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Family Secrets: The Case That Crippled the Chicago Mob review È eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Even in Chicago a city steeped in mob history and legend the Family Secrets case was a true spectacle when it made it to court in 2007 A top mob boss a reputed consigliere and other high profile members of the CAnd their eually flamboyant attorneys paraded through and performed James “Jimmy Light” Marcello the acting head of the Chicago mob; Joey “the Clown” Lombardo one of Chicago’s most eccentric mobsters; Paul “the Indian” Schiro; and a former Chicago police officer Anthony “Twan” Doyle among others            Re creating events from court transcripts police records interviews and notes taken day after day as the story unfolded in court Coen provides a riveting wide angle view and one of the best accounts on record of the inner workings of the Chicago syndicate and its control over the city’s stree. This is the best mob book I have ever read Maybe it does not classify as a mob book because it is about presenting facts without glorifying the myth of organized crime All the information presented are excerpts from court proceedings yet the author spends a great effort to combine them into a compelling story of violence revenge family feud and law enforcement There are good opportunities within the book to enable the reader to apply a reality check to the popular media portrayals of the mafia

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Even in Chicago a city steeped in mob history and legend the Family Secrets case was a true spectacle when it made it to court in 2007 A top mob boss a reputed consigliere and other high profile members of the Chicago Outfit were accused in a total of eighteen gangland killings revealing organized crime’s ruthless grip on the city throughout the 1960s 1970s and 1980s            Painting a vivid picture of murder courtroom drama family loyalties and disloyalties journalist Jeff Coen accurately portrays the Chicago Outfit’s cold blooded and sometimes incompetent killers and their crimes in the case that brought t. This book was particularly relevant for me since I grew up in the neighborhood where many of the main characters lived several of them are about my age and I went to high school with at least one of the protagonists Even though much of the action that led up to the trial took place in the 1970's and 1980's I still recall some of the stories that wound up being explained in the trial proceedings I also remember reading about the trial in the Chicago Tribune as it was happening about 10 years ago but having grown up in Chicago it didn't make that much of an impression on me I guess one gets a little jaded from growing up in the hometown of mob land so it seemed like just another revelation of one bad guy suealing on his partners in crime in order to save his own neck The principal difference in Family Secrets versus other dirty rat stories is that the main witness was the brother Nick of one of the accused Frank Calabrese who admitted his own role in over a dozen murders while dragging the defendants along with him As it turns out many of the killings in the book were recast in the movie Casino most significantly those of the Spilotro brothers Probably the most surprising revelation was the amount of planning that went into many of the hits Unlike what you see on TV or in the movies many of the murders were plotted planned out and tested before they occurred often over a several month time frame If the circumstances weren't uite right the execution would be called off delayed but not forgotten until success and sure escape was most likely These were the ultimate examples of premeditation not crimes of passion but murders committed to maintain order in the ranks or to send an effective message to all who felt that the mob rules didn't apply to them The irony was that in this brotherhood no one felt truly safe since your most likely executioner was probably someone you knew well someone who may have participated in other hits with you For the penalty for failure to carry out an execution was your execution truly kill or be killedThe contents of the book as a whole were comprehensive but the narration of the story left a lot to be desired The book is divided into two broad parts 1 the murders and other crimes and 2 the trial The problem with the narration is that it is very scattered in the first part and repetitive in the second part The style that Coen uses in first half of the book reminds me of how a dinner conversation with 5 or 6 longtime friends might sound if committed to print interesting stories not really connected other than by shared experiences told in no particular order Given all of the characters involved it's very difficult to remember who goes with whom and where does each story fall on the timeline The trial section of the book repeats many of the stories with small additions but are retold as Nick says his piece and then responded to by each of the defendants A understandable approach my have been to start with the trial and then tell the backstory as the prosecution and defense present their cases There's a lot going on in the book so a understandable organizing principle would have been appreciated

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Family Secrets The Case That Crippled the Chicago MobHem down In 1998 Frank Calabrese Jr volunteered to wear a wire to gather evidence against his father a vicious loan shark who strangled most of his victims with a rope before slitting their throats to ensure they were dead Frank Jr went after his uncle Nick as well a calculating but sometimes bumbling hit man who would become one of the highest ranking turncoats in mob history admitting he helped strangle stab shoot and bomb victims who got in the mob’s way and turning evidence against his brother Frank            The Chicago courtroom took on the look and feel of a movie set as Chicago’s most colorful mobsters. Kudos to Chicago Tribune reporter Jeff Coen for his excellent coverage of the Family Secrets trial I found myself horrified by the crimes committed and fascinated by the unraveling of the Chicago Mob by hitman turned FBI informant Nick Calabrese The extortion murder and general mayhem Nick and his brother along with the other capos and crews of the Chicago Outfit astonished me Really you can't make this stuff up Even Hollywood took a bit from the Chicago Mob when making the movie Casino It would be wrong for me to say I found Nick a sympathetic character because in truth he was a stone cold killer but I did feel somewhat of a sense of gratitude knowing that beneath the jaded mobster persona there were indications of a bit of remorse or actual human feeling such as Nick's attempts to fight emotion over two killings in particular the first one he participated in and the one of Michael Cagnoni And of course as a Chicagoan I'm glad these people are now LOCKED UP It does make me wonder if they are gone who has come to fill their shoes Highly interesting read for those who like true crime laworder cases and local history