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On the Loose Steele Street #7T of the jungle all in forty eight hours Only one man is up for the job But sharing an unforgettable one night stand was nothing next to being stranded with Rydell on some third world mountaintop And with bullets flying and all hell breaking loose now is not the time for passion As if these two could possibly resist i. Overall Rating 495 Action 5 Emotion 45 Romance 4 Sensuous 4 Suspense 5 Laughter 14 Tears 0When I was reading Tara Janzen's Steele Street Series books back to back had no idea that Janzen considered the 'Loose' titled books a spin off from the 'Crazy' titled books Not exactly sure what a spin off entails but these books felt like one continuous series to me The conclusion made sense because I was excited about reading Smith and Honey's story which was to be featured in On The Loose but met and loved them in Crazy Sweet How is that a spin offIn the six 'Crazy' books of the series Janzen interwove into the main story line a mini romance involving future protagonists Unaware of the spin off I was fully expecting to read two romances in On The Loose Rather than write a mini romance between the two characters that were to be featured in the next book of the series Janzen choose instead to introduce the hero and heroine to be and ignite a bit of interest between them as they played out their respective roles in Smith and Honey's storyJanzen again entertained the readers with the great chemistry and fun exchange between the couple introduced in Crazy Sweet C Smith Rydell and Honoria Honey York Lytton No couple in the series has created as many laughs as Smith and Honey Absolutely love this couple The only thing missing from the story was Smith's lists Sure did enjoy his listsSmith has been loaned to the DEA's Counterdrug Operations in Peru because they are looking for an inside leak in their agency Smith and a young counterdrug agent Rufio Cienfuegos have located another drug lord's airstrip and were performing surveillance Smith is shocked to find that the amazing pilot the agency is looking for is none other than Irena Polchenko an ex lover He believed Irena was dead because six years ago her plane crashed and burned back in Afghanistan after she sold him to Jamal Abdurrashid an Afghan battle lord to finance her entry into the drug trafficking trade Before Smith and Rufio could radio the supporting contingency to arrest the bad guys on the airstrip Irena manages to escapeSmith is not a happy camper when he is pulled from his case to become bodyguard to none other than Honey York Lytton He knew she had strings to pull but this was beyond acceptable But the truth was that Honey's strings had been pulled; by none other than the Special Defense Force's behind the scenes leader White Rook She was being blackmailed to deliver weapons and a beat up locked black briefcase to Alejandro Campos a drug and arms dealer in El Salvador White Rook was mentioned in connection with Dylan back in Book Five Crazy Love One has to wonder if Janzen is setting up a suspenseful structure for future booksAnother truth was Honey wanted to make the trip to El Salvador because she has not heard from her sister Julia Ann Marie Bakkert a perpetual do gooder in twelve weeks Julia is a nun working for St Joseph's Orphanage and School near Cristobal close to the camp of governmental rebels Cuerpo Nacional de Libertad Honey had heard a rumor from Father Bartolo leading her to believe that Julia might be pregnant by the rebel leader Diego Garcia and knew it would not have been a consensual joining Honey did not however reveal this fact to Smith she just keep shooting down his efforts to keep her from making the tripAs Smith and Honey travel to El Salvador to deliver the weapons and briefcase to ransom the governmental pouch that Diego Garcia confiscated from the plane that crashed near his camp they renew their relationship Neither Smith nor Honey have forgotten their short time together in San Luis They have amazing revealing dialogue Instead of lists Smith now has descriptive nicknames for his intelligent wealthy beautiful but wealthy girly girl Like Little Miss Cigar Smoking Sparkle ToesThe suspense and action increase exponentially as two other vital participants make their point of view appearance First the pilot Irena Second the drug lord AlejandroIrena is one brilliant conniving self serving cold blooded bad guy who has built a large thriving drug dealing business She will let no one interfere with her riches and power much less an ex lover who was supposed to be dead along with her most well guarded secret Irena calls in favors and spends thousands of dollars in her pursuit to assassinate Rydell Not only is Irena a gifted pilot she is also an incredible marksman Sure do seem to have a lot of female gunslingers in this seriesIrena is aided by two characters that play very minor roles in the story Aristotle Ari Alexander Poulos Irena's chief of security is also a close friend and reluctantly joins her as she searches for Rydell Irena sent her chief of operations a former East German Intelligence officer Hans Klechner to take care of the other man that saw her on that hilltop near CuzcoSince one of my compulsive behaviors is to collect all the books of a series before reading even the first one it stands to reason that by Book Seven it was easy to pick up on Janzen's obvious hint about Alejandro Campos' true identity Two facts made it obvious Fact one one of the original chop shop boys disappeared years ago Book Six Crazy Sweet Fact two Alejandro was introduced in On The Loose as he was hot wiring a car thinking he was too old to be stealing cars in alleys Fact three my personal Tara Janzen list showing the order in which her Steele Street books should be read as well as listing the hero and heroine of each bookOne could not help but be charmed by Alejandro and awed by the razor sharp edge he was walking To successfully play the part of being a drug lord for so long spoke highly of his loyalty honor and strength