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Between her kitty uilt making business and her three beloved cats Jill has her hands full That doesn't stop her f Jillian Hart lives in Mercy South CarolinaShoe resides in the house that she and her deceased husband built with her three catsMerlot Syrah and Chablis Jillian makes cat uilts that has turned intoa profitable ventureJillian use a phone that has a cat cam on it She can check on the cats wherever she ventures out of her homeDeputy Candace Carson is her good friendJillian goes along with Candace when a callcomes in about a missing cow They decideto stage a stake out at the farm They catch a professor as the culprit He wanted milk to feed his catsWhen stray cats turn up at the farm Jillianfollows one cat to a neighboring farm anddiscovers about 50 cats penned up This iswhere the professor livesContacting Candace an Animal Shelter andAnimal Control about the cats at the farm isthose beginning of the mystery of The Cats the Professor and the PoisonThe professor is found dead in his farm houseHe was poisonedIn the midst of this mystery Jillian’s stepdaughterKara arrives unannounced in Mercy Kara neveraccepted Jillian’s marrying her father nor has Kara grieved her father death But Kara makesherself at home and gets involved with the murder mysteryInteresting and intriguing characters with a lot of cats involved

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The Cat the Professor and the Poison A Cats in Trouble Mystery #2 Rom wanting to solve the mystery of the milk cow that's gone missing from her friend's farm But imagine her surpr While I enjoyed meeting Jillian and the other characters in their small South Carolina town in The Cat the uilt and the Corpse I think this second book in the series is even better Jillian is getting comfortable in her life without her husband John making friendships in her newish town while still maintaining her thriving uilting business and enjoying the company of her three rescue cats Syrah Chablis and Merlot We see of Candace and Tom in this book as well as Sean at the animal rescue This story involves a professor and poison as the title suggests as well as a cat Many cats to be accurate It's a uick read no boring lulls and though I suspected several people for the crimes in the story I was fairly surprised when the culprit was revealed I'll be continuing this series with the confidence that it will get even better

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reader ¸ The Cat the Professor and the Poison read ☆ leann sweeney ¾ Between her kitty uilt making business and her three beloved cats Jill has her hands full That doesn't stop her from wanting to solve the mystery of the milk cow that's gone missing from her friend's farm But imagine her surprise wIse when a stolen cow leads to the discovery of fifty stray cats and one dead body a victim of cold blooded murde MY FAVORITE COZY MYSTERY OF 2010The first book in this series THE CAT THE UILT AND THE CORPSE was the first book I reviewed on this blog THE CAT THE PROFESSOR AND THE POISON is the second book in the series and I am truly honored that Leann send me an Advanced Copy for me to review Thank You LeannThe stars in this series are three cats Merlot Chablis and Syrah and their human Jillian Hart Jillian makes uilts for cats but also has time to get wrapped up in a few mysteries In this story she helps her friend Deputy Candace Carson track down a missing milk cow but that leads to finding fifty yes 50 stray cats and yet another corpse the professorAs if she didn't have her hands full her stepdaughter Kara who never really accepted Jillian marrying her father and has not grieved her father's death shows up in Mercy for a visit and get wrapped up in the mystery just like JillianWhile all the humans are running all over trying to figure out who killed the professor in the end it will be a cat who has all the informationI have come to love the characters in these stories Mercy is a small town where everyone knows everyone's business much like the small town I grew up in When you wanted to know what was happening you went to a small hole in wall cafe In these stories you go to a coffee shop Belle's Beans These stories are so easy to identify with especially if you are a cat lover but without the murders I hope One note of caution this is a book you will what to read in one sitting the pages just keep turning and turning so allow enough time or you may be up all night readingDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the author I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”