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doc ´ Excellent Cadavers The Mafia and the Death of the First Italian Republic ✓ Alexander Stille Us rivalries he gives us a book that has the power of a great work of history and the suspense of a true thrillerRivetinga well paced and highly informative account stocked with well drawn characters Philadelphia InuirerMasterfulStille delivers a stiletto sharp portrait of the bloodthirsty Sicilian mafia Business We Excellent Cadavers is probably the best mob story you've never heardGiovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino two heroic Italian prosecutors mounted an extraordinary legal campaign against the Sicilian mafia during the 1980s They ultimately paid for their efforts with their lives But their untimely murders shook Italy so hard they toppled its government Theirs is a compelling story full of unforgettable characters and all of it is tragic and true And chances are high that you don't know much about itWhy? Probably because it is about prosecutors Prosecutors are not sexy Prosecutors are almost by definition uncool And popular culture is all about cool Pop culture loves Henry Hill in Goodfellas Michael Corleone in The Godfather and Tony Montana in Scarface Popular culture loves bad guysBad guys may be bad but they are also cool They get drunk and do mountains of coke and pull guns on one another and get into situations that are crazy and compelling; they're not likable but they're always watchable Good guys by contrast seem boring they're the ones busting up the party the bad guys invited us to We sometimes admire the good guys from a distance but it is easier to feel dingy in the light of their halos Still we don't necessarily want to be them they work hard and go home to their wives and live boring livesExcept for Giovanni Falcone and Paolo BorsellinoThese men were hard workers yes but they worked in a truly topsy turvy world where good was bad and bad was good where government was riddled with corruption and graft where outlaws clung to strange codes of behavior whereby killing someone was fine but swearing in front of a woman was unacceptable In southern Italy in the 1980s an estimated 10000 people died in mob related violence but fathers sometimes didn't report the murders of their sons to the local police for fear of retributionAmidst such lawlessness Falcone and Borsellino put together the Palermo maxi trial a titanic anti mafia case that reuired the construction of an elaborate concrete bunker courtroom and ultimately led to an incredible 344 convictions Stille recounts the events leading up to this trial with an eye for detail but also the ability to step back and encapsulate the detail; he never fails to see the forest for the trees Writing about the eve of the maxi trial he describes how the prosecutors and their families were confined for their own safety on an island known as the Alcatraz of Italy It was Stille writes a telling indication of the upside down nature of life in Sicily on the eve of the maxi trial mafia fugitives moved freely about Palermo while government prosecutors had to live in prison for their own protectionFighting the good fight put both men in a bad spot with both the lawbreakers and the lawmakers Falcone was maneuvered out of his position in Palermo and ultimately assassinated; Borsellino was killed six months later But their death lead to their greatest triumphs for their murders awakened a nation to the corruption of the ruling Christian Democrats and caused the downfall of Italy's First RepublicUltimately Stille's book is great not because he tells this story but because he makes us care Falcone and Borsellino come off as principled but pragmatic saintly but shrewd; Stille makes their goodness real and compelling If you're anything like me you'll read this and hope someone makes it into a miniseries; you will find yourself rooting for the good guys and realizing that good guys still exist; you will weep at their deaths and their ultimate victory

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read Excellent Cadavers The Mafia and the Death of the First Italian Republic kindle ↠ Paperback ✓ In 1992 Italy was convulsed by two brazen Mafia assassinations of high ranking officials The latest excellent cadavers were Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino the Sicilian magist In 1992 Italy was convulsed by two brazen Mafia assassinations of high ranking officials The latest excellent cadavers were Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino the Sicilian magistrates who had been the Cosa Nostra's most implacable enemies Yet in the aftermath of the murders hundreds of men of honor were arrested I really liked reading this book it was a lot of fun to follow all of the drama etc But than that it did an interesting job describing the mafia as a social formation that exhibited crises of reproduction the resolution of which being contingent on the social environment Basically it describes from the perspective of the local law enforcement the rise of a faction that was about to rise to power by stepping up the level of violence that it exhibited but in a way that drew attention