eBook ✓ THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of Salem á Paperback Read

eBook THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of Salem

eBook ✓ THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of Salem á Paperback Read × Something terrible happened in Salem in 1692 but it isn't what you think THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of Salem by author researcher Suzy Witten presents a startling new theory of the Salem Witch Hunt which is certain to put this 300 year old Ons with the mysterious afflictions finally explained A controversial debut by a new Historical storyteller A Walt Disney Studios Fellowship Finalist 2010 IPPY Silver Medal for Historical Fiction Historical Fiction 456 pages paperback and eBook for ages 17 and older; mature content with some sex and violence Published by Dreamwand wwwtheafflictedgirlsc I had the good fortune of being present at the creation and evolution of this wonderful novel over many weeks participating in a professional writers' workshop I would look forward to each new chapter brought in by Ms Witten for our reading and critiue because the story grabbed me from the start and I could sense that we were being led toward a radical new interpretation of what happened in Salem during those tense and tragic times It takes a great deal of courage for an author to take on and uestion the accepted traditions of American history and culture but this author has that courage and even a keen awareness of the deep psychological and mythic undercurrents often manipulated by the powers that be for their own designs

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Something terrible happened in Salem in 1692 but it isn't what you think THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of Salem by author researcher Suzy Witten presents a startling new theory of the Salem Witch Hunt which is certain to put this 300 year old unsettled mystery to rest by expertly guiding readers through the Historical Record to revelation Part parable pa THE COPPERFIELD REVIEW A Journal of History and FictionWinter Issue 2011 The Afflicted GirlsReview by Paula DayThere is that stand by concern about how historically accurate one must be when writing historical fiction Some will argue that writers of historical fiction should be 100% accurate as if novelists were stand ins for historians After all they say if one is writing with historical information then one should share that information accurately Others will argue that perhaps the facts can be tampered with Novelists are storytellers and as storytellers they may change what they must in order to tell their story their way So is the story driven by history or is the history driven by story In the case of The Afflicted Girls A Novel of Salem by Suzy Witten she seems to have chosen the second option She has used the facts about the Salem Witch Trials to tell the story she wanted to tellThose of us with a basic understanding of the Salem Witch Trials or who at least have some memory of The Crucible will recognize the usual cast of characters in this book Witten similar to Arthur Miller has chosen a sexually charged theme to the story perhaps as a contrast to the uptight standards held by the Puritans of the time There is also a supernatural element to the story which gives an interesting twist to the events Witten has an elegant style to her writing and she does a good job capturing the tone of the seventeenth century language While she takes some liberties with the facts of the witch hunts as we know them overall the story is engaging enough for us to allow her a few free passes with the historical content The Salem Witch Hunts are a prime time for the creatively minded storyteller to spin a yarn around since for all the facts that we do know about that dreadful time there is still much that is a mystery Why did the girls act the way they did What brought about the horrible accusations If you read The Afflicted Girls you will discover Witten’s uniue theory This is an entertaining book about a fascinating and little understood time in American history While it may not be entirely strong on the history it is a good story which is why we read novelsPaula Day is the review editor for The Copperfield Review She lives in Los Angeles Californiahttpwwwcopperfieldreviewcomrevi AFFLICTED GIRLS Book Review By Pam Norfolk Lancashire Evening Post UKPublished on Friday 8 April 2011 0700America’s 17th century Salem witch trials perhaps one of the most notorious examples of the pernicious effects of mass religious hysteria have long been a source of literary fascinationArthur Miller’s 1953 play The Crucible written as an allegorical attack on McCarthyism and the vilification of US communists is probably the best known dramatisation of what has become a shameful period of history for many AmericansUS film maker and screenwriter Suzy Witten’s debut novel The Afflicted Girls takes up the story of the trials in which 19 people were hanged for witchcraft but applies a very modern and astute psychoanalytical lens to the mysterious goings on in colonial MassachusettsUsing 21st century theories on post natal depression child abuse drug addiction and class warfare – to name but a few – and looking beyond historical records Witten turns detective to shed new light and probabilities on the motivations and actions of those early PuritansThe result is a re writing – and a very sexually charged re writing – of the ‘afflictions’ that beset the girls in the household of the Reverend Samuel Parris at his church in Salem Village in the early months of 1692Two orphan girls Mercy Lewis and Abigail Williams are travelling to Salem when their carriage is involved in accident and two local men Ben Nurse and Joseph Putnam come to their rescueMercy a shy and retiring 19 year old has special powers that she tries to keep hidden but soon the vulnerable and impressionable girl becomes infatuated with the vain and weak JosephShe is indentured into a branch of Joseph’s bitter and warring Putnam family where she uickly wins the hearts of the three daughters the only children of the family who have survived infancy much to the chagrin of their father who has been tempted to trade with Satan for a sonMeanwhile Abigail a newly discovered niece of the Reverend Parris and a forward and forthright teenager settles into his household Parris a calculating and mercenary figure believes he has divine responsibility but is regarded by many of his parishioners as ‘a trumpeting bare threaded strut whocalls other kettles black’Entangled in her hopeless love Mercy asks Bridget Bishop the attractive innkeeper of a local tavern for a secret charm to make Joseph fall in love with herUnfortunately the hot headed Abigail also learns of the charm and also of the extraordinary plant based cakes made by Caribbean slave Tituba which make strange things happen to those who eat themUnderestimating the plant’s powers Abigail distributes the cakes as charms and people start becoming ill and having inexplicable ‘fits’In the hysteria that follows the terrifying wheels of witchcraft investigation begin to roll and when the motivation is revenge malice and greed the outcome proves to be deadlyGraphic scenes of rape and molestation make this an adults only read but Witten’s aim was always to inform as much as to entertain and ar

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THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of SalemRt star crossed romance and part supernatural venture this is an intuitive human history and inhuman spun with a modern twist Centering her story on Salem Village and its inhabitants exploring their dark household corners as if she is solving a crime the author adeptly details how the disintegration happened while spinning familiar facts in new directi Suzy Witten’s The Afflicted Girls is a masterfully interwoven story of a dark period in history the Salem Witch Trials a debacle of deceit by false accusations of young girls spun out of control to devastating conseuences of injustice and death to innocents The horror of a lie that spreads like the plague to catch its victims and hold them to the destruction of others is sewn into the story line way early on so the reader knows what is to come and as the tension builds so does the mind boggling lack of understanding how the human condition can sink to such lows as to allow with utter disregard the life of another human being Witten creates believable characters intricately interwoven into each other’s lives to develop the complex of a town that would involve itself in the devastation of persecution The darkness of the massive town agreement against the vows of innocence grabs ones cells that there by the Grace do any of us walk We live among evil in the shadows of each of us when the darkness by group agreement overtakes resulting in senseless destruction This dark side lived in Salem as it lives now and Witten’s telling of it then back in the turbulent days of Salem is a reminder that this lesson lived 400 years ago but in the big evolutionary scheme of the human condition is a baby step away The historical aspects of the writing are intelligently well crafted into this beautifully written story with believable character development and scene description that all come together to make this a wonderfully compelling read