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The Quest for Corvo: An Experiment in Biography characters Ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ One day in 1925 a friend asked A J A Symons if he had read Fr Rolfe's Hadrian the Seventh He hadn't but soon did and found himself entranced by the novel a masterpiece and no less fascinated by the mysterioWith a bottomless talent for self destruction But this singular work subtitled an experiment in biography is also a remarkable self portrait a study of the obsession and sympathy that inspires the biographer's ar. A strange little book basically the biography of a little known English writer and eccentric from the turn of the 20th century as the biographer does his best to track down letters anecdotes and any scrap of information he can find about the mysterious and volatile subjectBaron Corvo or Frederick Rolfe is not a pleasant man We get the impression that everyone who meets him is instantly intrigued by his talents and apparent genius Corvo is skilled in many arts and there are no shortage of people who are initially willing to partner with him on some kind of project However it becomes uickly clear that Corvo suffers from an extreme persecution complex is inflexible on just about every detail and will end up trying to manipulate you to give him money which he never is able to make or keep The biggest problem to the casual reader such as myself is that you have no real evidence of Corvo's genius other than to take the word of the people interviewed I haven't read any of Corvo's books very few people have and the random snippets here and there aren't really enough to convey much out of context So you end up wondering why there's such a fuss about this guy in the first place He just seems like kind of an asshole It is easy to feel some pity for him and the author goes through great pains to do so but I often wondered why I was reading about him in the first placeThat being said the biographer's obsessive interest in tracking down anyone who might have known Corvo is infectious and even a rude asshole can be fun to read about so it's still pretty interesting I think the experimental elements of the biography are overblown it's set up like a fairly typical biography or documentary Really the only thing out of the ordinary is the biographer's obsession There's a point at the end where he notes that he may be the only person in the world who has read or knows certain information about Corvo which is kind of cool for whatever that ended up being worth to himIt's also interesting to watch him track down lost or rare manuscripts In a digital age you don't often think about published works going missing any but this was in a time where entire books were lost because the author was traveling with it on a boat and the pages got too wet What a time to be aliveThis isn't something I'd easily recommend to anyone but I mostly enjoyed it so there you go I'm happy it exists because it keeps alive the name and works of an author that could have easily been lost to history which is very romantic but it's also not anything that's setting the world on fire

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On of its all but forgotten creator The uest for Corvo is a hilarious and heartbreaking portrait of the strange Frederick Rolfe self appointed Baron Corvo an artist writer and frustrated aspirant to the priesthood. Stranger and better than fiction The uest might appear to be casually conceived man reads book man falls in love; man reads book's author's letters man gets both fascinated and appalled; man decides to write author's biography and casually written but at least the latter is not true Symons who only takes shape as a character writer at the very beginning and end of his book ensures the pacing timing findings sources and even a mysterious benefactor appear at just the right moments in this seemingly nonchalantly crafted story to keep us interested He also makes discreet but masterly use of the fashionable modernist techniues; the amateur detective fiction frame known from The Great Gatsby for instance; fragmented and conflicting point of view; variety of voicesThe books works so fantastically well in spite of its rather simple premise find out as much as possible about author; write letters letters letters; reprint received letters letters letters because of its peculiar subject The tormented multitalented paranoid Frederick Rolfe a man with an infallible and elaborate self sabotage mechanism makes my pet miserable author Jean Rhys look like a fully functional successful person Highly recommended

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The Quest for Corvo An Experiment in BiographyOne day in 1925 a friend asked A J A Symons if he had read Fr Rolfe's Hadrian the Seventh He hadn't but soon did and found himself entranced by the novel a masterpiece and no less fascinated by the mysterious pers. This is one of the most interesting books I've ever read It's about Frederick Rolfe a truly odd duck prickly brilliant an Englishman obsessed with becoming a Catholic priest I was enthralled The way he lived his life seems almost fictional Rolfe upset nearly everyone he met He's just the sort of character who should have a book written about him This is one of the books you read that sticks to your ribs It was in parts hysterical and tragic People like Frederick Rolfe are fascinating and the author AJA Symons writes this book almost like a novel exactly the way it should've been written