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Review á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ V.C. Andrews On She controls their social lives And they get the strange feeling someone is watching them But whoand why Cinnamon Ice Rose and Honey set out to untangle a shadowy web of Senetsky family secrets As they explore dark corners and hidden rooms every creak and moan of the old mansion tells a story too frightening to repeat A devastating story that can destroy their dreams. I don't even know why I keep on reading this is a failure Fake boring characters and plain dialogues A waste of time I don't care if I spoil the book but it just doesn't make sense to me that they made Howard a rapist just for the sake of the plot He was arrogant selfish and an attention seeker but such a drastic change of character without any kind of hint it could be possible just killed the very little part of my that somehow liked this As far as I'm concerned this whole series was a disaster

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Falling Stars Shooting Stars #5 Read Ï 108 ↠ All The World's A Stage but What If The Play Doesn't Go As Planned Four talented girls from vastly different pasts share a dream of stardom Cinnamon the edgy actress; Ice the phenomenal vocalist; Rose the beautiful dancer; and Honey the first rate violinist The four meet at the prestigious Sen All The World's A Stage but What If The Play Doesn't Go As Planned Four talented girls from vastly different pasts share a dream of stardom Cinnamon the edgy actress; Ice the phenomenal vocalist; Rose the beautiful dancer; and Honey the first rate violinist The four meet at the prestigious Senetsky School of the Performing Arts housed in an ornate New York City mansion. I feel like by the time I got to the fourth book in the mini series leading up to this I was a little generous than usual Wearily tolerant of some of the flaws in the writing But I genuinely liked Falling Stars There were still some V C Andrew isms Like of course the boy Honey meets the one time the girls go see the city turns out to be some manipulative asshole who tries to assault her Why should I have expected anything else But all in all it was a pretty good story that probably could have stood alone with just a little detail The only other mini series of Andrews' that I've read so far has been the Runaways which I felt relied a lot on their preuel mini books A nice little mystery that was just dark enough to appeal to me But what I was really interested in was how all the characters would come together so let's just get right to that Well three of the four girls met expectations let's say that I don't mind that Honey was chosen to narrate though she did maintain an almost too pure too perfect air about her Ice and Cinnamon at least played pretty much exactly the roles I'd wanted and expected of them And Rose Well While reading I bookmarked a page where Honey sums up their little group herself and that's probably as good a reference as any soWe were truly becoming sisters looking after each other Each of us lent something to the others I thought Cinnamon was our wit Ice our muscle Rose our beautiful face And me I was our conscience Pg 224Well eye roll aside because of course of all the roles Honey would play she becomes their moral compass I mean that didn't even feel particularly true She was a little hesitant about breaking the rules than the others maybe but in any situation that counted where there was something serious at stake the girls were usually pretty much on the same page about doing the right thing They could have said she was like their mediator or something That would have been a slightly bearable phrasing But let's put Honey's flaws aside for a moment I want to talk about RoseRose was the one I was the most worried for character development wise going into this because she really didn't have much character in her own story Rose was constantly defined by her relationship to others That and her apparently unearthly grace and beauty Originally I worried that she would just be drowned out by the other girls' stronger personalities and be really forgettable But I dare say this was worse Rose who was apparently just so drop dead gorgeous that no one could help but take advantage of her wherever she goes became our resident damsel in distress The one the others all rally around to protect I mean they mention her father's boss creeping on her during a beauty pageant in her own story but she never seemed truly bothered and haunted by it until now relating her own experiences back to Gerta's abuse And you know what That could have been fine Rose has certainly got some valid complaints to make But it's all about how you play it And the end result was just disappointingUpon reading that chapter I was actually genuinely angry that they reduced Rose to being nothing than the group's beautiful face And presented it like there was no subtlety or shame in it Like am I the only one who could see the potential for Rose You know what she could have been for the group How about their courage She certainly had the most reason to relate to and feel for Gerta It would have been a really nice touch if that had made her the most passionate about helping her regardless of the risks But no Rose was consistently the most weak cowardly and shallow character at every turn And throwing away that potential to actually make something of the blandest character going into this is something I can't forgive The only other flaw that really got to me was the writing of the boys in this story I don't really care about the random minor characters or Evan or the boyfriends who pop up on occasion I'm talking about Steven and Howard Though Steven started getting on my nerves at the end too it was just so disappointing to me how flat the two boys were as characters From their introduction on it was just so clear that one was presented to be the nice fairly likable boy and the other was just going to be an arrogant asshole through and through You know what would have made Howard a thousand times interesting How about developing him a little and giving him a likable side That doesn't mean he can't still be twisted but give the audience something to relate to Something to show why he's so desperate to make it even if it means using his mentor's traumatized mentally disabled daughter as blackmail I think what's so disappointing about this is like Rose the author wouldn't have even needed to reach very far to come up with a convincing background for Howard If he was this serious about performing in high school I can only imagine his classmates gave him hell That certainly could have messed him up a bit Anyway it was flawed But I knew it was going to be Some of these problems I'm willing to overlook others you were just treated to a lengthy rant about But I did enjoy this story as a whole I wasn't totally sold on the girls growing so close so uickly but I suppose it could have a ring of truth to it They're given so little freedom and are bound to feel isolated from the rest of the world Add that to the paranoia that someone is spying on them and yeah I guess I could see it So am I disappointed that I picked up this series No But am I ever likely to read it again Probably not

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Falling Stars Shooting Stars #5And become instant friends as they take off on a dazzling whirlwind of intense classes theater outings and celebrity studded parties And together they bend the strict house rules of Madame Senetsky a famous actress who guarantees success for students under her tutelage But they soon realize this is no ordinary school Madame Senetsky pushes the girls' studies beyond reas. I was really happy that this novel took place from Honey's point of view because she was my favorite character in this series Though the over all uality of the story was rather dull The description on the back made it seem much suspenseful than it really was I found the secret of the Senetsky family to be just meh Not like original VC Andrews' dramaIt also took me almost three months to finish because it was so dull Howard pissed me off the most which I guess was the intent but I was absolutely annoyed to death by him I felt like Chandler had barely any personality in both books by Honey its like she is dating a rock And Ice was shoved into the very back of the cast of characters barely mentioned and no growth as a character whatsoever I wished that this book was less rushed and detail was put in but sadly these books do not have the uality of previous works Im now deciding whether to keep reading any other new books by Neiderman because they are starting to be a pain to get through