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DOC ↠ READER Family Secrets FREE ✓ JEFF COEN ☆ Even in Chicago a city steeped in mob history and legend the Family Secrets case was a true spectacle when it made it to court in 2007 A top mob boss a reputed consigliere and other high profile members of the Chicago Outfit were accused in a total of eighteen gangland kiEven in Chicago a city steeped in mob history and legend the Family Secrets case was a true spectacle when it made it to court in 2007 A top mob boss a reputed consigliere and other high profile members of the Chicago Outfit were accused in a total of eighteen gangland killings revealing organized crime’s ruthless grip on the city throughout the 1960s 1970s and 1980s            Painting a vivid picture of murder courtroom drama family loyalties and disloyalties journalist Jeff Coen accurately portrays the Chicago Outfit’s cold blooded and sometimes incompetent killers and their crimes in the case that brought t Very interesting walk through how this crime family was taken down But I'll say this you might be tempted to try to remember every new mobster by name You might even look back when new ones are introduced to try to decipher who is who There are too many Don't bother Let all those names just wash over you and move on As long as you can remember who the brothers are you'll be able to follow

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Hem down In 1998 Frank Calabrese Jr volunteered to wear a wire to gather evidence against his father a vicious loan shark who strangled most of his victims with a rope before slitting their throats to ensure they were dead Frank Jr went after his uncle Nick as well a calculating but sometimes bumbling hit man who would become one of the highest ranking turncoats in mob history admitting he helped strangle stab shoot and bomb victims who got in the mob’s way and turning evidence against his brother Frank            The Chicago courtroom took on the look and feel of a movie set as Chicago’s most colorful mobsters “Family Secrets” was a truly detailed thorough look at the state of the Mafia in Chicago from roughly the 60s to the 80s The source was solid reporting from the author a Chicago Tribune reporter and the testimony from the “Family Secrets” trial No matter what kind of book you like there’s a bit of it in here Like courtroom drama? The last half of the book details the trial itself with scenes described in cinematic detail that you would expect from a seasoned court reporter in a no cameras allowed courtroom Like vicious murders? There are uite a few described here including gore and even the occasional humor that you might have seen in a killing in “The Sopranos” Like science? There’s enough of the grisly CSI stuff here but surprisingly there is a long description of the series of experiments around the development of car bombs triggered by unattended remote controls These killers didn’t just walk up to someone and blast away at least not all of the time They put a lot of thought and attention and run through into their killings Like business stories? Here you read details of how the mob ran their business over the years Are you from Chicago and want to read about local people and sites? Here you get some local celebrities like the founder of Connie’s Pizza And you hear of many locations you might already know The location closest to me was a few miles from home – a Connie’s Pizza in the “Wonder Bread” suburb of Naperville that was initially funded by the mob And there’s family drama And there’s even a kind of time passage story where most of the FBI and the mobsters we followed throughout the book are retiring jailed dead or heading to the witness protection program at the end of the book There’s a bit of a romanticized view of a time gone by but only a bit I listened to this on audio and found it incredibly hard to follow the many many people in the story – they kept popping up at different times and the story isn’t told chronologically I took an earlier reviewer’s suggestion to just focus on the family and with that I found the story enjoyable I found reading this similar to watching “The Sopranos” interesting but ultimately just kind of sad I read this for Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge 2018 for the prompt “Read a true crime book” This fit the bill well

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Family Secrets The Case That Crippled the Chicago MobAnd their eually flamboyant attorneys paraded through and performed James “Jimmy Light” Marcello the acting head of the Chicago mob; Joey “the Clown” Lombardo one of Chicago’s most eccentric mobsters; Paul “the Indian” Schiro; and a former Chicago police officer Anthony “Twan” Doyle among others            Re creating events from court transcripts police records interviews and notes taken day after day as the story unfolded in court Coen provides a riveting wide angle view and one of the best accounts on record of the inner workings of the Chicago syndicate and its control over the city’s stree Amazing account of the downfall of several senior members of the Chicago mob Well told story of the trial of a key mob member’s decent into the crime world and multiple murders and his subseuent decision to inform on the mob My family has been victimized by mob extortion and theft it is difficult to read about the damage the mob’s greet and violence has done to the people of Chicago a city I love However it was also inspiring to read about the dedicated FBI team members who’s determination focus on justice and their commitment to the greater good brought so many of there criminals to justice In the end this is an inspiring book that shows commitment to public service can overcome greed self interest and cruelty