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電撃デイジー 1An ia terpaksa harus bekerja dengan Kurosaki pengurus sekolah yang agak preman Siapa sih sebenarnya Kurosaki ini. Surprisingly not terrible I was surprised that the identity of Daisy was revealed so early to the reader but not to Teru I expected that to be a mystery that dragged on even while Daisy's identity became increasingly obvious Instead it looks like a lot of the plots will come from Daisy trying to hide his identity in a much natural way I'm also pleased that it seems like the romance will be able to develop over time And I like how Teru views Daisy he's her friend not because of anything he could do for her which is why she tries not to ask much of him and their connection as friends is important than a romance It's refreshing to see a teenage girl put a supportive friendship as a top priority in her life

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Free download 電撃デイジー 1 105 ↠ Apapun yang terjadi aku akan selalu melindungimuItu bunyi email yang dikirimkan sosok misterius bernama Daisy untuk Teru Setelah kematian kakaknya hanya email dari Daisy lah yang menjadi pelipur hati Teru Karena suatu kejadian ia terpaksa harus bekerja dengan Kurosaki pengurus sekolah yang agak preman Siapa sihApapun yang terjadi aku akan selalu melindungimuItu bunyi email yang dikirimkan sosok misterius bernama Daisy un. Review of November 2 2014 on volume 1It's been 3 years Theresa of 2011 who was very obsessed with Dengeki DaisyAnd my beautiful fabulous public library now brings me the fabulousness that resides in Dengeki Daisy So now I have access to actual book version not just mangafoxAnd I will just say that this manga is not bad But what I used to think was just a guardian watching over his friend's little sister in secret is so much than that This guy is a hacker He looks good to the main character but is a bad guy when other people look at himTHIS IS SO MUCH MORETo add to the interestingness we know who Daisy is but Teru doesn't This is that kind of book where we know than the main character and the entire time we're like YOU DORK THE ANSWER IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR NOSE when the answers are right in front of our nosesThere are a few weird things about Dengeki Daisy that I'll put forward and that will also make 2011 Theresa mad because she was indeed obsessed with this mangaIsn't Isn't Kurosaki whispers An adultIsn't he a BAD INFLUENCE CIGARETTES ARE BAD FOR YOUIsn't he Okay I can't do this I really like KurosakiI can't just slander him because of societies views on things I THINK KUROSAKI IS A GREAT CHARACTER And how he's so protective of Teru is it's very romanticJust ignore the fact of the gigantic age gap between the two Age shouldn't matter anywayBut yes I'm dying for the two to kiss ENGAGE IN A ROMANTIC MAKEOUT SESSIONReaders are obsessed with this book because of the romantic romance And that scary cliffhanger at the endFear not Theresa I have volume 2 on handReview of October 25 2011 on the entire series as a whole 4 starsI was just chilling on Mangafox responding to my mangafox friends' messages on my page and I asked almost every single one of them What manga do you recommend I'm looking for some new readsTheir lists went on and on but one particular title that kept appearing on my friends' lists was Dengeki DaisySo a few days ago while procrastinating on my school work I looked this title up I bookmarked it and promised myself ONE chapter only Then I have to go studyMy mind changed after I read the first chapterI kept going through chapters without leaving my seat at least until I was finished with volume one And so now I bring you to my review of what I thought about Dengeki DaisyIT WASASFISDFLJAHSFJD so amazing that real english words cannot describeMy rating is 45120496I LOVE this series I LOVE ITThis series is about a 16 year old girl named Teru who has a cell phone given to her by her older brother before he passed away Her older brother tells Teru that when he's no longer around to protect her she can use the cell phone to email DAISY someone that will take his place in protecting and watching over herTeru does not know DAISY's identity She does not know what he looks like or how old he is But she cherishes him and his emailsOne day while protecting her best friend from getting bullied she accidentally breaks a window She can't afford to pay for the damage so the janitor Tasuku Kurosaki makes Teru his slave in order to pay him back for the broken windowWhile she deals with Kurosaki even often this way she learns that DAISY is actually a lot closer than she thinksThe plot of this manga is scary the way it's really similar to the situation of my own best friend She emails this guy and she doesn't know what he looks like but they're currently in love with each other How often do you have a best friend with a situation like thatThe situations have a lot of differences but I have to say that THIS MANGA IS DEFINITELY ORIGINAL It doesn't use cliches like vampiresPLUS it's funny I love anything that's capable of making me laughAnd I love the art I love having crushes on cartoon characters in this caseI am a Kurosaki fangirlThe reason why it didn't get a perfect five stars was because of a few peculiar flaws in the plot At a few times it did seem to drag on just a little but it was still pretty akdfjalisnfgllama so awesome that real english words cannot describeDengeki Daisy is beautiful adorable hilarious suspenseful and it makes me procrastinate on my homework I call this story a blind love story because even though Teru doesn't know the identity of DAISY she loves him even than how someone would love a loverI really wish I could understand what it's like to love someone like that This way you only love them for their personality and not their looksSomehow I think that if you fall in love with their personality before you see the way they look I don't think you would care for their looks when you do find out about themAnyway I recommend this to those in search for an ORIGINAL shoujo manga storyPS I think manga plots are better than most american novel plots Novels seem to be way melodramaticThe romance in certain manga seem realistic

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Tuk Teru Setelah kematian kakaknya hanya email dari Daisy lah yang menjadi pelipur hati Teru Karena suatu kejadi. Awwww Dengeki Daisy it warms my heart just to think about this manga I'm uite seriousI love Daisy's character and his not so hidden identity it is so obvious from the very beginning who is actually is Then again Mangaka Kyousuke Motomi never really wanted to hide his identity from us xD