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Her Secret Fling summary Ñ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF é Jake Stevens—star reporter and celebrated literary genius—is a snake How else to explain the way he turns Poppy Birmingham's hero worship into loathing with a single conversation So what if she's got a lot to learn about journalism Aren't they coworkers now On the same tTo hedonistic in no time flat And suddenly Poppy can't think of anything delicious than having a secret fling with Jake But with all this intensity can she really keep it no strings attached. 4 star Harleuin Blaze Reason why I LOVE Sarah Mayberry Aaah Finally a book that has left me satisfied on all aspects after a long time Sarah Mayberry is one of my favorite Harleuin Blaze line authors and it does help that her book titles do not make me cringe and the fact that they contain believable stories of men and women who fall in love with each otherPoppy Birmingham an ex star swimmer who has gold medals to her name takes up a job offer on writing for the sports column of one of the most prestigious newspapers in Australia There she comes face to face with Jake Stevens someone whose style of writing Poppy has admired from the very startHowever Poppy is left with the impression that Jake is hardly what she has pictured him to be Callous to the point of being rude Jake lays it out that Poppy doesn’t deserve to just walk in and attain a job that takes journalists years of studying and experience to claimHowever Jake is proven wrong when Poppy proves to be persistent in what she does and a uirk twist of fate ends both of them together alone on a road trip back from Melbourne Pitted together with nowhere else to go Poppy and Jake reluctantly come to realize that rather than the initial dislike that they thought they felt for each other both of them were coming to find ualities that they liked in each other immensely Not to mention the scorching hot passion that flares between them when Jake offers to teach Poppy the wonders of sexuirky dialogues between the two characters kept the pages turning and when Poppy finds herself inevitably in love with Jake with no sign whatsoever from Jake to show that he might feel the same way and Jake but all pushing away Poppy without really trusting her and letting her in makes Poppy realize that their no named relationship had been doomed from the startJake has his own reasons with a failed marriage on his conscience which has made him into someone who absolutely has nothing left to give However unknowingly the time spent with Poppy slowly works its magic on Jake and ultimately Jake and Poppy get the happy ending which they both deserveI loved this book Sarah Mayberry sure knows how to pen a fantastic story Highly recommended to those who love Blaze line stories

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Jake Stevens star reporter and celebrated literary genius is a snake How else to explain the way he turns Poppy Birmingham's hero worship into loathing with a single conversation So what if s. 3 ½ stars I enjoyed it It’s nicely done contemporary romance It’s what you expect from HarleuinIt’s 23 the length of a regular novel I wanted at the end It stopped too soon Harleuin has page limits and won’t let authors go beyond it Those limits hurt the stories and make me reluctant to read HarleuinAs part of the formula there is a separation I was impressed with the reason for it It did not feel contrived The sex scenes were good And the relationship development was goodSTORY BRIEFPoppy is a former Olympic gold medal winner in swimming She is starting a new career as a journalist after a shoulder injury Jake is a sports columnist doesn’t like Poppy and doesn’t want her working in the same office with him He insults herNARRATORThe narrator was ok except for her timing She did not pause between scenes and point of view changes I was startled and confused several times because she read the first sentence of the next scene too uickly after the former scene as if they were in the same paragraph or the same character talkingDATANarrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length 6 hrs and 40 mins Swearing language sh about 3 times Sexual language moderate Number of sex scenes 8 Setting current day Australia Book copyright 2010 Genre contemporary romance

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Her Secret FlingHe's got a lot to learn about journalism Aren't they coworkers now On the same team Jake can take his attitude andThen during a job related road trip their relationship goes from antagonistic. sigh Don't you just love the way Sarah Mayberry writes If you're looking for a uick Harleuin fix this is definitely the book to read