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Download Der Schimmelreiter Ebook ´ 92 pages ß The Rider of the White Horse is a classic German novella in which the individual wrestles with the mass the man with the most elementary forces of nature The scene of the novella is characterized with vividness in its setting of marsh and sea it glorifies love and at the same time it toucThe Rider of the White Horse is a classic German novella in which the individual wrestles with the mass the man with the most elementary forces of nature The scene of the novella is characterized with vividness in it The Rider on the White Horse was Theodor Storm's last completed work before his death At the centre is a man trying to do his job in a new way that will bring him fame renown and satisfaction and the price that he will have to pay for what ever he may achieve We might remember that white horses are often sacred around the North sea region and this is a regional story and there's a cost to mortals in getting too involved with the divine We are held at arm's length away from this story by a series of framing devices the author remembering reading the story as a boy in a newspaper the newspaper story which is told by a traveller who takes refuge in an inn during a storm while there he is told the story of Hauke Haien by the village school teacher We are at a remove from the events of the story and each step takes us further back in time emphasising our alienation from the characters of the story it's a different worldThis is a world of coastal marshlands threatened by storms and floods An unenlightened world of pre Christian superstition and at the same time Christian belief in the absolute power of God The separation of the village from the narrator and the reader is marked by a linguistic threshold the first person he meets in the village speaks in dialect the same device is used in Auis Submersus The difference in speech suggesting any number of cultural differencesUnlike Theodor Storm Haien does not seek to make his mark through literature but through building a new dyke that will increase the amount of land protected from the sea This might be the story of the hubris of man against the forces of nature or man against the fickle will of the divine or indeed one man against the community Hauke who has learnt geometry from a Dutch edition of Euclid note that it is a Dutch edition knowledge itself is foreign here versus the men who want to bury a puppy alive into the dyke to ensure that it will stand strong against the weather since life must pay for life But Hauke can't escape He lives in the community the community shapes how he will be rememberedWhen Hauke learned in Euclid criticises the profile of the traditional dykes pointing out that they are not fit for purpose his father the cleverest man in the village not much of a compliment particularly if the village is a small one calls him the wonderchild of Lubeck learning in this place in this time is improbable than miracles and wonderchildren In death Hauke becomes a ghost galloping on his fatal otherworldly horse along his dyke This is a world untouched by the Enlightenment and so even in death there is no escape from an unfriendly magical universe that now swallows up the man and resurrects him as a supernatural figureWhile in Auis Submersus the couple in love can never marry and their lives will be unfulfilled here marriage isn't sufficient Hauke's need to prove himself through his work keeps Hauke apart from his wife Elke Eventually when a child is born to them she is lack witted simple and fearful To a superstitious mind this is another judgement from the beyond man should not over step his boundsWere it not for the fact that the man's work survives his death and the death of his wife and daughter since in this unenlightened universe life must pay for life this would be a thoroughly pessimistic ending to a life of creativity Having read a few of Theodor Storm's stories this is the end point of a trend of increasing pessimism Had he lived longer the mind shudders to imagine how desperately dark his writing might have become Dat is de Dod de allens frittNimmt Kunst un Wetenschop di mit;De kloke Mann is nu vergahnGott gaew em selig Uperstahn

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S setting of marsh and sea it glorifies love and at the same time it touches themes which deeply occupied Storm such as the problem of heredity or the relation between father and son Happiness is won but it ends in t Read for EurovisionathonCountry GermanySo this was a 99p purchase on Kindle since I needed to find a book either set in Germany or written by a German author The Rider On The White Horse from the blurb promised to be a spooky ghost story with an array of characters including a dikemaster which was an important role in history apparently and an ever changing land When I hear ghosts I really want to be spooked Sadly with this story I didn't feel scared at all The formatting on my edition was terrible All of the text was clumped together and no separate chapters meaning I had no idea at times whose perspective was speaking or some of the events happening The story itself was also very confusing I don't recommend this one

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Der SchimmelreiterRagedy It is a man of sober intellect who tells the whole story and yet like human life itself it stands out against a mystic background Remembrance of long ago has clarified everything It is Storm's last complete wo Free download available at Project Gutenberg