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Free read ↠ An Impossible Attraction ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ With her mother's passing Alexandra Bolton gave up on love to take care of her family Now with the Bolton name in disgrace due to her father's profligate ways marrying an elderly suire might be the only way to save her family from absolutWith her mother's passing Alexandra Bolton gave up on love to take care of her family Now with the Bolton name in disgrace due to her father's profligate ways marrying an elderly suire might be the only way to save her family from absolute ruin But when she meets the in. The Hero is an ass The heroine is a doormat She should have chosen Owen

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Alexandra Bolton inflames him as no woman has ever done and she also serves him his first rejection Now Clarewood who always gets what he wants will choose which rules to play by But when passion finally brings them together a terrible secret threatens to tear them apa. After one winner and one loser I decided to give Joyce another try The blurb sounded like an emotional story which is always favourites of mine I didn't like it as much as The Perfect Bride but it was definitely better than A Dangerous LoveClarewood is a hero in the tradition of Joyce's alpha heroes He is not a bad guy but around the heroine he behaves abominably He is decided to have Alex has his mistress despite the fact that she is a gentlewoman She wants to marry well to help her family but between Clarewood's pressure and her attraction to him she eventually bends to his willClarewood seemed to me too marked by his past he was too arrogant too hard too stubborn He wanted things to be just as he wanted them no matter how bad they might be for Alex For a while I actually despaired that he would come to his senses My favourite part was when Alex decided to leave him and all the heartache behind to try to make it on her own But she eventually falls in his power again I thought there was much potential for poignancy here but not all was fulfilled as it was such a mismatch the power they each hadI did like the romance between Clarewood's mother and her beau and was very sorry that there wasn't much about themGrade 355

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An Impossible AttractionFamous Duke of Clarewood old dreams and old passions are awakened as never before Yet she cannot accept his shocking propositionHe is the wealthiest most powerful peer in the realm and having witnessed the cold horror of marriage as a child he has vowed never to wed But. I loved this and couldn't stop reading it It shouldn't be a surprise because it borrows from the plot of The Masuerade another story from the deWarenne Dynasty that is one of my favourite romances of all time Both stories operate on this turn of events the hero is a rich dude who thinks he can make the poor gentry woman his mistress However he believes the heroine is playing him and the heroine cannot tell him the truth and be upfront for Reasons but there's one significant change that An Impossible Attraction takes at this critical fork in the road and that's putting the heroine through lots of grief and humiliation before she gets her happily ever afterAlexandra Bolton is down on her luck She is once again about to sacrifice her personal happiness in order to put a roof over her alcoholic father and younger sisters' heads On the brink of marrying a nice suire she has no romantic feelings for she catches the eye of the Duke of Clarewood one night at a ball Stephen is the offspring of Sir Rex and Julia which is why Clarewood is part of the deWarrenne Dynasty Just imagine The Masuerade but Ty decided to kick out Lizzie Alexandra should annoy the reader because she is that selfless heroine with virtue up her backside than practical intellect She receives countless offers when she is kicked out of home to leave the London gutter but nope She's making a stand Alexandra basically decided she'd rather suffer in silence like a martyr than let Stephane think she was an opportunist However I found it so fascinating because Joyce did not let Alexandra go down gently You know that scene in Disney's Cinderella when her stepsisters rip her dress That's kind of what I felt like Alexandra went through for the last half of the story At one point she falls down in London's East Side right in front of a popular debutante rumoured to marry Stephen and not only does Stephen appear on the scene but he also sees her hurl her breakfast on the street a few short minutes after AND THEN when Owen arrives I really could not An Impossible Attraction is a great addition to the deWarrenne Dynasty and is certainly how I feel about the story