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Exander d'Aumesbery even though they haven't yet met But when they do Merry is devastated It seems he's no better than the men in her family So beautiful so brazen From the moment he meets Merry Alexander is determined to make her his Desperate to convince her he's nothing like the members of her I keep telling myself every time I read a current book from Lynsay Sands that I’m going to pull all of her books from the TBR mountain and put them right on top so I can get to them soon I love her writing her characters her stories I love everything about her books Sigh My problem is time but I’m one step closer I’ve found a good portion of her books in that mountain and they’re nearly ready to be read Just have to find the rest now because I refuse to read Ms Sands out of order any I want the full effect from start to finish and I intend to have itThis is the second book in the Devil of the Highland series The hero Alexander is the brother of the heroine from that first book so we do get a little update about Cullen and Evelinde along the wayAlexander has just learned of his father’s death so he’s come home from the Crusades at last That’s when he learns his sister is married to the Devil of the Highlands and he’s determined to make sure she’s well and happy at that man’s hands But before he can begin his journey word comes that his intended bride is on her way to him Having put off marrying the Stewart Shrew so far it looks as though the deed will now have to be doneTired of picking up after and taking care of her father and brothers drunken sots that they are when they give Merry the news they’re taking her to her betrothed her resistance lasts only so long Anything has to be better than the life she’s led since her mother died Leaving behind the tedious and heading toward a new adventure Merry finally comes face to face with Alexander and learns he isn’t any better than the men in her family Her new life will be exactly like her oldBut Alexander is determined to prove to his new wife that he’s truly not what she believes So begins the wooing and loving between these two characters who I thoroughly enjoyed Alexander is confident in his position as laird has a good rapport with his people and knows he’s got a good woman and means to keep her Merry has a heart that wants to experience love companionship and some wildness thrown in for good measure and she eventually knows that Alexander is the one to give all of that to herThey work hard at their relationship and when all comes together is when danger shows up on their doorstop and defeating that peril together only makes them stronger This is another terrific book from Ms Sands and I’m anxiously looking forward to the third book in the series The Hellion and the Highlander Release is only a month awaySee my complete review at

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Taming the Highland BrideRoguish clan he will prove he is every bit the well mannered gentleman Yet beneath it all beats a heart as intense and uncontrollable as hers And finally when his life is threatened Merry realizes he's the husband she's been waiting for and their passion becomes the one thing that cannot be tame I really enjoyed Merry’s character She was fun and she did indeed do whatever was necessary no matter how unpleasant she considered the task to be Alexander’s character was also uite endearing He was not thrilled with the idea of Merry due to the reputation that she had but once he met her he was uite taken with her They both had their reservations about each other but through actions they both learned that there was to each other than meets the eye Figuring out who the culprit behind threatening Alex and why was pretty easily solved It was still a pleasant story and I enjoyed reading it Overall I am uite satisfied with this story and its series

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read kindle Ý Taming the Highland Bride Ò Mass Market Paperback ☆ lynsay sands ☆ She was ready to let her heart run wild Merry Stewart has had enough Enough of her brothers whose behavior would make even the most improper lady blush Enough of their Highland home which would sureShe was ready to let her heart run wild Merry Stewart has had enough Enough of her brothers whose behavior would make even the most improper lady blush Enough of their Highland home which would surely have fallen to ruin were it not for her She dreams of escaping into the arms of her betrothed Al 2 ½ stars Ordinary Nothing specialSTORY BRIEFMerry’s father and brothers are drunk most of the time Merry manages the laird and the household and oversees the men’s fight training She is known as the Stewart Shrew because she’s so tough on her father and brothers when they are drunk A marriage was arranged years ago to Alex He was fighting in the Crusades and just now returned Merry’s father and brothers take her to Alex’s home for the wedding When they arrive they see Alex drunk No one tells Merry that he was given whiskey for the purpose of pulling a bad tooth Then each day someone drugs Alex causing him to appear drunk Later there are repeated attempts to kill AlexREVIEWER’S OPINIONThis book did nothing for me I stayed with it out of curiosity but it wasn’t engaging It felt like the author was just getting out another book for the year Story was predictable There is a lot of conversation but it was ordinary Then we have stupidity After everyone knows someone is trying to kill Alex Alex’s friend wants to post guards around Alex’s tent at night Alex says no Then the bad guy sets the tent on fire while Alex and Merry are sleeping inside Author doesn’t explain why Alex said no There are several sex scenes but nothing specialInstead of an interesting discovery process about the mystery we have the convenient long explanation by the bad guy at the end just before the bad guy will be striking the final killing blowSlight annoyance with the cover picture Alex has long blond hair Cover guy had short dark brown hairThe title was misleading There was no taming of Merry After he saw her in action Alex uickly fell in love with herI do not understand why this book won the RT Reviewers award for Scotland Set Historical RomanceDATAStory length 371 pages Swearing language mild Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes 8 Estimated number of sex scene pages 18 Setting unknown time during the Crusades probably 1100 to 1600 in Northern England and Scotland Copyright 2010 Genre historical romanceOTHER BOOKSTo date I've read the following Lynsay Sands books Dates are copyright dates3 stars The Switch 19992 stars Sweet Revenge 20002 stars Always 20001 star Love Bites 20042 stars The Perfect Wife 20055 stars Love is Blind 20062 ½ stars Taming the Highland Bride 2010