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review Bound in Blood (Kencyrath, #5) ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È When Jame returned to Knorth hall to help her brother Torisen name all the fallen fighters' death banners stored there she made the disturbing discovery that those banners splattered with their owners' blood also have trapped their owners' souls She also It was supposed to be and solve the mystery behind the death of her evil uncle who somehow is still spectrally manifesting himself in nasty waysNo doubt about it Jame is back and with a vengeance as the popular and critically praised fantasy adventure series continuesPC Hodgell writes the most strikingly weird and wonderful stories in epic fantasy today Charles StrossHodgell has crafted an excellent and intricate fantasy with humor and tragedy and a capable and charming female hero Highly recommended Library Journ. This book inspires and encourages me that the world may be worth it

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Ce in the matter Returning with this unwelcome knowledge to school at Tentir Jame continued to dodge the attentions of an unwanted admirer strengthen her link to her feline hunting ounce work with the rathorn colt Death's head to insure that it doesn't resume its attempts to kill her and of course kept causing plenty of unintended havoc She also had to help fight off attacks from hillmen repel a stampede of yarkcarn think warthogs the size of mammoths fight in the Winter War a mock conflict or at least that's how. I love these books This series There is just something so utterly compelling about it even if you have to wait years for the next book to come out or even if everything is pretty damned confusing and you don't uite get it but enough that you enjoy it anyway It's confusing because yes the wait time between books can be long though much faster now it seems and if you don't reread the books you're going to forget whole chunks of important information or at least I did aha It's also high fantasy You're going to get a new confusing world with lots of made up words that yes you will need to know Situations and people and the politics of it all is complex and layered and I love itEnough that I am abusing run ons with large amounts of gleeThese are definitely not stand alone books You can't take a new reader and pitch them head first into book five because they're not going to understand a thing Or they will but it will only be half of the picture which would be a shame Like I said I was confused at first because it has been a while since I've read the last book but I picked it up again pretty uickly Jame is a character that is both prickly and deadpan and it's hard to describe what makes her so likeable other than the fact that she is Likeable She's strong with a good head on her shoulders and I find it kind of hilarious how she always gets into these situations and scrapes and somehow always manages to land on her feet I find it even hilarious how everyone else expects this of her; are in fact resigned to itTori is growing as a character himself and it's about damned time is pretty much all I can say about that aha I like him I really really do I think he's a complex character that wavers between being strong and weak but is trying his best I'm pretty much rooting for him all the way as long as he gets his head out of his ass I thought the book was a brilliant addition to the series even if in retrospect not so much has been done to advance the main plot line Though I don't mind this either because I find the book compelling enough in its own right to make up for it I don't think it's a series for everyone because it can be a bit slow at times and the plot does meander a bit but it's a rich world with complex characters than makes up for this 5 stars

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Bound in Blood Kencyrath #5When Jame returned to Knorth hall to help her brother Torisen name all the fallen fighters' death banners stored there she made the disturbing discovery that those banners splattered with their owners' blood also have trapped their owners' souls She also found a contract proving her cousin Kindrie to be legitimate proving that there are three full blooded Knorth Three full blooded Knorth means that the Three Faced God can be manifested something that none of the three are likely to want to do if they have any choi. 455; 5 stars; AYou know that saying 'its not the destination its the journey' Well the books in this series definitely take the reader on a journey I have had a strong sense since the beginning that ultimately there will be a huge conflict of the good guys versus the bad guys and that might be considered 'the destination' but the journey is rather complex and diverting The author manages to show the good and bad in all the players while at the same time weaving parts of the past and present story lines and having uite a few mini conflicts and crises along the wayI have really enjoyed the development of Jame's character and her relationships with various people and animals In this book Tori is still someone who needs a good whack upside the head and a few people deliver that whack so there is hope for his character Slowly the key players are getting into position for the final showdown but it will be a while yet