of character Janzen also hinted to the reader that Alejandro would soon be giving up this role Several of his close friends kept telling him it was time to leave to go homeOne wrinkle was thrown into the works Lily Robbins a naive Albuuerue high school teacher had traveled to St Joseph's Orphanage and School to film their good works Only she bit off than she could chew She filmed evil beatings and murders instead the warm fuzzy moments of nuns caring for orphaned children Then the nun Julia sent her to a drug lord no less for safety when Diego Garcia came after her camera Amazingly enough she found the charming gorgeous flawed drug lord did make her feel safe and did indeed protect her from GarciaAfter going to great effort to develop the many characters and multiple story lines of these numerous different factions Janzen then leads them all to Campos Plantation Morazán Province El Salvador for a big action packed spine tingling and a bit surprising finishJanzen has written another top notch winner On The Loose has all the features that make for an interesting enthralling read 1 Action and adventure from start to finish There is always something happening 2 Edgy suspense following each action Could not wait to see how Janzen was going to write her way out of all corners she got Smith and Honey into 3 The romance was vivid Smith had not called Honey since meeting her in San Luis four months ago but he kept track of her through the Washington Post society section no less Smiles here Honey was just as enchanted with Smith She spent so much time researching him that she found out what the C stood for Warm fuzzies here 4 The sexual chemistry between Smith and Honey was potent and spicy They generated heat when they made love Just wish they had made love oftenJanzen has obviously made her way onto my Favorite Authors list Cannot wait to read next bookThis review was written for Wolf Bear Does Books

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On the Loose Steele Street #7 review ↠ 104 ë He's a special agent who never loses his coolShe's the heat seeking missle headed straight for his heartKeeping cool under pressure is the credo C Smith Rydell lives by That’s why he was handpicked by the Special Defense Forces for a mission few men survive So why has the ex DEA superstar bHe's a special agent who never loses his coolShe's the heat seeking missle headed straight for his heartKeeping cool under pressure is the credo C Smith Rydell lives by That’s why he was handpicked by the Special Defense Forces for a mission few men survive So why has the ex DEA superstar been reassigned to Panama C. This was another good book connected with the Steele Streeet series I thought that this book concentrated on the action involved in the story and not as much on the romance which is why I gave it four stars instead of five I would have liked to have seen a little bit emphasis placed on the romance between Rydell and Honey Even so it was an enjoyable fast paced bookIn the previous book in the series C Smith Rydell and Honoria Honey York Lytton spent a night together in El Salvador after Smith rescued Honey from a dangerous situation on the streets The next day Smith put Honey on a plane bound for her home in Washington DC and they haven't seen or heard from one another since On the Loose has Smith being pulled off of a mission in Peru and sent to Panama for a personal security detail When he gets there he is surprised to see that he is to be bodyguard for Honey as she tours coffee plantations It doesn't take long for Smith to realize that the coffee plantation tour is a ruse and that much is going on Soon the action picks up involving Smith and Honey with South American rebels drug lords a downed plane with CIA connections nuns an out of place American school teacher and an ex girlfriend who once left Smith for dead and is now determined to finish the job I enjoyed the characters of Smith and Honey and although their story ended satisfactorily I would have liked the book to concentrate a bit on their relationship The other characters from the Steele Street series are mentioned but only a couple have very brief cameo appearances in the book This was a little disappointing as I thoroughly enjoyed the way the previous books had of the Steele Street characters involved The new character of Alejandro Campos apparent South American drug lord was interesting The book lets you know that he is clearly than he seems and I was intrigued when I read the preview of the next book in the back of this one and found out who he really is behind the drug lord persona I look forward to reading his story in Cutting Loose

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Ity playing bodyguard to a blond in a black string bikini Except Honey York isn’t your average pampered socialite She’s the woman Rydell caught smuggling cash into El Salvador four months ago And now she wants him to take her back All Honey has to do is find the guerrilla camp deliver the goods and get the hell ou. You know what I liked this one It was different than the others didn't have the spark of the first four the thing that sets them apart than other romantic suspense series which is the cars These chop shop boys can get a girl all a'flutter with their earth shaking engines and reformed bad boy smoothness but the last two haven't had that snap crackle pop This one was different but it had something I've liked Smith since our first glimpse of him with Kid Chaos and I love that he's a part of SDF now Bringing new blood is crucial to keeping any series going and it's easy to fall in love with him I love how his mind works he's one of the funnier of the male leads and his chemistry and banter with Honey is just this side of adorable This book had a different element to it since they were in South America and not Denver so it actually had of a Cindy Gerard feel whom I love and I thought it worked it uite well The introduction to Alejandro Campos was top notch and that little nod and salute at the end will have you cheering for the next book