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eBook É Lori's Song The True Story of an American Woman Held Captive in Iran Paperback ☆ reflectionslisburnltd ↠ Though she endured a childhood of physical and sexual abuse nothing would ever eual what happened to her in Iran the weeks following 911Lori an E many injuries she'd received at the hands of her torturers and wanted badly to get home to her family in the USA Even then she had to fight Iranian Islamic bureaucracy to have permission to go as the husband was unavailable to grant it In any Islamic country unknown to many western women the husband or guardian's permission is always reuired for a woman to travel anywhereLori had been married to Mohammad for 9 years and thought she could trust him but since their arrival in Iran in 1998 his personality and behavior had changed so radically as to make this most recent nightmare highly suspiciousThe events told here are true It was no coincidence that this American citizen had been placed into a concentration camp In fact it raises many uestions and should be a caution to ma By the age of 15 Lori was married Her marriage was an escape from molestation by her brother More abuse both sexual domestic and drug abuse were to follow in her life Remarried to an Iranian Lori left her son behind and traveled to Iran with her husband The day after 911 both she and her husband are trying to leave Iran and are arrested Separated she finds herself in a POW camp It is here she suffers abuse in the form of torture rape and starvation After rescue she has another hurdle to get over In Iran a woman can’t travel without her husband’s permission Since she didn’t know where he was she had to fight their bureaucracy just to return to her country of birth Once back in the United States she began her long journey as yet unfinished down the road of healing What amazed me about this book was the love she still has for the Iranian people There is no hatred or prejudice toward them even after what she went through This was an excellent book and a definite emotional read

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For the convoy of troop carriers that suddenly drove up and the armed men who came pouring out to take the hapless couple prisonerThere was no explanation offered The men took Lori's husband one direction and she another pushing them blindfolded into the back of the troop carriers with other prisoners mostly IranianWho the armed men were was anybody's guess but they took their prisoners to POW camp in unfamiliar territory and there Lori was held tortured raped and starved with them for over a month Her husband was not to be seen againLori was rescued with one of her fellow inmates by the girl's family and after riding a llama for 1 2 days over mountainous terrain; she arrived at the Iran Immigration center By then she weighed in at only 70 pounds was still suffering from th Lori's Song The Lori Foroozandeh StoryThere are stories upon stories of abuse some bare all and others simply touch upon the actual event Lori's song is the former with nothing left to the imagination As I read I found it very difficult to understand how any other human being could inflict such cruelty upon another without remorse totally unfeeling and completely void of any care or concern These people do exist and they are not limited to any one country or originWhile the purpose of Lori's Song is to reflect on her time spentlived in Iran Lori discloses far which transpired way before these events Some reflected bad choices which is not uncommon in past history nor in today's society others befell her as an innocent victim Lori endured so much in her life prior to her captivity in Iran that perhaps these as horrible as they were actually strengthened her will for survival I will not go into detail here for this is an author's rating and review not a retelling of her book I can say you will find this story leaving you shocked beyond words breathless at times wrenchingly heart broken and filled with suspense to the very end This is than just a story of survival it is hope within the most adverse situations one can imagineThere are parts of Lori's story that leave unanswered uestions to this day The timing of her captivity centers around 911 and for her she will always ponder the connection of her captivity to the violent hatred for Americans disclosed in her presence Even upon her return to America the trauma she experienced was scrutinized uestioningly and shunned The visibility alone of her bruised broken and frail body should have been enough to eliminate any doubt or uestionUnfortunately she is not alone in her tortured world within herself inside the home nor outside the boundaries of her home country Many others have and probably will walk in Lori's shoes Perhaps her story will reach out to others with a message of hope within a sheer will to survive despite all oddsIt is important for me as a reviewer to note that I did find some repetitiveness without which the story would have flowed somewhat smoother There are grammatical errors that should have been corrected but these alone do not detract from the credibility of the author There is definitely not enough to warrant lowering the rating of her book For Lori let the writing and publishing of her book be a learning experience For her readers she laid her life on the line through all she endured as well as exposing her story to the world Yet through it all she found times for compassion and understanding for a culture much different from her own even in times of utter despair and for those who held no empathy

