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Read & download Þ The Mavericks Greek Island Mistress Bennett #3 Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É Pete Bennett this maverick playboy revels in the thrill of the chase He never falls for a girl; she falls for him and he's the one to walk awayIn Greece foIstressTheir supposedly temporary affair is hot and heavy But one month in Pete should be ready to roam So what's keeping Serena in his ar. If you want a light fluffy romance to escape reality for a little while this is it Serena was part of a big Greek family that is very protective of Serena Everyone in her family has to take a turn and spend time on the island running the business for their grandparents It just so happens to be Serena and her cousins Nikon turn The island is beautiful but nothing ever changes Serena is counting down the weeks she has left on the island She is ready to follow her dreams She wants to be a photographer Something sizzled between Serena and Pete when they met They both agreed to a short no strings attached island fling Serena's family kept me laughing I mentioned that they were protective but I think that was a understatement No matter where the couple went on the island some member of Serena's family would show up I almost felt sorry for them They couldn't even order what they wanted to from the small restaurant that they went too and alcohol was out of the uestion Don't worry you will have to read and see how the two worked through all the road blocks This was a really sweet book The short island fling turned into the forever kind of love This is the kind of book that you can't put down once you pick it up It will also have you smiling and laughing Great book

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Pete Bennett this maverick playboy revels in the thrill of the chase He never falls for a girl; she falls for him and he's the one to walk. This book was upbeat and entertaining with snappy dialogue I thought that Pete and Serena were a good couple I don't go for the no strings attached theme very much but I liked how it was made very clear as the story progressed that neither party was able to adhere to that ualification I also liked how the islanders interfered with their plans for hot rendezvous since Serena is half Greek and it's a small Greek island on which her grandparents are very prominent citizenry and they are old fashioned about such things It helped to build up tension and for Pete and Serena to get to know each other outside of the bedroomI loved Pete He was a charmer but he had some depths He was ex Navy and was emotionally wounded from his experiences as a Search and Rescue pilot Serena helped to heal his wounds He helped Serena to realize that she could fulfill her dreams and find a lasting love I liked that Pete was the first to say he was in love but Serena annoyed me with her reaction this marriage proposal I thought she was crazy You can always have a career but you can't always find a true love As some career women who are still looking And he was very supportive of her career I'm glad she came around in the endI liked the side story about Serena's cousin Nico and his courtship of Chloe who was raising her orphaned nephew Pete was such a sweetie in how he interacted with SamI will definitely read of Kelly Hunter's books I hope she writes about Pete's brothers One of them owns martial arts dojos and the other is a Navy SEAL Sounds good to me

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The Mavericks Greek Island Mistress Bennett #3AwayIn Greece for the summer Serena can't resist the glint of sin in Pete's eyes Soon the baddest of boys has made her his Greek island m. The Maverick's Greek Island Mistress is the story of Serena and PeteFirstly ONCE AGAIN why such a shitty name for such a fab book It's such a misnomer and makes you think of a different type of book when this is so much and better and maybe doesn't deserve to be a HN novel lolSecondly Loved itThe book is set on a Greek IslandThe heroine is a Greek photojournalist on a break from her overbearing but loving family helping them out by renting Vespa under a umbrellaThe hero is an Australian Navy seal who is on a break after some bad experiences and helping a friend out by flying tourists on demandThey meet thanks to the h's cousin and there is instant sparkBoth don't want commitment She wants a life away from the overprotective family who follow her everywhere and do not appreciate her goals in life He wants a temporary escape from the harsh life he normally lives and the responsibilities on his shoulder They start a no strings attached relationship under the watchful eyes of her many many many relativesBut soon things start to change as feelings get involvedThe main story focuses on this lovable couple She's independent He's caring They're both witty strong and instantly in lust They acknowledge their attraction and are not dicks to one another Their banter is humorous and occasionally filled with depth and emotions Their families are crazy There is a secondary story about the h's cousin his girlfriend and her nephew which is so heartbreaking but sweetThere is drama and angst in the last 34th regarding the nephew and proposals but honestly it just made the book better for me I love when the heroine is the reluctant one and occasionally has to grovelTotally enjoyed itSafe455