to its competitors This dynamic accelerated the cycles of extreme violence public backlash and political dispersion of the backlash never uite leaving the whole back where it started The political dimension is the most interesting It is the thing that the mafia witnesses are the least willing to talk about generally feeling that the upheaval that would result from revelations about the political class would sink any organized approach to the problems that the development of the mafia poses This is borne out a number of times twice within the narrative and then at the close of the book as the Berlusconi regime begins to rev up The political dimension is clearly a source of stability for the mafia groups and the impression that I got while reading it is that the political dimension is crucial for the reproduction of the mafia itself the mafia forming part of the mediation between sectors of the political class and the public they represent enforcers of those who will assent to their enforcement The difficulty that this political dimension poses is made clear in almost every instance when Falcone decides to collaborate with groups with known mafia interests or even personal interests that are agnostic of the mafia He is sidetracked and led down blind alleys In reaction to this he proceeds by totally ignoring the political dimension to the best of his ability believing that being able to continue working is the most important thing Ironically this appears to succeed only when he moves away from Sicily entirely and moves to consolidate and centralize the anti mafia effort in Rome Another interesting point presented presumably not on purpose since the author appears to be some kind of smug liberal is the larger scale of the political dimension The author directly states that the war on the mafia was positively aided by the fall of communism with the disempowerment of the PCI ending the left wing threat that the mafia were supposedly the lesser evil of What this implies is that fighting the mafia only became politically acceptable when it became a problem for the bourgeoisie The majority of the prosecutions before the 90s appeared to center around drug offenses with the effective theft from public funds being totally unapproachable Once the 90s rolled around and public assets began to be privatized all of a sudden there was political impetus to do something about it To take this a step further it could be inferred that the siphoning off of money from public services was actually in the interest of the bourgeoisie This then makes the paradox of Andreotti presented as the powerhouse behind postwar Italian politics personally engaging with powerful mafia figures make much sense It also resituates the mafia from being some sort of font of political power to an agent that plays a political role reclaiming proceeds of the social democratic welfare state for the bourgeoisie I don't know if I've thought this through totally but I might even go so far as to say that it could represent a sort of illicit labor aristocracy Of course this is barely touched on in the book instead the author has a bunch of uotes from neofascists

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Excellent Cadavers The Mafia and the Death of the First Italian RepublicAnd the government that ad protected them for nearly half a century was at last driven from office This is the story that Stille tells with such insight and immediacy in Excellent Cadavers Combining a profound understanding of his doomed heroes with and unprecedented look into the Mafia's stringent codes and murdero For an in depth look at La Cosa Nostra and the government corruption that still rots away at Italy's soul Alexander Stille's excellent 1995 opus is a must read The term Excellent Cadavers refers to the government officials who have been killed in the fight against the mafia rather than rival mafiosi or private citizens who have wound up dead As the title suggests Excellent Cadavers reads at times like a thriller at others like a hard boiled detective novel and at yet others like an investigative report and autopsy into a country afflicted with disease The disease in this case refers to decades of government corruption bribery scandals and political wrangling What Stille's book really is though is a tribute to all those who long waged a thankless and at times seemingly hopeless fight for justice against the mafia and its masters in government Stille spotlights two men in particular Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino Sicilian through and through Falcone and Borsellino went up against nothing than the entire Italian State in order to bring justice to the cruel and vicious mafiosi that had become as much a part of the Sicilian landscape as the arancini and cannoli the Italian island is positively renowned for The research that Stille did in order to write this incredible book is a feat in itself and that the uality of the writing should be as high as it is makes Excellent Cadavers an absolute must In this age of The Sopranos and Martin Scorsese it's books like Stille's that remind us that there is nothing remotely romantic or glamorous about the real mafia