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Read & download ä The Miles Between ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Destiny Faraday makes a point of keeping her distance from her classmates at Hedgebrook Academy Her number one rule Don’t get attached But one day unexpectedly finding a car at their disposal Destiny and three of her classmates embark oSays “Things are not always what they seem” Only she knows that Langdon holds far than that a deep secret she has never shared with anyone   The Miles Between explores the wonder and magic of a very real world where chance mystery and secrets aboun. WOW I did not expect to feel this much and I honestly thought I wouldn't like this book or that it would just be a stupid teen road trip novel like so many of them are It was so much than that Friendship is the key element of the story but you can see that even from the plot description What I didn't realize was that it would also be about family and about secrets and everything elseFrom the very beginning of the book I loved Destiny's character She thought she had everything figured out but she was never cocky about that She kept herself closed up but wasn't an annoying or unreliable narrator I also liked Mira's contrast to her and I'm glad that she was of a part of the story From the beginning she tried to be happy and make people feel better and that stood out against Des's stubborn alone nessI like that there was no unnecessary or extra information around the beginning There were two short chapters introducing the characters but we got much of a sense of them from the story itself The four main characters were on the road within 30 pages from the beginning of the book and they were trying to make things happen The characters furthered the story and the setup was done really wellThe next paragraph contains some spoilers Read at your own riskview spoilerI guessed from the point that the plane was mentioned that this might turn out to be like We Were Liars where a character is denying death The front cover includes praise by E Lockhart although The Miles Between was published five years before We Were Liars In all honesty I'm not sure why the latter received the hype that it did when this one was so much well written Although the books take place under different circumstances these central themes were the same but Mary E Pearson ends this book with a lot closure than Lockhart does with her book Because of what happens at the end at the school there is truly a happy ending to this book despite the harrowing experiences the characters undergo throughout the story I really appreciated that hide spoiler

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D road trip They’re searching for one fair day a day where the good guy wins and everything adds up to something just and right Their destination Langdon a town that Destiny’s unsuspecting companions hope will hold simply a day of fun But as Destiny. While reading this one it was hard to believe the same author also wrote The Adoration of Jenna Fox The books are worlds apart and totally different they do not feel like they were written by the same person That's not really a bad thing I guess it could be but in this situation definitely not It's actually pretty impressive Jenna Fox was very creative and original and so was The Miles Between If Mary E Pearson has any books out there I will definitely read them The miles between has uite a few things a really dig in books ie Road Trips boarding schools sheep life lessons and uirky characters I expected this book to be lightweight and not too much of a thinking book and in ways I was right but there were some deep moments and if nothing else reflections I love when a book has 3 4 main characters and we do not switch points of view I still got to know all the passengers but I still feel very involved with Destiny It seems like when you have multiple characters like that there is someone that everyone can relate to in some way or a lot of some ones I also have to note that some of the wow moments were just a littl bit to unlikely to happen just not very realistic The entire concept of a fair day kinda seems that way to meI feel like they were driving around in something Like thisBut to me a ROAD TRIP car should look something awesome like thisI really wish I could run up on one of these bad boys and get my hubster to paint it I do believe it would inspire some road tripedge Favorite uotesThis was the best day ever Mira says wiggling her red platform pumps in front of her Seth got his dog Aidan talked to the president and Des finally got to say goodbye but I think right now is the best part of the whole day Mira's face is a picture of contentment we are nestled together on a bed of hay a tight circle where secrets and distance have been patted away no wrinkles for Mira to worry over no innuendo no harsh voices or tense glances to be averted Just the Moment and her flashy platform pumps wiggling like everything is right with the world And maybe for this one moment it isBut sometimes the way life plays out is crazy too At the very least it defies explanation Maybe one insanity balances out the otherMy house I am at my house For the First time in nine yearsThat's a freakish coincidence Sidenote I really like the cover with the girl with the Sunglasses and mine the one with the clouds and the people standing in a circle but Honestly I think they could have picked something a little better 35 stars

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The Miles BetweenDestiny Faraday makes a point of keeping her distance from her classmates at Hedgebrook Academy Her number one rule Don’t get attached But one day unexpectedly finding a car at their disposal Destiny and three of her classmates embark on an unauthorize. I really didn’t expect The Miles Between to be the sad and strange strange in a good way story it turned out to be I mean apart from the ‘deep secret’ mentioned in the summary it sounds like a fluffy and fun little road trip starring a main character who usually keeps her distance but discovers that friends do make life worth living – no matter what your history is In fact the last part turned out to be true but Destiny’s secret was much heartbreaking than I had expected it to be And I loved the story line revolving around that secret – it is one of those where the narrator keeps parts hidden until the end but you can always guess that there is to the issue that something is not uite right and that in the end you will probably be surprised neverthelessBut unfortunately the whole concept of ‘one fair day’ and the coincidences leading up to it were at times too coincidental for my taste Don’t get me wrong I loved the trivia about coincidence and numbers Destiny knew everything about and the weird things that happened constantly added a special flavour to the story but sometimes it was just too much When I read contemporary fiction I want it to be realistic at its core – and some of the things that happened were not realistic at all They seemed too far fetched and it was almost like a fantastical element was added to the story – people vanishing cars appearing view spoilermeteors falling from the sky hide spoiler