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Praisesong for the Widow eBook ✓ Hardcover ☆ Paule Marshall ☆ A middle aged successful Afro American woman journeys to the small Caribbean isle of Carriacou where she discovers a past and a culture she learns to cherish from WorldCatA past and a culture she learns to cherish from WorldCat This was a beautiful book about a black woman Avey Johnson who after she is widowed finds herself feeling strangely unsettled in her White Plains NY home She also is somehow at odds with her two best women friends and traveling companions On a Caribbean cruise she is taking with the two friends she abruptly uits the trip after having some disturbing dreams She goes ashore in Grenada and there begins a series of strange almost mystical experiences that lead her into taking part in an annual excursion of 'out islanders' to their tiny island home two hours' sail from Grenada The people she meets and the things she experiences in their midst help her toward a resolution of her spiritual tumult Long years ago as a little girl she had been sent to spend her summers with her father's great aunt The old woman had insisted on Avey's knowing the story of the old ones the ancestors Avey realizes that she had abandoned her cultural heritage after growing up marrying Jay Johnson and having children and working long years in a civil service position Taking part in the rituals associated with the excursion she realizes the deep importance of being true to one's ancestors and honoring their lives and values The excursion over Avey Avatara heads back to the US but vowing to ensure that her family's history gets passed to others especially her daughter Marion The entire story is enthralling but the last two three chapters are truly touching

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A middle aged successful Afro American woman journeys to This is another one of those books I allowed to languish on my to read shelf for far too long I found Paule Marshall's books thanks to Virginia Fowler with whom my big brother and I both studied in college If you haven't run into Fowler's work well run into it soon She's one of the most fascinating people I've ever met and she taught me to really learn and study Ginny would make strong students shine drag scholarship out of the laziest of students or she would fail them those were the three options in her class I think I value my As from Dr Fowler than I value being accepted to present papers at conferences Any idiot can convince a conference organizer that their paper is worth hearing only someone who really works hard can get an A from Dr Fowler I should send her a fruit basketPraisesong is the story of the cultural epiphany of a widow Our hero Avatara Avey Johnson is a widow and mother She has a complicated relationship with her activist daughter and mourns the degradation of her marriage which suffered under financial strains and then withered as money replaced love and passion Avey goes on a cruise with some friends and ends up ditching them to forge a connection to her cultureThere are some sections of the book that could be tightened up a tiny bit but the close of the novel novella? is masterful Avatara reconnects to West Indian culture in a gorgeous ancestor ceremony Very few writers can write ritual well but Marshall pulls it off She takes us to a scene most of us will never see she treats it with reverence but she also reveals the humanity of it all I won't say just go read it Read it read it read it It's a great book Read it now It's small read it twice

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Praisesong for the WidowThe small Caribbean isle of Carriacou where she discovers ExcellentLush beautiful prose that is incredibly taut Not a word or idea is wasted in this beautiful novelAvey short for Avatara is a woman in her 70s on a cruise with two friends ON day five of the cruise her life comes crashing down on her and she decides she has to get off the boat and go home She ends up in Grenada for a night meets an old man on the beach the next day and goes off with on the Excurison In between she travels through her memories to grieve her dead husband the pull of her Ibo ancestors in Gullah and the inevitable distance from that history she sees in her childrenI feel like I cam not doing the plot justice but this was a truly lyrical novel driven by a strong and clear narrativeI really liked it