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Wired Love review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î This book published in 1879 mulls what how authentic a romance can be that is mediated over the wire by two telegraph operatorsAn excerpt from the bookBut a very significant noise to Miss Nathalie Rogers or Nattie as she was usually abbreviated; a noise that caused her to lay aside her bookanNications therefrom she was conscious of holding in some slight contempt the possible abilities of the human portion of its machineryFor who but an operator very green in the profession would stay thereConseuently she was uite unprepared for the velocity with which the telegraph alphabet of sounds in dots and dashes rattled over the instrument appropriately termed a sounder upon which messages are received and found herself wholly unable to write down the words asfast as they came. I really enjoyed this Very unexpected I'm beginning to actually enjoy historical romancesI'm sure if I was reading this during the time it was written my emotions and reactions would have been much strongerI was enthralled by the sweet pursuit of love Expressing our interest in someone is so different todayVery refreshing read

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Be the ticking of a clock expressed to Nattie these four mystic letters B m X n;which same four mystic letters interpreted meant that the name or to use the technical word call of the telegraph office over which she was present sole presiding genius was B m and that Bm was wanted by another office on the wire designated as X nA little out of the way country office some fifty miles down the line was X n and as Nattie signaled in reply to the call her readiness to receive any commu. Ella Thayer was a former telegraph operator who carefully followed the adage write what you know for this romantic novel And thus in Wired Love Nattie Rogers is a telegraph operator who strikes up a friendship unseen of course with fellow telegraph operator C I had thought this was a Great Independent Discovery of mine but there are numerous appreciations all over the Internet This makes sense because it's jaw droppingly modern Replace the telegraph lines with an IRC chatroom and this 1880 work would not be out of place set in the 1980s through early 2000s any time between the beginning of the internet revolution and the emergence of cheap digital cameras I'm not sure the book is that great in and of itself but the eerie modernity definitely raises it to a full four stars

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Wired LoveThis book published in 1879 mulls what how authentic a romance can be that is mediated over the wire by two telegraph operatorsAn excerpt from the bookBut a very significant noise to Miss Nathalie Rogers or Nattie as she was usually abbreviated; a noise that caused her to lay aside her bookand jump up hastily exclaiming with a gesture of impatience Somebody always 'calls' me in the middle of every entertaining chapterFor that noise that little clatter like and yet too irregular to. Ah telegraphy the text messages of yesteryear ; I so wanted to love this novel but it fell short of my expectations I see it has garnered a surprising number of reviews here for what I had assumed was a fairly obscure little novel from the 1879 many glowing in their praise than mine would be so I will make mine brief I really love the premise and feel that it's surprisingly contemporary in our age of internet chat groups emails texting and online dating If you fall for someone over the wires or internet whatever will the flesh and blood version be as wonderful as words and daydreams have painted them or will they be a devastating disappointment I really enjoyed the first part of the novel in which Nattie and C form their acuaintance and build their affections in the form of dots and dashes It was really sweet and charming and fun and I also appreciated the glimpse into how telegraphy worked I mean I already knew about Morse code and telegrams of course but it was interesting to hear about the key and sounder and all the little intricacies and day to day aspects that only telegraph operators would know about Thayer having been one herself However I became increasingly annoyed with both story and characters as the book progressed and various misunderstandings ensued The characters never really won me over either I found Nattie to be a rather inscrutable heroine and her supposed desire to be a writer never rang true and the idea that she needed either great love or great disappointment to precipitate her career nettled me Oh there was nothing wrong with Nattie but I just never felt that I really understood her or could be chums if I met her in real life I liked C well enough on the whole uimby ah uimby I could see an actor like Jimmy Stewart making him really adorable and lovable but I'm sorry to say that on the page I mostly found him extremely annoying Cyn and Jo and Celeste felt a bit too stock character for me And by the end of the book though I am no supporter of corporal punishment I found myself wanting to slap some sense into a few of the characters I suppose Thayer succeeded in surprising me as I did not expect some of the relationshipsromances to end the way that they did Unfortunately I just wasn't too satisfied with the way some did work out I'm curious to know how this book was received when it was originally published since it is rather Bohemian and I imagine the Miss Klings of the public were a bit scandalized ; Anyway read some of the other reviews from readers who loved the book If the premise sounds interesting give it a whirl It's free on Project Gutenberg and I'm glad I read it as it did afford several chapters that were very pleasing and some insights into the era that I greatly appreciated A rather prophetic paragraph that I couldn't help but share ; What with telegraph and fac simile and the telephone and that dreadful phonograph that bottles up all one says and disgorges at inconvenient times we will soon be able to do everything by electricity; who knows but some genius will invent something for the especial use of lovers something for instance to carry in their pockets so when they are far away from each other and pine for a sound of 'that beloved voice' they will have only to take up this electrical apparatus put it to their ears and be happy Ah blissful lovers of the future