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Der SchrecksenmeisterMortality potion But Ghoolion has not reckoned with Echo's talent for survival and his vast ability to make new frien An almost literal feast for fantasy loversSome years back I read two books by Walter Moers 'The 13 12 Lives of Captain Bluebear' and 'The City of Dreaming Books' both of them long and involved books as I recall and I enjoyed them immensely To be honest my reading tastes don't particularly run towards fantasy but I discovered there's something about the sensibility of Moers' work that appeals to me He doesn't write for children but he does write for certain adolescents and he definitely writes for adults It seems that if I'm going to read fantasy it needs to have a certain angle Or shall we say 'bent' I'm not sure I could give a fair or adeuate synopsis of 'TAA' in fact trying might prove a disservice There are non stop delights in store for the reader and I wouldn't want to spoil them The title had put me in mind of Disney's 'Fantasia'; the memorable seuence involving Mickey Mouse going way overboard and wayward with a master sorcerer's power All those brooms All that water But there is only the smallest vestige of that in 'TAA' Simply put it is the story of Echo a Crat an advanced cat creature who speaks all languages and can retain the world of knowledge without necessarily understanding all that he retains As the story opens Echo has just lost his home and is hungry It is in this state that he meets Ghoolion the feared Alchemaster who holds sway over the entire town of Zamonia the story's setting The two strike a bargain since there is something the Alchemaster needs for his current experiment Echo's fat In one sense Ghoolion resembles the silent sorcerer of the Disney film he is fierce and intimidating But he's much than that Moers' depiction of the wizard is to put it mildly a complex one but then it's a complex book; complex in the sense of the seemingly endless amounts of invention and complication I tend to read fast but Moers seemed to be regularly 'telling' me to slow down I often had to put the book down in order to absorb savor chapters I had just read Almost every chapter is relatively short yet remarkably each one is somehow full in scope and I often needed to just sit back and ruminate on what I'd just read which explains my opening remark about the 'feast' although that's a dual reference; there is certainly a whole lot of rich detail about foodOf particular importance and delight is the book's conclusion; among the most intricate conclusions I've ever read Normally a story of this type is likely to build to a single cataclysmic climax but not 'TAA'; its extensive wrap up at times marvelously clever is full of 'gotcha' moments that spiral the reader along Having just read Edward Sorel's wonderful book about the life of Mary Astor I was pleased to fall into another work for which the author did his own illustrations Even if Sorel's drawings appeal to me personally Moers is a fine illustrator with a sharp sense of the macabre However though Sorel is also a fantasist in a sense Moers' imagination seems limitless He leaps off into areas that are as mind bending as they are unexpected He's also uite funny which becomes apparent in the second half of this book The darkness of this novel would at some point become overwhelming if it weren't for the judicious periodic inclusion of humorous whimsy Characters come out with hysterical throwaway lines at just the right moments By now I'm a real Moers fan He has a few novels waiting for me I'll take a break for now but I'll be ready to return before long

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Ment gives Ghoolion the right to kill Echo at the next full moon and render his fat which he hopes to brew into an im Giving this a pre emptive 5 stars though I am not done yet Reviews call this a children's book for adults and I don't think that's too far from the truth What makes it adult is not large scale political troubles or the horrors of the human condition a la The Guy Who Wrote Wicked and Other Stuff I Don't Particularly Care For but a willingness to go to places the Brothers Grimm might go and the modern fortitude to make fun of their absurdity It's the sort of thing I'd love to read out loud to another adult complete with silly voices I'm kind of in love

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Der Schrecksenmeister Mobi ´ 372 pages ↠ Reflectionslisburnltd ✓ When Echo the Crat's mistress dies he is compelled to sign a contract with Ghoolion the Alchemaster This fateful document gives Ghoolion the right to kill Echo at the next full moon and render his fat which he hopes to brew into an immortaWhen Echo the Crat's mistress dies he is compelled to sign a contract with Ghoolion the Alchemaster This fateful docu The back of this book has a review by the New York Times Book Review with the words Cheerfully insaneWhen I started this story I just didn't know if I could get into it Walter Moers imagination is off the charts it felt like I was being sat down and told a fairy tale with names being made up left and right But then I was introduced to Anguish CandlesNot normal candles mind you these candles suffer when they burn and they inch alongand they moan And they are never put out of their torment I was fascinated and couldn't stop reading I'm laughing even as I type thisThrough the book I was introduced to the Tuwituwu Theodore T Theodore the author made note of Echo the Crat not wanting to find out what the T was for possible Theodore who speaks oddly read it to find out how Then there are the Trees of Nutledge Yes Nutledge Not Knowledge Similar though Vlad the Seven Hundred and Seventy Fourth was a fun Leathermouse to meet and oh the descriptions of the Zamonian food created the essense of tomato consumme with the dumpling of salmon meatAnd then there are the folk tales told by the Alchemaster Every single time it felt like I was receiving a shock when he'd finish one because they are not typical folk talesIf you pick up this book to read give it an honest thorough chance It took me a few chapters to really get into the spirit of things but that's because it's so uirkly and so inventive I had to rearrange the way I was thinking to really start enjoying itBravo to Walter Moers for a thoroughly entertaining tale