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Soul On Ice Read & Download ò 106 ☆ From the jacket In a collection of essays open letters from California's Folsom State Prison Eldridge Cleaver writes about the forces which shaped his life which are currently molding our national destinyIntroductionLetters from PrisonBlood of the BeastPrelude to Love Three LettersWhite Woman Black ManAbout theVer writes about the forces which shaped his life which are currently molding our national destinyIntroduc. But put on your crown my ueen and we will build a New City on these ruinsI first read Soul on Ice as a teenager and while large portions of the opening prison letters were retained in my memory largely intact the latter essays were likely beyond that adolescent Often misogynistic and homophobic there is a poetic reshaping of revolutionary texts into something domestically applicable I was certainly troubled by these missteps the loose slurs which tumble out amidst an otherwise cogent piece of criticism The piece on James Baldwin and Norman Mailer was rather intriguing The thoughts on Vietnam were likewise engaging Rereading this today unleashed a broader torrent of memory a sidelong appraisal of my life towards activism and service I certainly have shifted almost exclusively towards service other than throwing money periodically at causes I just spend my time and energy doing the work regardless of idealism

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TionLetters from PrisonBlood of the BeastPrelude to Love Three LettersWhite Woman Black ManAbout the Autho. I had to be very careful with this review because I had to remember that I was reviewing the book and not assessing Eldridge Cleaver as a person But in all fairness I have to say the book was great However Eldridge Cleaver was a highly confused highly disturbed extremely awkward predator who later became a drug addicted contradiction But I digress The book That's what I'm reviewing I have a hard time considering this an autobiography Although it contains a wealth of exposure to many of Eldridge Cleaver's life experiences it really is a collection of essaysletters he wrote while incarcerated therefore making it less of an autobiography and of a collection of essays Consider Martin Luther King Jr's Letters from a Birmingham Jail That wasn't classified as an autobiography Just a book of letters That's what this is too But if we are to go forward with considering this an autobiography it certainly is an autobiographical prose examining and revealing the development of Cleaver's soul rather than simply his being Therefore the title Soul on Ice is appropriate and reflective of the contents of this bookThis book is possibly one of the most complex books I've ever read Not complex in the writing style or in terms of semantics Complex in terms of how I felt throughout the read Complex in terms of finding myself highly disturbed by some of the content while loving the book at the same time I've settled on the idea that Eldridge Cleaver was nuts and genius at the same timeTo be honest I am still unsettled with the fact that I absolutely loved this book A book written by a homophobic rapist But I do Here's what drove me to love this book1 Cleaver's pure and unapologetic honesty2 The book is incredibly well written3 Several aspects of the book are eye opening and informative4 The book was written at the right time A very important time in American History5 The perspective it offers to the reader Whether you agree or disagree with it this book does an amazing job offering a pure and unfiltered presentation of Cleaver's perspective How you choose to swallow his perspective is your own business but the book allows a clear look into it and allows room for the reader to react whether they are shocked pissed off or in agreement I was never in agreement but I appreciated the opportunity to explore why I wasn't He gave me many reasons to support this 6 And my favorite aspect of the book is that it demonstrates my firm belief that education whether formal or informal shapes how one experiences the world It was beautiful to see how exposure to different ideologies and theories helped shape Cleaver's life experiences Not that his soul was beautiful but the process of soul shaping is in general and is demonstrated so wonderfully in this text I'm not cool with Cleaver but I'm cool with this good book Sounds weird I know I'm still trying to come to terms with that

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Soul On IceFrom the jacket In a collection of essays open letters from California's Folsom State Prison Eldridge Clea. Eldridge Cleaver aside from being Minister of Information for the Black Panthers was one of the world's true fucking freaks A serial rapist and homophobe homosexuality is a disease like baby rape or the deisire to be president of General Motors he also happens to be freakishly brilliant He also seems to be one of those rare few who forced by some explosive admixture of clarity feeling and a bizarre kind of honor live out in their bodies the physical logic of their ideas If the 60s utopianism of the middle passages give you pause the last three or four pieces in this book will make you gag on what you thought you knew about blackness in America He is in love with his white lawyer and possibly Norman Mailer and the Beatles He glorifies black masculinity while excoriating the epicene whites who have forced its creation through slavery and the relinuishment of their own He theoretically conflates American blackness Masculinity heterosexuality the fecund potent body and menial work He dichotomizes these in constellation against whiteness femininity homosexuality the sterile impotent mind and administration He expostulates on the twist the dance as a revolutionary movement reconnecting white people Omnipotent Administrators and Ultrafeminines to the bodies they have been alienated from by delegating their masculinity to the black Supermasculine Menials beneath them The book is made of actual love letters allegory high crystalline theory slang rantings epithets enumerations and memoirHis several styles and odd statements may be contradictory He makes no attempt to reconcile them and even though this isn't an autobiography as billed it becomes a self portrait of incredible clarity for that simple factBut one of the most interesting things about this book is that Cleaver's blackness has inspired in him a sort of Cartesian project the rejection of all received white truth beauty and goodness and a fundamental reevaluation of the world and its lies The difference here being that there is no Cartesian boot licking The outcome is startling and incredibly strange because unlike Descartes Cleaver doesn't mince lucidly back to the given world to certify its corruptions This because he's actually rejected it Cogito Ergo I'm gonna fuckshitupThis is truly an outsider work in the art world sense of the designation As with all such artists Henry Darger for instance appreciation of Cleaver is deeply complicated It doesn't do to simply exoticize the incredible otherness of his worldview and tour it as a sort of bizarro psychic theme park; neither does it do to simply agree with it With these disbarred it's hard to see what is left for a reader But something happens to a person when reading this stuff Its alien extremity knocks the crap and dust the unnecessary from our ideas with a beating of contrasts a battery of possible obscene alternativesFurther his neuroses correspond to the counter reading Keith McNeal has given the term They are psychic reaction formations to stressors which may enable a management of those stressors That is say they have content This content illuminates the black struggle and the struggles of robbed and used people for personhood than anything else I've ever read I haven't read a lot of this stuff I also think it is sometimes beautiful in its necessityAll the gods are dead save the god of warWe shall have our manhood We shall have it or the earth will be leveled by our attempts to gain it Eldridge Cleaver