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Read The Surgeon's Lady reader Ä Mass Market Paperback ↠ Carla Kelly Ä As a surgeon in the Royal Navy Lieutenant Philemon Brittle has proved his bravery countless times But he's never known the thrill that comes with falling in love Until he meets the beautiful Lady Laura Taunton who has turned to nOn every bit of his strength and determination to convince the marriage shy Laura that establishing a life together is the truest path to love and happine I think Carla Kelly may be my favorite historical romance novelist who is still writing I love that her heroes are just average men who actually have occupations other than sitting around and pretending to be rakes I really liked the hospital setting in The Surgeon’s Lady The romance was also sweet without being sappy I can’t wait for the next book in this series

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As a surgeon in the Royal Navy Lieutenant Philemon Brittle has proved his bravery countless times But he's never known the thrill that comes with falling I have such an affection for this novel It was the first Carla Kelly I read and I was entirely caught up by the writing and the story I've re read it a couple of times and it holds up The romance is lovely and the story is interesting and well paced Every time I read it I'm taken away by it again even though I know precisely what's going to happenLaura sister to Nana from the first book in the series seriously read the first book it's also so lovely and sets up the backstory which is important to get the most out of this one Sold by her father into an awful first marriage Derided for her inability to have children because of course it’s always the woman’s fault Eventually her husband has a stroke and she nurses him through his final years His death sets her free only she finds she doesn’t have anything except his money she’s damaged by the marriage and has no sense of what to do with herself Opportune then that Nana should have sought her out She goes to her sister and starts a new life This brings her into contact with the navy and the surgeon at the nearby naval hospital Philemon Brittle I can even get on board with that name Philemon has become as much a romance hero's name as Sebastian He is practical and sensible and not very handsome every inch the CK doctor or as in this case surgeon hero After Laura comes to his hospital to see a patient he impulsively finds himself asking her to come and work for him as a nurse of sorts nurses didn’t really exist yet but you know what I mean And in the spirit of trying to find who she is and in the wake of her attraction to Philemon and his conviction that she can do anything she says yesSo this is a romance which develops over sickbeds and in the midst of gruesome operations There’s death and sadness and an awful naval officer and Laura is subjected to an attempted rape which is pretty bloody awful Eventually Laura is faced with the Father who damaged her so muchThis is not a romantic setting These are not romantic themes But gosh because CK is a genius it’s romantic any wayPhilemon falls head over heels for Laura and gives her exactly what she needs in that he’s both comforting and demanding That’s true also in his proposal of marriage Laura doesn’t know if she’s going to be able be a wife in every sense given the continuing trauma from her first marriage With patience and gentle encouragement from Philemon they get there together The sex is about as explicit as Kelly gets and it’s very sweet and sexyWhat can I say? I just love this novel and it's five stars all day long for me

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The Surgeon's LadyIn love Until he meets the beautiful Lady Laura Taunton who has turned to nursing the wounded as solace from her unhappy pastPhilemon will need to draw up Three months after MARRYING THE CAPTAIN ended Lady Laura Thornton visited her younger half sister Nana They didn't know of their relationship until recently and Laura is unsure of what is going to happen when they meet for the first time She need not have worried because she is welcomed with love A widow she was forced into a loveless marriage to Sir John Taunton a man 30 years her senior All for the sake of producing an heir; a child that was never born She is lonely now She wonders what she is going to doSoon she becomes friends with Captain Worthy's surgeon Lt Phil Brittle A no nonsense man but with a warm spot he lacks the good looks of the hero that is found in most romances He is educated courtesy of Captain Worthy but his background is the working class He is uick to point out to Laura that he is a surgeon which includes giving men a shave and removing slop jars Nothing is too low for him to do if it provides comfort for his patients This redeeming uality along with his kindness attracts Laura to this serious but gentle manBefore too long he approaches her to come work for him at the hospital he is stationed at She was going to say no; after all this was not proper for a lady of her means She had every intention to go back to Nana's home but the need of these brave men had her changing her mindAre youSerious? Staying? Of unsound mind? I am indeed sir she told him All three And know this I intend to fight Boney in my own way tooThis story continues the adventures within the Captain's Fleet trilogy Somewhat darker than MARRYING THE CAPTAIN men are wounded and die Laura thinks she has seen it all and then something else happens And Lt Brittle is a man to reckon with He is the epitome of the working class and someone proud of his roots In this book Laura has the wealth something she doesn't mind sharing And Phil has no problems using it if it will help othersThe reason for four stars? It felt a little too long I didn't think every situation had to be concluded since I was aware of the third book Still I enjoyed this most unusual couple and learned uite a bit about what kind of 'doctoring' was done back then