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The Maze Runner characters ✓ 107 ☆ There are alternate cover editions for this ASIN here and hereIf you ain’t scared you ain’t human When Thomas wakes up in the lift the only thing he can remember is his name He’s surrounded by strangers—boys whose memories are also gone Nice to meet ya shank Welcome to the Glade Outside the towering sThere are alternate cover editions for this ASIN here and hereIf you ain’t scared you ain’t human When Thomas wakes up in the lift the only thing he can remember is his name He’s surroun. You know how sometimes you're running really fast from a horrible creature and in a moment of panic you turn around to see how close it is only to run straight into a brick wallNoI don't know what that's like either But that inattention to detail would probably totally screw you over because a now you're knocked unconscious and b the creature is going to devour you Good jobI guess this is kind of like Lot's wife looking back on Sodom only to be turned into a pillar of salt And it is also kind of like reading The Maze Runner Stick with me The first half of James Dashner's The Maze Runner maintains a superbly frantic pace Thomas our empty shell of a protagonist is thrust via the Box into a curious and unfriendly world populated by dozens of teenage boys He remembers nothing and the boys are uncooperative refusing to reveal any details regarding their home the Glade The Glade is surrounded by stupendously tall walls outside of which lays the Maze During the day the Maze is kinda sorta safe But at night the Grievers emerge These are half slughalf woodshop tools that enjoy slicing and dicing apart anyone unfortunate to encounter them They can also sting you which causes much mayhem and reuires the administering of Grief Serum which triggers the Changing SIDEBARWhat Is It With Authors Of Dystopian Novels Capitalizing Really Important Words It's Annoying Find A New Stylistic Approach That I Can Later Become Exasperated WithAnyway Thomas' situation is bleak made bleaker when a number of unfortunate coincidences causes him to bear witness to some truly awful acts of violence Let's just say one untrustworthy soul is unwittingly tossed into the Maze at night and then a girl not a boy suspiciously arrives the day after Thomas All of this despite the Unnecessary Capitalization and the boys using completely pointless terminology like klunk and shuckface is totally kitty fantastico The constant psychological mystery keeps nagging doubts at bay and the variety of personalities that populate the Glade is totally believable They talk like teenagers they generally act like teenagers and they form cliues and factions the way teenagers would From here on I'm covering up spoilers even though I think they're total nonsense and hilariously awful And because I advise you not to read this book you should click them Just keeping the haters at bayThen Thomas view spoilerspends a night in hide spoiler

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The only way out and no one’s ever made it through alive Everything is going to change Then a girl arrives The first girl ever And the message she delivers is terrifying Remember Survive Run. “You are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world” 2 12 stars It's funny how just a few years can change everything your reading tastes your expectations your standards because when I read The Maze Runner in early 2011 I enjoyed it a lot It seemed fast paced exciting and a little scary Plus I thought the slang was a nice touch Three years and a million dystopiansci fi books later and everything about me has outgrown this book It's not terrible I can still see why someone who is new to YA dystopias might get caught up in the loosely plotted read nothing happens drama and think that shuck amounts to a clever invention of a new language But as I was rereading this before seeing the new movie I realised just how much it pales in comparison to many others in the genreThe thing about this book is that it is so simplistic and immature I guess I'm not here to simply piss off the book's fans I enjoyed it too remember and I can still see why it might provide some light entertainment But the characters and plot are so underdeveloped The language seems silly now The scary Grievers no longer seem scary but cartoon comical instead Dashner uses that tiresome old writing techniue called withholding information to propel the non existent plot along The whole book is built around a single mystery that of the maze and our supposedly intelligent beyond belief characters keep the novel going by standing around and scratching their heads It's so lacking in any depth layers or complexity Comparisons to The Hunger Games are frankly uite hilarious when you consider Collins' intricate world complex characters and clever plot then consider what Dashner offers up next to it Not to mention that Thomas is an extremely boring self sacrificing MCIn its defense though I was still affected by what happens near the end I would recommend the book with some hesitation for younger readers or those who are new to YA dystopian fictionBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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The Maze RunnerDed by strangers boys whose memories are also gone Nice to meet ya shank Welcome to the Glade Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless ever changing maze It’s. if you could edit this book what would you take outA the words Have you ever had an eight year old kid try to describe to you winning a level of a video game Have you ever had a middle aged man try to describe to you completing the games section of the New York Times Did those experiences involve multiple conversations like this“What is the maze”“Stop asking so many uestions”I have to say that this book was boring than having someone tell you in painful detail about winning a video game or finishing a crossword puzzle It is boring if only for the constant What are you talking about No I won't tell you This book is astonishingly boring I know that I am predisposed not to like it because there are no female characters no I do not count the leggy blue eyed girlfriend as a female character but really I ask you are there any male characters either If you say yes then I challenge you to prove it Are Mario and Luigi and Princess Toadstool characters in Mario Kart What about the ducks in Duck Hunt Are they characters We have to draw the line somewhere And I submit to you that there are no characters in this book Or at least there are fewer characters in this book than there are in Duck HuntAlso a couple of things that bothered me throughout 1 What famous scientist was Minho named after Okay I just googled that and apparently Dashner “purposely” named a few characters after scientists who will supposedly exist in the future Like the only Asian kid in the book Because there are no Asian scientists today that he could name someone after facedesk And like Zart Zart and the Asian kid were not named after scientists double facedesk2 Why can’t the grievers climb over the wall They obviously can climb But not over the wall Did I miss this At first I thought the kids were in some kind of dome but then it seemed like it was just a really tall wall That it was impossible to climb WHYYY3 What purpose does the telepathy serve None is the answer It serves no purpose 4 Why is this book so so so long and boringSo maybe a third of the way through the book I developed this false hope that this book would be some kind of pretty metaphor for children going through the grieving process and supporting each other in loss I thought “Oh grievers Maybe the challenges of the maze and the bonding of the boys in the glade will have some larger message” No This book is not about that It is about doing the NYT games section and then maybe vague talk of zombies later Total bullshitI have to think this book came out while LOST was still on and before its terrible conclusion which forced millions of Americans to face the fact that when it looks like a story will have no purpose it probably has no purpose I have to think Dashner thought he could bank on the millions of us willing to suspend our skepticism and keep watching a show whose writers clearly had no plan I am hoping that in the wake of that disaster we will have grown up a little and be less willing to stand for bullshit like this I googled it and yes I was right Cashing in on gullible LOST audience Unacceptable