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Read & Download Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF å Here is the unbelievable yet true story of Sybil Dorsett a survivor of terrible childhood abuse who as an adult was a victim of sudden and mysterious blackouts What happened during those blackouts has made Sybil's experience one Blackouts has made Sybil's experience one of the most famous psychological cases in the worl. Sometimes when my kids are really pushing my buttons I remind them if they don't want the mean mommy to make an appearance they had better knock it off And to be sure the mean mommy the one who loses her composure and who feels as if she could literally pull her hair out is far removed from the the loving and patient mommy I identify with the mommy who also happens to be fascinated by the science of brain and behavior and the origin and experience of consciousnessSo this true story which happens to read a little too much like fiction for my tastes of a woman who possessed sixteen personalities was at the very least intriguingInterestingly I chose to read this in prep for reading Sybil Exposed the book that suggests the real Sybil and the doctor who treated her iswas a fraudI should add that I've read a lot on the topic of brain science and some on the condition once known as multiple personality disorder but since renamed dissociative identity disorder and much of this book seemed in line withconsistent with what I've read in other scientific and less sensationalized sourcesI think the mode of storytelling chosen and the hype that surrounded the story leaves itself wide open to criticism for obvious reasons so I'll be interested to see what evidence is revealed in Sybil Exposed

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Se who as an adult was a victim of sudden and mysterious blackouts What happened during those. This was a very fascinating and at times very disturbing book I probably would have given it 4 stars but I made the mistake of looking up details about this woman online prior to finishing the book which really changed my feelings about the actual author and doctor involved Apparently this woman's story is very controversial in the mental health field Had I known that I would have finished the book prior to looking up details online on this under spoiler and I would suggest that if you read this book don't look up stuff online until you finish itSPOILEROk this spoiler isn't really about things in the book itself but about the book's publication Apparently it's not really clear if this woman actually had multiple personalities Supposedly another doctor was asked if he wanted to be involved in this book and he said no because he did not consider Sybil a multiple personality he thought Sybil's main doctor led Sybil to believe she had multiple personalities The author supposedly stated that the publisher wanted a book about a multiple personality so they had to write it that way Regardless of what is true it really changed my perception of the book What started out as fascinating to me suddenly looked like it was exploiting this poor sick woman It's even in the book that Sybil's main doctor introduces her to the author and it seems like they wanted to write a book about Sybil before they even consulted her By the end I just felt like the doctor and author were trying to make a uick buck off of Sybil which was really sad because she trusted them the profits of the book were apparently split three ways amongst the doctor author and patient In addition the book has a happy ending finish but that's not really how things turned out although in defense of the author things may have been really good when the book was published Sybil lived about another 25 years so the sadder things I read about her may have occurred after the book came out

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Sybil by Flora Rheta SchreibHere is the unbelievable yet true story of Sybil Dorsett a survivor of terrible childhood abu. Another old book review from my blogThis was one seriously fucked up book I have never seen the movie but of course knew what I was in for when I got the book The name Sybil is very well known and carries some stigma in pop culture However I had no concept of the extent or the perversity of Sybil's mother's abuse which had been the prime instigation for Sybil's dissociations When I was reading the sections describing what she had done to her daughter I was literally beating my head with the book and saying That's so fucked up out loud Good thing there was nobody around to hear me except for Magnum As far as writing style I wouldn't say it was the best A little too clinical in the language and a little lacking in the dramatic elements I am sure this is mostly due to the fact that the author Flora Rheta Schreiber was a psychiatrist and this was one of her first only novels Not to mention that most of the conversations in the book were probably transcribed from tapes But despite slightly distracting writing uality imperfections this book was completely absorbing The I got to know about Sybil and the strange ways her unconscious had devised to help her cope with her abusive childhood the I felt like I was losing my own mind It was strange to ponder upon the potential psychoses that our brainsminds are capable of It seems that no matter how normal we might tell ourselves we are there are so many things we can't rememberso many events in our childhoods that can only be known through other people telling usit's frightening to wonder where those memories are and if there is some unconscious self lying beneath our conscious personality that is hoarding those memories from us or from a different perspective is protecting those memoriesand yet they are inaccessible to our waking self These are the kind of things I found myself thinking about on the bus or walking down the street while reading this book Also it was my first step away from sci fifantasy in some time and it opened my mind up to new knowledge of psychology and psychoanalysis that I found fascinating and plenty of food for thought I would recommend this book to anybody who is interested in the mysteries of the human mind