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Lori's Song The True Story of an American Woman Held Captive in IranThough she endured a childhood of physical and sexual abuse nothing would ever eual what happened to her in Iran the weeks following 911Lori an American married to an Iranian had been working and living as an ordinary member of Iranian society for almost 4 years when she had heard rumors that the US was going to be attacked That was on September 9 2001 She tried and failed to call home and give warningThe news that all those rumors were horribly true came on September 11th 2001 That was when her husband suddenly announced that they had to go back to the States in case there were repercussionsOn September 12 2001 Lori and her husband were at the Shiraz bus terminal intending to catch a bus to Istanbul and from there to Heathrow and home to the USA They were totally unprepared Lori's Song is a very heartfelt and heart wrenching story of Lori's imprisonment in an Iranian POW camp just after 911 However it is much than that as it also touches on her childhood her earlier life with her Iranian husband Mohammad and the culture of Iran among other thingsI found that the writing style could be a little disjointed the thoughts a little scattered so it didn't flow like a lyrically well written novel by an experienced author And at times it can be a little repetitive However this is a memoir not a novel and it reads like a letter from your girlfriend who is sharing her sorrows and triumphs with you It was real There didn't seem to be the heavy editing or guidance in the structure of the story or maintaining a good flow that can be expected with a big publishing company The book is riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors But it's a very personal memoir It was Lori's conscious decision to not go with a large publishing outfit as she didn't want them to heavily edit her story And I understand thisI don't want any criticisms to detract from this story as I think that it is important to read As I've said before one of my favorite mottos is The only good is knowledge and the only evil ignorance We must not be ignorant and Lori has graciously and bravely bared her soul and her life to us so that we may be knowledgeable of the possible dangers of being an American in a country like Iran She hasn't sugar coated her own past behaviour or actions She has laid it all on the table For that I thank herShe mentions at one point that she heard that anyone possessing an American passport was picked up but was unsure the reasoning behind it My own half baked theory is that perhaps it was in preparation of an attack by the US to have a bargaining tool or use them to create a barrier Lori said herself that it was believed that America would lash out at all middle eastern countries for retribution Or perhaps it was simply fueled by a hatred of America and there was no point other than for fun and revenge against the big SatanThe bottom line is this Read it It is graphically violent disturbing and heart breaking but it is also important If you are of a sensitive nature perhaps you should stray away from reading the book because there is some very disturbing imagery and it is real It isn't just a story I was prepared for what I read I was aware of the atrocities that go on in other countries I've read other accounts outlining how it is culturally acceptable in some areas for a father to kill his daughter for the merest of infractions of a young teen girl who was raped and gave birth to the child that was conceived during the rape and then removed from the hospital by the authorities shortly after the babies birth only to be stoned to death for the crime of adultery And I worked with an Iranian man who had explained to me twenty years ago that an Iranian man was legally permitted to kill his wife for adultery he doesn't even have to prove that she is guilty Suspicion alone is grounds enough You too should be prepared before taking on this bookAnd after reading it you should be even amazed at the strength of those middle eastern women who have chosen to stand up and fight for their rights I am in awe of the courage that it takes with the constant threat of death hanging over your head I'll never forget the Saudia Arabian woman who when asked about how women were viewed in her country said to the interviewer We are shoes When a husband tires of his wife he throws her away like an old pair of shoes We are like shoes I think that this excerpt from Lori's article about Iranian women says it bestThe Iranian woman is oppressed yet rebellious She is subjugated yet unruly She is controlled yet defiant She is hushed and subservient She is a religious fanatic living a secluded life She is a revolutionary a fighter yet segregated and oppressed Willing to die for her nation she is a mother and a wifeI think that Lori's biggest hope is that young American girls and women will be aware of life in other countries and enter them with full knowledge of the risks involved Also that we will see outside of our own little worlds to understand what is going on in the rest of the world and who these people really are that we share this planet with and that you shouldn't allow prejudice to cloud your opinion of a whole race of people based on the actions of a few