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FREE DOWNLOAD Hawksong 107 ↠ DANICA SHARDAE IS an avian shapeshifter and the golden hawk’s form in which she takes to the sky is as natural to her as the human one that graces her on land The only thing familiar to her is war It has raged between her people and the serpiente for so long no one can remember how the fighting began As heir to the avian throne sheWeen her people and the serpiente for so long no one can remember how the fighting began As heir to the avian throne she’ll do anything in her power to stop this war even accept Zane Cobriana the terrifying leader. Ever since I've arrived at GoodReads I've wanted to write a review for this book It deserves a review But every time I tried the proper words wouldn't come and so I just stuck with a completely insufficient paragraph outlining my thoughts in a nutshell But I'm going to try again and this time I'm going to get it right damnit So here goesHawksong is vastly uniue and different from most of YA Its set long in our past and the past of the Den of Shadows world and it focuses entirely on shapeshifters Specifically the avians who are at war with the serpentine and have been for as long as anyone can remember The cause of the war is lost to time not a cop out on the author's part we get an explanation in Falcondance but the two sides are ready for peace In order to do this Danica a shapeshifter royalty agrees to marry Zane a cobra royaltyIf you're thinking that this would create a slow boring plot I'm sad to say that you're mostly correct Amelia tries to create some tension with subplots but the main plot is purely an emotional one Now don't get me wrong the emotional plot is certainly interesting But in an epic fantasy essentially book about shapeshifters I sort of expected something and I never got itBut once you get past this holy shit I don't even know where to start First off the worldbuilding Both the Avian and the Serpentine have incredibly detailed cultures including customs religion rulers and terminology not slang thank God This becomes a major plot point when Danica and Zane have to make adjustments to each others' cultures And it's done flawlessly Each society feels real and each feels beautifully contrasting Moreover everything about it is genuinely original there's no default to imitating customs or religions we already have And why should there be The avians and serpentine are completely separate from the humans and there's no reason that there would be any overlapIt seems I can't dwell on the aspects that are the most objective without diving into something that you may or may not feel for the book What I'm referring to is a connection to the characters that inhabit this world and an emotional investment in their plight It helps that Danica and Zane both felt completely real and their personalities were completely utilized in making an emotional conflict Danica is put in a position that she's never been in before that she doesn't want to be in but that she has to fill in order to stop the war She wants so badly to trust Zane but she doesn't know if she can or should And last but not least she has to pretend to be in love with him when she is in fact in love with Rei a childhood friend of hers Her reactions to this all feel so real and so poignant that I couldn't help crying at several points in the book This is real life I was looking at here and there's not a thing about it that feels superficial or caricaturey With all this realism it's only natural that a social commentary should accompany it The message is a strong anti war message But unlike Mockingjay which preaches against war by showing its horrors not that this was ineffective Hawksong preaches against war by showing the contrast and beauty of peace Danica is definitely shell shocked by the war and by the death of her friends and family over the years but this is a book about growing beyond that about the wonderful afterthoughts of peace and the ways that we would be bettered if war was a thing of imaginationGoddamn I love it so much that it's got me spouting poetryAs usual Amelia's writing style is flawless Her language is beautiful and complex never awkward or simplistic Looking back I cannot belie

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Of her kind’s greatest enemy as her pair bond and make the two royal families oneTrust It is all Zane asks of Danica and all they ask of their people but it may be than she can give Newer cover edition found here. Ah ha Finally An answer to my tireless search for the next Warprize arranged marriage between two feuding clans story I've skimmed lots of trashy books in order to get to where I am today and lemme tell ya it is no easy feat trying to find a good actionromancemedieval fantasy story that doesn't feature bodice ripping and uivering members within the first few pagesTHE STORYWe have two main groups of humansshapeshifters Hawks and Serpents Avians can fly and are dangerous with their advantage of fighting from the air whereas Serpientes are poisonousdeadlier on the ground and can entrap your mind once they hold your gaze Avians hide their emotions; Serpientes wear their passions and anger on their sleeves Danica is the new leader of the Avians Zane is the leaderwarrior of the Serpientes Both sides have experienced bloodshed and loss The only way the two sides can ever find peace is if their leaders imitate it themselves byta dah A marriage aligning their two groupsNeither side's people are completely content