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Coercion to Love (Harlequin Presents, #1597) Read ñ 104 ↠ The choke was hersCassandra would cross the earth to protect her young niece from the father who didn't deserve her Unfortunately Carlo Valenti was one step ahead of herBut Cass wouldn't give up her niece without a fight Not that this worried the handsome Italian he hThe choke was hersCassandra would cross the earth to protect her young niece from the father who didn't deserve her Unfortunately Carlo Valenti. Re Coercion to Love Michelle Reid's fifth HP outing is a bit of a stretch The h is trying to protect her niece from a father she feels is unsuitable Then she promptly falls in love with said unsuitable dad who not only had a multiple week affair with her sister but currently seems to be sampling of the sophisticated luscious lady buffet while simultaneously trying to talk the h into a marriage to provide the little girl with two parentsWe start with our nanny h who has been caring for her niece ever since her beloved older model sister's death The h has been eluding the H who has been wanting his daughter for a while now When the h's sister died the h found a very derogatory letter the H wrote to her sister indicating that a termination of the pregnancy should be done and there was cheue for a large sum of money tooSo naturally this h assumed as you do that the H is a callous using lying slime swilling nematode who goes around seducing semi innocent models and then bullying them into pregnancy terminations when things go south She is not letting her niece go to a horrible person like that When she gets word that the H's hunters are on her trail again she and her niece take a little holiday in Italy The h figures hiding right under the H's nose should help her evade detectionIt doesn't work it never does in HPlandia these H's have GPS locators built into their DNA and the h and niece end up at the H's Italian estate with his mother and staff etc The deal is the h will hang around until the niece accepts the H as her dad and then she can go back to her lifeThen the lurve force mojo kicks in and the H and h can't keep their lips off each other Well the H can't seem to keep his lips off anybody including the OW who is another of the sophisticated lush lady types However the h is suffering the lurve club mojo temptation badly she can't even seem to care that the H was also with her sister who took her orphan self in when she did not have to and did her best to help her achieve a good lifeThe H for his part is a widower and he lost his first wife and son and now thinks the unicorn grooming h and his daughter will make an admirable replacement So he decides that they should marry and just keep everything all in the family He doesn't understand why the h is so reluctant as he is offering a lucrative life style a big house and a lot of passion The h does remark that the OW attaching herself to his lips at every opportunity seems to be discouraging that course of action but the H is determinedIt all comes to a big boil when the h falls off the H's yacht during a storm and the OW doesn't help her cause she is just fine if the h dies and the H jumps into the storm tossed waves to rescue her The H manages to keep them alive in the water for an hour until rescue comes but the h hit her head and is unconscious for a week Once the h recovers she finds that her niece has accepted the H as her father and that she can now return to her life But the H manages to get a big lurve club seduction in that night and then the rest of the family finds the h in the H's bed the next morning No worries the H remarks as he is off on his business day me and the h are getting married So the niece is thrilled the H's mother is stern about the wedding and the invitations are sent out The OW is sincerely sorry for wanting the h to die and she crawls away sobbing cause the H told her off too The h is still very leery about the whole thing but the H explains that it was the h's sister who wanted a termination and she actually told the H she had one so he sent a nasty letter and a cheue The h is relieved that the H isn't a baby killer and sad that her sister felt so torn but she still loves her anyways However life goes on and the H claims he loves her and the h loves him back and the niece is happy she is getting a proper family so we leave everybody lurved up and happy for the big HEAThis one was not MR's best There was a lot of passion but the sloppy second mantle never fit well on the h She was a nice virtuous girl and I just couldn't buy the ease with which she accepted the H's prior relationship with her sister it was a level of sophistication she just did not have She was the kind of h that should hie to a nunnery in guilt for sleeping with dead sis's man not trying to get a groove on with the H in the olive groves Throw in the extreme OW antics which struck me as odd cause this H is supposed to be the lady whisperer and supposedly he wants to marry the h But he continually and persistently flaunts the OW in front of the woman he claims he wants to marry and then can't understand why she says no There was a ton of passion in this one so I did believe that the two of them had a lurve mojo force intensity but that was all it was I wasn't buying that a wedding was imperative or necessary and the whole child accepting the dad thing really went on too long However this is one where MR gets to test out some different things and I do believe this was a good learning experience for her future plot development Things were neatly tied up in the details so for the most part it isn't a hideous trainwreck of an HP outing it just isn't that great and kinda icky

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To custody of his daughter and an ace to play with Cass They could raise the child they both loved if she was willing to remain in Italy with h. Coercion to Love is the story of Cassandra and CarloCassandra works as a nanny but ever since her late sister Elizabeth's lover demands claim to his daughter Terri she goes on a run with her A chance encounter leads to Carlo confronting them both and how he inserts himself into their life while fighting their desires as well as an amorous OW is the storyTBH I went into this with low expectations because I hate the concept of sisters sharing a man I mean the part where he described his relationship with Liz was eww but Michelle has a way with words and I did not dislike it as much as I would haveI liked that the hero was obsessed the heroine was like a mama tiger and stood her ground the sister's memory was honored atleast infront of her kid and the OW was told off easily However I didnt get the whole Im Italian so I tongue every woman I see and OFC as I mentioned the elephant in the room of two sisters experiencing same dick wasnt mentioned This might not be for everyone tbh but wasnt a bad readEnds abruptlySafeSWE2755PS Feisty Terri was adorbs

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Coercion to Love Harlequin Presents #1597Was one step ahead of herBut Cass wouldn't give up her niece without a fight Not that this worried the handsome Italian he had every legal right. 25 stars rounded down because two sistersone hero Yuck Hero is the father of the heroine's niece Her supermodel sister has been dead for a year and the heroine has been in hiding with the five year old child to keep her away from her father Based on a letter and a check the heroine thinks the hero wanted the baby abortedThe hero catches up with the heroine and his daughter in Italy where they are installed at his villa with his mother kindly servants and a witchy OW who drops in every now and again The Hh are attracted to each other but the heroine holds him off until the end of the story after a near drowning and several proposalsThis was an okay story While there are individual scenes that were powerful the near drowning for example it just never came together The heroine was a bit too shrill the hero a bit too bland for me to feel much for them Boogenhagen has an excellent review with spoilers