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DOWNLOAD á War of the Sons (Supernatural, #6) î Twenty seven years ago Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force In the years after their father John taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America and he taught them how to kill itOn thRy long way from home on a mission to uncover the secret Satan never wanted them to find outA brand new Supernatural novel that reveals a previously unseen adventure for the Winchester brothers from the hit CW series. This was my first foray into Supernatural the Novel and I was not a happy bunny The central premise of this story is that Dean Sam have to travel back to 1954 to find the missing piece of a scroll at the behest of a angel called Abadonn no not the horned demon thing that lived under the rift This is where the problems start because according to the authors in 1954 the people speak and behave in exactly the same way as they did in 2010 To make matters worse the authors actually make references to Mad Men but fail miserably to understand why Mad Men is a spectacular masterpiece There are also too many other things happening in this story that simple didn’t needed to be included like action scenes or references to movies from the 80’s I would recommend not to read this first I will read other books in this series but probably not if it is written by these folks That is all

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Twenty seven years ago Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force In the years after their father John taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corner. 25 Stars Okay let me get this out of the way first I'm a huge fan of this show which over the course of six seasons and counting has consistently offered so much than cheap dime store cotton candy thrills The writing is truly exceptional the story arc original and perfectly paced the scares are truly scary and the humor side splitting Ghosts monsters demons archangels Lucifer the Apocalypse – this show has everything What can you ask for from network TV And then there's Dean Winchester be still my heart the guy that caring writers have taken the time to carve into an iconic yet flawed character definitely worth 10000 watts of fangirl adoration Because this Winchester brother is much than a pretty boy with a voracious appetite for sex pie and mullet rock; he is a man of integrity and devotion fierce loyalty and a golden heart He might not always say the right thing but when the chips are down he will always do the right thing or die trying I have become addicted to his acerbic smart alecky movie referencing ways his uncomplicated deeply appreciative approach to food sex and music and his fierce loyalty to his brother that guides every decision he ever makes I usually turn to these pulpy series novels when the show has wrapped up for another season and there's that long stretch of Winchester less summer before me until September This latest installment War of the Sons is okay for a uick fun read But just okay Building on Season 5 canon the story is rich in inside jokes and benefits from being able to draw upon the Apocalypse story arc The time travel twist is interesting although I thought that so much could have been done with the brothers in 1950s New York I didn't like the love interest for Dean in this one either; it just felt forced and contrived Some of the action seuences went on a little too long as well and I found myself skimming than reading several times Overall these knock off books used to promote the series are just that cheap knock offs They certainly could never be used to attract new fans that's for sure They are a poor substitute for the real thing


War of the Sons Supernatural #6S and on the back roads of America and he taught them how to kill itOn the hunt for Lucifer the boys find themselves in a small town in South Dakota where they meet Don an angel with a proposition Don sends them a ve. I liked the story idea in general especially towards the end when it was clear what secrets the scrolls were containing But then there were so many things that I didn’t like that I actually feel the need to write it down And usually I’m not writing book reviews that are this long As well as usually when I don’t have anything nice to say I say nothing at all Maybe it’s because I noticed so many contradictions from canon which I just wanted to point out But which is also sad as the book was written by two people who’re working on Supernatural even wrote episodes before so they should know Anyway first I had some troubles getting into the story but I have that sometimes with books so I wasn’t concerned and thought it would get better later on But it already went downhill when Dean and Sam met Don the angel who wasn’t really that angel like But that’s not the worst part I mean we’re used to angels not behaving like typical angels like Gabriel for example I also noticed that Don was very much different from the first time he appears in the book at the very beginning when he’s looking for his vessel’s son at the camp site than when he actually met the Winchesters First he was serious but with the boys he wasn’t at all Knowing his end game in the end I was thinking that he maybe just tried to act differently to get the Winchesters’ trust Also why the plague like incidents just to attract the Winchesters attention instead of just approaching themThe time travel back to 1954 was a good idea I thought I don’t mind time travel at all so that’s one of the few things that I really liked I almost already expected Dean and Sam to get send back there as it was said in the beginning that that was when the War Scroll was seen complete the lastFirst I thought it would be really simple a grab and run so to speak but then two other hunters appeared Walter and his daughter Julia which I thought was an interesting turn Also because it’s not clear at all right away that they’re hunters too But the escape with the train was just ridiculous I thought Sam went from car to car and painted devil’s traps before the doors but then they were attacked by many demons anyway so there really was no use at all for those Same goes for painting the devil’s traps on the ceiling walls and floor again when they were surrounded in one train car by the demons and – Eisheth one of Lucifer’s wives Later the reader finds out that she had been trapped in one of the clay jars where the scrolls had been in But first I was like what the hell is she doing there And why But ok that was cleared then Still I didn’t like it that much Especially the scenes in the warehouse towards the endFor the main characters Sam again carried the weight of the world on his shoulders as so often Why he felt guilty for the dead hunters in 1954 I didn’t know Something must’ve happened to them otherwise they would still have those hunter meetings in such large groups in the future Which the boys asked themselves too that something must’ve happened So if you ask me Sam or Dean couldn’t be blamed for anything that happened there as it was clearly part of the hunters’ destinies to die there and no one was guilty of it Imagine the story without the boys entirely Walter would’ve stolen the War Scroll right from the beginning and still would’ve met with the other hunters in that warehouse and Eisheth would’ve killed them all It would’ve happened anywayThe love story between Dean and Julia was pointless Of course it’s in Dean’s nature to be after almost every beautiful girl but to develop feelings right away that’s something else entirely And then even thinking about giving up hunting having a future with Julia – in 1954 – that is so not Dean at all What I liked though was when Dean went to this retirement home – in 2010 – to go through Julia’s stuff that she left behind after she died What I would’ve enjoyed even I think would’ve been for Julia to be still alive and meet Dean again The reader never finds out what happened to her back in 1954 after the boys left so it could’ve been possibleI liked that it were Dean and Sam who destroyed the last pages of the scroll in the end and that that made them travel back to 2010 As it’s first said no one knows what happened to the pages and Don sent them to find the pages and bring them back but due to what they find out about the scroll they destroy it So that’s why no one knows what happened to those last pages Cool turnWhat I absolutely hated though was that Dean promised Eisheth to take her with them to 2010 to be with Lucifer only that she wouldn’t kill Julia I’m sure there could’ve been other ways too And then having her “travel” in Sam’s body Come on Or letting her possess another woman then Even if Dean had used that promise to have her let go of Julia he could’ve still broken his promise and just killed her in my opinionAnd then her fight with Don wasn’t good either I mean still using Sam’s body to defeat an angel At the same time while they’re fighting Dean called Castiel and he pops right in the café next to Dean – where everybody saw it Not the usual way they do things And instead of helping Sam or rather Eisheth so Sam’s body doesn’t get even beat up he summons angels although we’ve found out before that not all angels are our friends right And then they kill DonAnd Castiel Why didn’t he heal Sam I thought myself like he would heal Dean later on in the season 5 finale The story of the book takes place after “My Bloody Valentine” so he doesn’t have his angel mojo I realized then But still he has enough power to teleport Dean and Sam and even the Impala So I guess there are some errors in the continuityAll in all for me this was one of the worst Supernatural novels so far