with the marriage alliance and both Danica and Zane have respective would be mates that would have been the next logical mate had it not been for the marriage This means resentment and jealousy and attempted assassinations all around may the odds be ever in your favor TributesTHE GOOD1 It's refreshing to find a G rated but well developed romantic buildup in an adult fantasy book Zane makes it clear that while he finds Danica physically desirable he won't allow her near him if she only does it out of fear or obligation Thank you for that good sir Disclaimer this is an adult fantasy book with no bodice ripping nor rape nor sex at all actually Let's all sigh in relief together shall we2 The backstory does a good job taking its time before we take off with our plot The perspective is solely from Danica's point of view but we get a decent backstory feel for both the Avians' and Serpeientes' players There's distrust and hatred and for good reason There are military figures who are excellent at what they do and for good reason When the marriage proposal is presented Danica and Zane take their time deliberating it before they agree and for good reason In short we're not rushed here like to other trashy adult fantasy romance novels and for that I'm grateful3 Enemy courts being forced to align I'm a sucker for these plot lines because I love everything about it from the convergence of drastically different cultures to the bitterness each side must bite down for the same of unity4 Intrigue Assassinations and culture assimilation and who to trust We're not spy or espionage status with this book but it was the right amount of mellow dramaTHE MEH1 If you have the whole series as one book like me then you're fine Otherwise the place that the book ends is so abrupt and premature that it really should be considered part one versus book one Like it's not even a cliffhanger It's like the end of a thought2 Also wasn't a fan of the sudden lurve declaration between Zane and Danica at the end So you love each other do you Do you really though Do youBecause Zane's feelings for Danica happened very forwardly but never uite managed to convince me Danica with her distrust and fear were believablebut we never bridged that part between respect and loveor even friendship Sowhat We went from your frighten and unnerve me to I love youTHE VERDICTThis book isn't mind blowing We don't have grand plot twists or gory battles or sweeping romancesbut it's a strong subtle storyRecommended for fans of either Warprize which I'm sorry but I'll never stop shutting up about it or Radiance

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HawksongDANICA SHARDAE IS an avian shapeshifter and the golden hawk’s form in which she takes to the sky is as natural to her as the human one that graces her on land The only thing familiar to her is war It has raged bet. Although Atwater Rhodes has garnered much deserved attention from critics and received several awards for her young adult stories here on GR and on several other book reviewing websites her positive feedback has been moderate at best I believe this is partially because of the age of most of her storiesseries most of them began before the Twilight era swept the world and thus don't have the swooning heroines and brooding heroes that everyone has become accustomed to in recent years They must feel as if there's something missing The relationships are wholesome and intriguing sexy and provocative but not overblown like most today Hawksong's premise is simple Danica Shardae last living heir to the avian throne and Zane Cobriana last living heir to the serpiente throne must marry despite their deferences the former being a hawk shapeshifter and the later being a cobra in order to put an end to the age old war between their species that has dwindled their numbers drastically and caused much heartache among them It is this little plot that drew me to it years ago and that has brought me back for a second timeLet me just say this I despite having read over 300 books since late 2008 I wasn't big on reading before then can count on one hand how many books I've taken the time to read than once This isn't because I'm exaggerating when I say I love a book but because I simply don't see any reason to read something twice unless it spoke to me on a certain level the first time around Very few have done this but Hawksong regardless of the years that have passed since I last turned its pages stuck in my mind enough to make me want to read it again And I can honestly say that it stood the test of time; I think I even enjoyed it now than when I read it so long agoDanica is the kind of heroine I wish YA authors created these days she's independent and strong enough to sit by the dying holding their hand as they draw their last breaths; she's resilient and self sacrificing even in a case where she must commit herself to a life long marriage with someone whom she's been raised from birth to fear all just to try and make peace and save the lives of her peopleZane has a hard exterior with a soft heart underneath and is just as determined to heal the damage caused by the war as Danica is They go together very well they just don't realize it until it's almost too lateWhen I first read Hawksong years back I for some reason that escapes me now didn't take the time to continue with the series and follow it up with Snakecharm Why I'll never know; but in a way I'm glad I didn't because now I get to follow these characters into their next chapter for the first time