YES Mercy was frightening than murder because it was harder Second off I loved Katsa's strength She's far stronger than any man in the kingdom but the writing and the characterization is done so well that she never dips a toe into Mary Sue territory nor does she get thrown into the self sacrificing woe is me category She's a badass who's earned her credentials And I adore her sass Perhaps I can stay by the fire and mend your socks and scream if I hear any strange noises Third off I loved the love There was no falling in love at first sight no shoe horned love triangle and NO weird YA boy smells I adored between Katsa and her beau Po and I will defend their love to my dying day They have such a stable healthy relationship something that is woefully in short supply in YA Katsa sat in the darkness of the Sunderan forest and understood three truths She loved Po She wanted Po And she could never be anyone's but her ownIf you are in the mood for uality YA lit pick this series up This is my fourth read through and I loved it as much as the first The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge A book about a villian or antiheroAudiobook CommentsHoly mother of pearl Full cast audio production each character had a different actoractress there was music between chapters AND the kid voices sounded really realistic An absolute pleasure to listen toYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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review Graceling ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Katsa has been able to kill a man with her bare hands since she was eight—she’s a Graceling one of the rare people in her land born with an extreme skill As niece of the king she should be able to live a life of privilege but Graced as she is with killing she is forced to workKatsa has been able to kill a man with her bare hands since she was eight she’s a Graceling one of the rare people in her land born with an extreme skill As niece of the king she should be able to live a life of privilege but Graced as she is with killi. I wanted so badly to like this book It has so much going for it It is original and inventive I never once caught myself thinking Now where did I read that before Oh right in the last three books The idea of the graced their skills and their mismatched eyes; of the seven kingdoms; of the characters themselves All of them were uniuely Cashore's own Her prose was clear and lucid though there were passages that dragged and made me want to skip ahead So pacing was occasionally a problem but not the actual words themselves I thought it uite notable especially as a debut However Yes that dreaded however But before we get to that a uick disclaimer I certainly have no say on what Cashore did or did not intend the book to say I only can say with certainty what I find in the book and I hope you can agree that if in addition to great writing and engaging stories one desires one's reading material to have at the very least some simple ethics it is than reasonable that some readers will discuss and debate the ethics and social s that certain features of this book present Personally I appreciate being able to discuss something that a book mentions and which allows me to think of it in an entirely different light I am fully aware that many might feel that this review is biased and unfair written from a narrow minded hidebound mentality How dare I allow my personal convictions to color my view of a book I read Especially a fantasy book that clearly takes place in a world that is not this one But before you comment to let me know that I am a horrible disgrace and disappointment as a human for allowing my personal convictions to color my view of a book that I have read please take a moment to know that I am not allowing any comments on this review I had nearly 50 comments on this review and I ultimately chose to delete them when the vitriolic contemptuous comments kept coming For those of you whose opinions differed but who chose to share that contrary opinion with civility and tolerance I would like once to extend my sincerest thanks especially to Ariel and Angie For the others that commented to agree or say thanks for the review I hope it helped So back to that however My issue is that firstly what Po and Katsa have is not love Infatuation Certainly Affection Sure But love true love is wanting what is best for the other person and doing whatever one can so that the other is able to move toward the best Thus love is at its core sacrificial and giving What is the purpose of Katsa's and Po's sexual relationship It is of transient emotional and physical benefit but how does it benefit them ultimately I don’t believe that love euals sex and the book seemed to infer just thatBut say she did love him I'm all for girl power and females don't need a guy to be fulfilled All for that I even understand that at that point in Katsa's life she had just claimed her freedom and could not imagine entering any other station of life that would in any way limit or curtail her personal liberty All well and fine But then she goes ahead and enters into a physical relationship with a guy because she loves him but just can't ever be married to him because that would limit her sense of self and her own freedom to come and go as she pleased Granted the concept of marriage within the confines of that secondary world might differ it could be a total abnegation of self but I never got that sense when they talked about marriages in their society In fact at its core marriage in our world is a contract of personal commitment between two people but Katsa while perhaps legitimately shunning marriage in her world still has no desire to ever commit to Po in any way So it would seem that Katsa's issues had way to do with herself and her own flaws and insecurities than the idea of commitment or even Po Given his affection for her he would never have limited her freedom But flip the coin What if it was Po who “loved” Katsa but refused to marry her because then he would not be free Where he was the one who would take whatever Katsa had to offer but did not care enough to actually make any sort of commitment to her That likely would not go over as well It is strange what a double standard we have in relationships esp in a feminist age We praise novels that show females as strong independent individuals even if that means they are also selfish and controlling while we uite rightly condemn that sort of behavior in male protagonists But then not only are we giving a sad view of a strong woman as if that is the only way to portray a vibrant and intelligent female we are also touting a weak and ineffective masculine image that indicates that no male can be resourceful or a leader or else he is preventing the girl from being who she ought to be free to beetc When we did we stop striving for an ideal where both men and women complimented each other each being allowed their own strengths and being euals rather than always rivals and competitors So again a talented new author but I have deep reservations about some of the messages in this book and I doubt I will recommend it to many people Which is a shame considering the uality of the rest of the story which is easily three stars for the prose though the plot had a few spots that seemed out of place Graceling never seemed like it should have been a love story much less a hook up and I was loving it as a fine fantasy personal growth novel but once they brought in the romantic anti romantic elements it lost me