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CHARACTERS Breathing Water · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ A late night poker game in Bangkok nets American ex pat writer Poke Rafferty the opportunity to write the biography of Khun Pan a flamboyant vulgar self made billionaire with a criminal past and far reaching political ambitions Within hours Rafferty his wife Rose their adopteA late night poker game in Bangkok nets American ex pat writer Poke Rafferty the opportunity to write the biography of Khun Pan a flamboyant vulgar self made billionaire with a criminal past and far reaching political ambitions Within hours Rafferty his wife Rose their adopted dau. Hallinan returns us to the Bangkok of his hero writer Poke Rafferty This will be familiar territory for readers of A Nail Through the Heart and The Fourth Watcher the prior two novels in this series And if you have not yet read those do so In BW Poke is up against not only one of the bigger bad guys on the local scene but the entire ruling class We see both intentionally grotesue opulence with its accompanying violent edge and the lowest forms of child exploitation Da is a young girl who is little than a slave to the sociopaths who park her and hundreds like her on the streets of the city to beg These are Fagins with no charm or scruples at all If the second book in the series was uite not up to the very high standard set by the first Hallinan is back at the top of his form here Fast paced riveting the sort of book you hate to put down Breathing Water adds considerable payload about Thai politics s socioeconomic realities and life You will learn a fair bit and be thrillingly entertained

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O have Pan's darkest secrets exposed Suddenly Rafferty is sinking deeper in a perilous sea of treachery and intrigue and caught up in the inhuman machinations of an Asian babyselling ring as he searches frantically for the only chance he may have to get everyone he loves out alive. In the third installment of Timothy Hallinan's Bangkok Thriller series BREATHING WATER finds Poke Rafferty trapped in a peculiar predicament During a poker game he won the right to author Khun Pan's biography People have clad for this biography because Pan has done what virtually no one else has in Thailand risen from the ranks of dirt poor to grotesuely wealthy Despite demand this biography has not been written and Poke uickly discerns the probable reason why Poke has been threatened if he writes the biography one side has threatened to kill his family; if he doesn't write the biography another side has threatened to kill his family And both sides will be watching him to see that he's doing exactly what they dictate He's literally stuck in a catch 22 Poke needs to hold off both sides until he can figure out just exactly what it is he WILL do BREATHING WATER is the uintessential story of the haves versus the have nots The most obvious level of this theme is found in the rich versus the poor But Hallinan takes the theme to multiple levels with Poke's family his friend Arthit's family and the illegal baby trade illustrating to the reader that money is not the only factor creating divisions between the haves and have nots Hallinan never fails to ignite his plots with plenty of twists and turns; BREATHING WATER is no exception One of his strongest plot building devices is unuestionably character development He builds strong rich characters whose depth and interactions with each other work to intensify the plot Hallinan makes use of every word every sentence every paragraph BREATHING WATER is definitely a tight fluff less plot that rewards its readers with an adventurous ride through the darkness of Bangkok

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Breathing WaterGhter Miaow and Poke's best friend honest Bangkok cop Arthit have become disposable pawns in a brutal power struggle among some of Thailand's richest most ruthless citizens There are those who would go to any length to ensure the book is never written and others eually desperate t. Breathing Water – 5 StarsTimothy HallinanWilliam Morrow 2009 352 PagesISBN No 978 0061672231Hallinan has outdone himself with Breathing Water The previous Bangkok Thrillers are outstanding books but Breathing Water is even better The plot is intriguing and the setting exotic The author gives the reader an excellent visual image of each characterPoke Rafferty joins in a poker game set up by his friend Arthit who is a police officer and Kosit another police officer There are seven men in the game and three are rich Two of the players are cops and one is a career criminal The game was set up to help casino owners find ways to spot the dodges that the criminal was going to demonstrate during the game However no one expected Kuhn Pan a very rich and powerful man in Bangkok When all was said and done and the game ended Pan lost and Poke who is a writer won the right to write Pan’s biography without interferenceIt seems as though the story might end there but it is only the beginning Poke immediately finds himself in a no win situation Poke is threatened and soon realizes that it not only his life on the line but that of his wife Rose and daughter MiaowPan is a hero to many of the people of Bangkok and a threat to others Digging into Pan’s past is a danger but Poke feels he must do what he can do to uncover some fact that will help him protect himself and his familyArthit can’t be of much help to him because he is dealing with his own problems Arthit’s wife Noi who is suffering from a serious medical condition is becoming increasingly worse and Arthit fears for her lifeBoo aka Superman who played a big part in the first Bangkok thriller is back in the picture Boo contacts Poke seeking his help for a young girl who is involved in a baby selling ring Poke does not need another problem to solve but will not turn his back on BooThere are a few laugh aloud scenes in the book but there is tragedy there as well Breathing Water keeps the reader on edge until the very satisfying conclusion