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kindle ´ The Idylls of the Queen â A Tale of Queen Guenevere Download ☆ In The Idylls of the ueen Phyllis Ann Karr takes an incident the murder of Sir Patrise from Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur and creates an intelligent complex and fascinating mystery novel perfect for fans of historical mysterHo is guilty Kay knows the ueen is innocent and an unsuspected murderer is loose in feud filled Camelot a murderer who intended to kill a person or persons other than the obscure knight Patrise and who is poised to kill again With the trial only days away Kay joins with the great knights Gawaine and Gareth and their half brother King Arthur's bastard son Mordred in two uests to find the missing Lancelot and to uncover the true murderer Cynthia Ward For the Arthurian fan this is truly a delightful novel Tailored to fit exactly into the interstices of Malory's MORT DE ARTHUR it combines all the King Arthur characters with a vivid medieval setting and a close adherence to the chivalric ethos A small tour de force that should be much better known

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In The Idylls of the ueen Phyllis Ann Karr takes an incident the murder of Sir Patrise from Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur and creates an intelligent complex and fascinating mystery novel perfect for fans of historical mysteries of British legends and of fantasyueen Guenevere is giving a dinner to honor King Arthur's knights when one guest Sir Patrise falls dead of poison The dead man's cousin accuses the ueen of murder and she is taken away to Unlike most contemporary Arthurian literature which tends to borrow a framework and set of characters much in fact as medieval writers did Karr sticks closely to Malory's account but fills in details and backstory to create a whole new approach She begins with a fairly minor tale from Le Morte D'Arthur a knight Sir Patrise dies while at a small dinner given by the ueen His cousin accuses her of poisoning Patrise and declares that he will prove this by fighting the champion of her choice Several parties of knights ride out to find Lancelot who is absent In Malory's account no attention is given to the crime beyond the drama it creates but Karr takes the supposition that at least some of those involved would have wanted to find out who actually perpetrated the murder Focusing on Sir Kay Arthur's foster brother and steward and Mordred who decide to travel together to consult the Lady of the Lake she explores the interpersonal and family dynamics that play such an influential role in the Arthurian story cycle This mystery is set after the Grail uest so there is a large corpus of past interactions which the two men discuss in an attempt to decide who may have acted from a hidden grudge against the ueen Sir Patrise or perhaps another guest at the dinner who was the intended victim The glut of information may be somewhat confusing for readers who are minimally familiar with the Arthurian legends; Karr does explain fairly clearly but you need to pay close attention to keep all the individuals and their relationships straight

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The Idylls of the Queen A Tale of Queen GuenevereBe held until her trial by combat If her knight champion wins Guenevere will be declared innocent and freed; if he loses she will be burned to death as a murderer She is unlikely to survive the trial Most of Britain's mightiest knights were at the dinner and therefore cannot fight for the ueen Her champion and secret lover the invincible Lancelot has vanished And as Sir Kay realizes trial by combat determines only is who is the better fighter not w I really loved reading Idylls of the ueen It took me a while to get into because the flippant stories of Camelot are much less my thing but at its heart the story loved the older tellings of the story which helped you can tell by the fact that Phyllis Ann Karr chose an epigraph for each chapter from Malory It was fun playing spot the source tooKay's narrative voice is delightful and the mystery is fun too It helps if you have a good knowledge of Malory both to follow the plot and make your own guesses and to see what Karr is doing so cleverly I loved her version of Gawain too and her sympathy with the female characters of the stories was a joy to read Morgan Le Fay getting to tell her own story obviously not totally novel but fresh enoughI'm not sure how much this is actually going to help me with my dissertation but it's a very fun book anyway