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Me, the Mob, and the Music Free read ↠ 0 Í Everyone knows the hits—“Hanky Panky” “Mony Mony” “I Think We’re Alone Now” “Crimson and Clover” “Crystal Blue Persuasion” They are nuggets of rock and pop history However few know the unlikely story of how these hits came to beTommy James was discovered in 1966 at the agePlicably every offer but one uickly disappeared James soon found himself in the office of Morris Levy at Roulette Records where he was handed a pen and ominously promised “one helluva ride” Morris Levy the legendary “godfather” of the music business needed some hits and Tommy would provide them Me the Mob and the Music tells the intimate story of the relatio. A Review of the Audiobook Published by Tantor Audio in 2010Read by David ColacciDuration 7 hours 51 minutesUnabridgedI heard about this book in a memorable interview with Tommy James on the old Dennis Miller radio show when this book came out nearly 10 years ago It was one of the best radio interviews I have ever heard and I am not even a giant Tommy James and the Shondells fanSo when I came across the audiobook I knew I had to listen to it and I was not disappointedFor those not familiar with Tommy James he is responsible for the songs Hanky Panky Mony Mony and I Think We're Alone Now He had two #1 hits and 14 Top 40 hits overallHe started his music career as a middle school kid in Niles Michigan performing in bars and fraternity houses and pretending to be old enough to be in bars and fraternity houses They did a lot of work in South Bend and Lake County in Indiana and eventually got regular work in Chicago They even released the song Hanky Panky and got a local exposureAnd then it all dried upTommy James almost took a job as a store manager but decided to give music one try It wasn't going well when James got a call from Pittsburgh saying that Hanky Panky was the hottest thing going in that market and he had to come out right awayHe did and went on to become one of the best selling musicians of his time The book's title refers to his time with Roulette Records in New York City Roulette had national reach and extensive mafia connections and that's when things started to get weirdIt's a fascinating look at the music scene of 50 years ago I really enjoyed it The reader David Colacci was fantasticI rate this audiobook 5 stars out of 5httpsdwdsreviewsblogspotcom2020

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Everyone knows the hits “Hanky Panky” “Mony Mony” “I Think We’re Alone Now” “Crimson and Clover” “Crystal Blue Persuasion” They are nuggets of rock and pop history However few know the unlikely story of how these hits came to beTommy James was discovered in 1966 at the age of nineteen and was pursued by every record mogul in New York until inex. I enjoyed many of Tommy James songs growing up But what interested me about this book was as the title suggest his relationship with Morris Levy and Roulette Records I was somewhat familiar with Roulette label since my parents had many Ronnie Hawkins records when he was signed to the label I also know of the story of how Morris Levy sued John Lennon for using a line or two from a Chuck Berry song that Levy owned the rights to I'm also fascinated from stories around this era of music But I have to say that Tommy comes across as kind of a jerk just worried about his own success when dealing with the song writers It seems like every time someone had a song that they didn't want to give to Tommy because they really weren't getting paid Tommy would run to Morris to get the hit instead of understanding that the songwriters were going through the same type of situation as himself So this read is not for everyone and Tommy is not an author but it's a good read and I enjoyed it

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Me the Mob and the MusicNship between the bright eyed sweet faced blonde musician from the heartland and the big bombastic brutal bully from the Bronx who hustled cheated and swindled his way to the top of the music industry It is also the story of this swaggering wildly creative era of rock ‘n’ roll when payola and the strong arm tactics of the mob were the norm and the hits kept comi. I had no ideas he was so YOUNG when he started going on the road This is very slightly a warts and all memoir with some of the “warts” conveniently going unexplained Still a fun and kinda nutty read