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Cerers who hide a guarded truth only the king understands When Prince Jonared takes the throne he also inherits a tragic and dark shadow ready to befall his land He and the Keepers summon Sabelline Shelton a rare sorceress gifted in metallurgy for a duty she has always feared But even her exceptional. See my full review at Read My MindMy ReviewI think I liked this book from the very first sentence I couldn't uote it without looking it up but I just know that I was utterly fascinated from beginning to end Epic fantasy which is of course subjective whether a reader might consider this particular book to be in the epic fantasy genre I do is a genre that I used to read extensively when I was in middle school But as I moved through high school college and later my reading was much in the romance genre All of this is to say that until I started reading THE KEEPERS OF SULBRETH I didn't realize how much I had missed reading itI will say that there are many characters in this novel to keep track of The Keepers of which Sabell is the main female character are not only named but so are their companions who are warriors that act as guardians and fighters to protect the people of Sulbreth There's the King Jonared and his personal guardian There's Sabell's family a sister and a father There's Cage's family a sister step mother and close family friend And then there's Cage himself The half elf half human whom the survival of Sulbreth and indeed the whole of Futhark seems to rest upon For readers that like to have a smaller inclusive cast of characters to follow this may not be the book for youHowever I had no trouble following the story line There was always a definitive plot that stretched throughout the book There were no events that seemed to distract or be irrelevant to the overall idea Each character had their own personality There was real growth in each one too like Cage's acceptance of his mission solely to help his family gain their own residence to his resignation that however he had been forced into the situation he was a key part to the Keepers' defeat of the demons plaguing SulbrethThe bottom line I was entertained I wanted to experience the lives of these characters their plight and what would happen next I wanted to keep reading at the end of every sentence and then at the end of every chapter This was a novel about people dedicating their lives to keeping evil at bay finding a purpose for their talents and being a part of the greater good THE KEEPERS OF SULBRETH is the perfect book for readers who enjoy fantasy a seemingly impossible uest and an enthralling journey to another world455 for plot45 for characters45 for languageMy Rating 12515 4 starsHighly Recommend if you liked The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR TolkienThe Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb

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The Keepers of Sulbreth The Futhark ChroniclesTalents are not enough to forestall the soulless enemy issuing forth from the dark places of Futhark When Cage Stone enters Sulbreth in a tournament to secure his sister’s future he too is called by a prophetic destiny to help fight the otherworldly foes and renew the seals that protect their kingd. Susan’s first debut in the fantasy genre is a five star effort I immensely enjoyed the characters and the world she had created It is without a doubt a page turner a well written book full of surprisesIt is the story of a young man Cage who has taken the responsibility of protecting a woman and her daughter Kristall After her husband died drunk Anadalune raised Cage as his own mother when his real mother wanted nothing to do with him The husband had been a man who enjoyed spending his family fortune at the brewer’s and in company of doubtful women He had hated the boy openly while Anadalune loved him even when she knew he was her husband’s bastard son When Kristall was born Cage became the true elder brother and protector of her as well Times are hard for the family when they find themselves with no money and according with the law women couldn’t own a house The brother in law was to take over the mansion and their care but he had plans of his own for the widow and her daughter plans to keep them close and personalCage’s reputation as a hired swordsman and that of a stern man kept the brother in law at bayWhen a great tournament is planned to give the winner a land of his own close to the castle Cage decides to enter to earn the land for his family But this tournament is than meets the eye There is a reason behind the contest that traps Cage in itThe keepers are special magical women who have a very secret guardianship over the kingdom and lots of power over the king Not everyone is happy with their power Many view them as witches that need to be destroyed Then what is it that keeps the king devoted to their cause their spells over him or a cause sinister that they keep hidden from the populace to battle aloneYou will find the answer to this and many uestions in The Keepers of Sulbreth A great fantasy book for all fantasy lovers

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Free download The Keepers of Sulbreth (The Futhark Chronicles) 107 ↠ In this magical medieval fantasy forces must combine to save the kingdom of Futhark from the evil abyss that threatens it Sitting within this land and high above an unexplored sea is Sulbreth the seat from which the Otten family has always ruled Standing nIn this magical medieval fantasy forces must combine to save the kingdom of Futhark from the evil abyss that threatens it Sitting within this land and high above an unexplored sea is Sulbreth the seat from which the Otten family has always ruled Standing next to their throne are the Keepers gifted sor. The Keepers of Sulbreth resembles its fantasy predecessors like Le Morte de Arthur in one way by asking if a hero who is bastard born can participate in a tournament and come out a king Or at least where Keepers is concerned can he come out a person with royal blood The answer is yes and though it's been done before it's a fascinating take on the chosen one theme because of Gourley's investment in simultaneous character and world buildingCage Stone is the Aragorn of this tale He's a stud that every woman would have a picture of gracing the bedroom wall A man could only be so lucky to be built like Stone But on top of that he's an incredible athlete with part Elven blood Although he could sleep with any woman he wants he doesn't abuse his ability to deflower girls because well he's a bastard And in the kingdom of Futhark even if you look like a tattooed Ryan Gosling you are still one rung beneath someone who knows who their father isCage wears the shoes of hero in this story really well I liked him almost instantly And by participating in the tournament he gets chosen for some awesome magical enhancements that involve extensive tattooing of his entire naked body But they only make him look prettier think eyeliner for bold long eyelashes Enhancements like super vision super speed and wellyou get the pictureThe women who do this magic are the Keepers and I found Gourley's magic system fascinating I liked the idea of weaving spells into tattoos Sabell is the female lead in this book and does most of the needlework on Cage's flesh She's an intelligent vulnerable and sexy spellcaster that is none too experienced with men Good thing Cage is a gentleman because they are commanded to learn to sleep together for protection since a magical blanket that can bestow invisibility to those underneath it is only so bigGourley also knows how to create monsters There's an undead creature in this book called a gromf that is REALLY well done This isn't just a passage where a writer says a zombie attacked and the warrior killed it It's a bonafide well thought out horrific creature with sagging skin rotting teeth and a smell that could knock over a horse the gromfs are magically created assassinsdemonsand if they claw or scratch you it's fatal You become one of these horrible things and nothing can save you They're capable of surprising bursts of speed of hiding their own stench and even their own presence if that is the intent of the one that sends them And the gromf ends up being scary It's a fitting end when one turns on a woman that completely deserves her fate I guess that's what you get when you play with dark magicThe book ends with a cliffhanger We are left with our hero Cage and the lovely spellcaster Sabell entering a tunnel that goes to someplace most people would choose to avoid I can only imagine the horrors that await It's probably a good thing that Cage is such a good warrior He's probably going to need every bit of his strength and every bit of her magic just to keep them aliveKeepers of Sulbreth is a five star read for those of you out there who love epic fantasy Gourley gives every minor character in this book a role to play and each has a personality and motivation that is distinctly their own She's like a female George RR Martin building an incredibly intricate and detailed world through the growth of her characters I'm glad I stumbled across this book and can't wait to read the seuel