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review Dragonsdawn (Pern: Dragonriders of Pern, #6) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î Popular E-Book, Dragonsdawn (Pern: Dragonriders of Pern, #6) author Anne McCaffrey There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9780345419569 > format Paperback and others > 0 pages and has a text languagPopular E Book Dragonsdawn (Pern: Dragonriders of Pern #6) author Anne Mc. As a child this was one of my favourite Pern novels and I can see whyI can also see why I don't still read Pern The strengths as with a lot of SF lie mainly in the ideas The excitement of interstellar colonisation the hints at a broader future beyond the limits of the Rukbat system the dragons and above all the visceral horror of Thread which at times is really skin crawling and saying 'skin crawling' makes me think about Thread again and now my skin's crawling When the book swings toward action the workmanlike prose and rapid pace of development work well as does the overwhelming paranoia inducing concoction of infodumping and red herrings The author also deserves considerable credit for her ambition There are several loose ends and unexpected turns in the plot a huge cast and some bold choices in what she chose to depict such as the scene where a female POV character is giving birth something that most genre novels keep firmly off page Above all it's a hugely ambitious concept To take a bestselling fantasy series and then to flash back thousands of years in time and simultaneously flash forward hundreds of years in terms of technology and culture to depict the far future space colonist progenitors that will become the distant past of the mediaeval fantasy world we've come to know that's a hugely bold turn in and of itself that allows the author to attempt to recontextualise much of what we think we know and that allows for a sort of resonance that few books can produce as when a scene between two characters gains significance by virtue of being set in an uninhabited location that we know will eventually become one of the most important settings for the events of the other books The decision to begin shortly before the moment of initial colonisation rather than some years later allows a hugely powerful dynamic of discovery settlement and reconstruction as many of the colonists are scarred war veterans; and indeed perhaps a third of the novel is devoted to this exploration of settlement Then there's the and this really shouldn't be a spoiler to anyone by now arrival of Thread one of the genres greatest villains and even terrifying when first encountered by innocent settlers who don't know what's hit them So add 'First Contact' to 'Deadwood' And then of course there has to be an attempt to fight back with and again no real spoiler here the arrival of the great dragons of Pern And there are some volcanic erruptions too add in some WWII movies and whatever your favourite volcano film is The novel extends through the gamut from utopian dream to body horror armageddon to epic triumph and that's before you add in the multiple romantic subplots and a couple of sinister threads no pun intended; it follows a range of characters both old and young and its events span about a decadeThat's an ambitious novel for a pulp genre bookThe problem is that's an ambitious novel for a pulp genre book McCaffrey's prose may serve the tenser moments but she isn't able to fill the uieter moments or structure them to avoid sagging particularly early on At times particularly at emotional or sexual moments and particularly in dialogue she slips entirely and a few lines are laughably bad Her characterisation is at best cartoonish the sort of strong strokes simplification that can work well in a businesslike short story but that ends up much too thin across a sprawling epic There are serious problems in pacing not only with the slow beginning but also with the cramped end and when it comes to the finale the author is boxed in by how much has already been established in the series But the underlying problem other than the author's own limitations is simply the ambition This is not the content of one book It cannot fit in one book It would probably make for a really great TV series if done right spread across a couple of seasons But it can't all go in one not that long novel The result is an overwhelming sense of a lack of time not only the voluminous backstory but even major events in real time have to be infodumped to force us through the whole thing in her allotted word count and few scenes are given time to breathe or blossom No wonder characterisations are thin No wonder the prose sometimes has to bear pressure than it can withstand No wonder there's no elbow room to craft the pacing and the structure optimally which means that some sections particularly early on feel both rushed and slow at the same time nothing happens and it happens at a hectic rateIt's a book that a lot of epic fantasy novelists should read because in a way it's a wonder that McCaffrey manages to sueeze as much as she does into one mid length novel a novel that has enough content to fill out entire doorstopper cycles in other hands But that doesn't necessarily mean that compressing it all into one novel was necessarily a good idea Certainly it seems to have been than this author could handleOh and then there are the Problems I'm not going to go into them all here It's McCaffrey Suffice to say that the pervading honestly no its not rape they all want it really obsession while much less prominent than in some of her novels has not gone away with at least one scene intentionally turned into a rape for absolutely no plot or character reason other than that the author seems to be unable to imagine anything being 'romantic' if it's not also non consensual and it underpins a shockingly regressive attitude toward women that belies the author's reputation as a feminist pioneer in the genre If anyone ever talks as though representation of women and minorities were the most important thing in fighting prejudice they should be made to read McCaffrey a female author with intelligent female protagonists intentionally trying to combat sexist clichés of the genre yet whose hysterical inept background characters sexist worldbuilding assumptions forced domestic chores are a great and appropriate legal punishment for and only for female criminals Seriously And every female on the planet is expected to have than an average of 1 baby never seen or heard from again every 2 years and if they're not pregnant by the time they reach 21 they need to worry that they're broken stone age condemnations of female sexuality I'm guessing this links into a wider network of Issues that might explain a lot about her work and 'strong' protagonist women who invariably crave loud violent dominant men who will treat them 'like a child' all make the sexual dimension of this novel uncomfortable and bizarre than a lot of thoughtless male SF of the thirties and forties And this was written in 1988The same general issues could also be raised to a lesser extent regarding her admirably progressive decision to give us a diverse multiethnic and multiracial cast of characters It's all very well saying look at me I'm progressive See how many different types of people are in my story Everybody has eual value no matter who they are no really it IS all very well it's a breath of fresh air But representation is not the same as liberalism and stuffing a book with a bunch of second hand tokens shorn of any real understanding and imbued with a spirit of essentialism and a baffling fondness for the word ethnic runs the risk of doing harm than good in my opinionNow some of these Problems are probably a large part of why the book and the series have so many fans and in particular why it's always appealed to so many teenage girls In that respect it's probably a healthier read than Twilight it may be messed up than Twilight but it's also surely weirder and conflicted and complicated and morally contradictory than Twilight and that's a good thing It may even be good for people to explore books like this and for some who are into that sort of thing the fetishistic oddness of the novel may actually be a bonus But at the very least it can become a dangerously distracting element in a novel that really can't afford anything less than full hearted engagement if it's to succeed at all And for many these Problematic elements may actually be a problemOverall then I think it's a frustrating novel with a great deal of potential hamstrung by over ambitious compression and the limitations of the author and given a rather peculiar aftertaste by the author's evident IssuesAnd if you want to hear what I really think about it I have a much longer review up on my blog

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Format Paperback and others 0 pages and has a text language like English. This is the story of how people came to Pern the discovery of threadfall and the genesis of the dragonsThe first 47 pages of this book contained some of the most boring sentences that I have ever read The entire time they are on the spaceship I didn't care I can sum up the first 47 pages for you right now A bunch of colonists get in a spaceship and fly far enough away that there is only enough fuel for it to be a one way trip As they approach Pern they start waking everybody out of hypersleep or whatever Then they land on Pern via many trips by shuttle Did that take 50 pages No it didn't I suppose that there was character developing information in there but it was such a snooze fest that most people are better off reading my summary and starting on page 48 Now between page 48 and the end there are many sections of boredom but they are interspersed with things that I care about like fire lizards and dragons and thread Sorka and Sean saved this book from being tossed on the reject pile

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Dragonsdawn Pern Dragonriders of Pern #6Caffrey There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9780345419569. I think this is my favorite of all the Pern books It's especially satisfying to read after the original trilogy it explains how things got they way they did It's fascinating to reflect on what would cause a high technology space travelling society to revert to a feudalistic state