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Sweetest Little Sin Review ½ 2 Ã Lady Louisa Brooke has many suitors but the only man for her is the wild and ruthless Maruis of Jardine When Jardine suddenly abandons her after a long standing liaison he leaves her with nothing except the secret they share Her future in ruins Louisa recklessly accepts a mission from the head of the secret service anOf the secret service and becomes embroiled in a perilous operation in which nothing is as it seemsThe Maruis of Jardine is determined to destroy the criminal mastermind who's sworn vengeance against all he holds dear But when he hears that Louisa is to wed a dangerous enemy Jardine is tortured. Reviewed for The Season looked forward to reading the seuel to Christine Wells’ Wicked Little Game Though Wells had set the bar high I was not disappointed by Sweetest Little Sin Everything I loved about the preuel to this story is carried over into Sweetest Little Sin—suspense intrigue danger sizzling sensuality and to my delight the mysterious character of the Maruis of JardineSweetest Little Sin is crafted with smart prose and a page turning plotline The story didn’t hook me until the end of chapter two From then on out I went eagerly along for the ride Sweetest Little Sin takes place mostly in the English countryside In some places I found the scenes a bit too uick to change the breaks and POV changes a bit choppy but this was forgotten once the action of the story really picked up I was slow to warm up to the heroine Lady Louisa Brooke On the other hand Jardine—a clandestine spy for the English Home Office on a vengeful mission—enchanted me from the first He has long loved Louisa but because of his job he refuses to publicly associate himself with her to keep her safe from his enemies This creates a great deal of inner conflictThe lengths to which Jardine goes to protect Louisa are utterly heroic His character was my favorite of the book Louisa is crafted with both vulnerability and strength Once her strength begins to override her vulnerability her character becomes even compelling She throws caution to the wind to prove to Jardine that she can handle the dangerous life of a spy’s wife and prove to herself that she is worthy of himWells is a uniue voice in the historical genre one that I always enjoy She also weaves sensuality and romance well into a suspenseful plotline The simmering heat between Jardine and Louisa fuels the story forward and the love scenes were simply delicious Above all my favorite element of Sweetest Little Sin was the romanceI ached for their situation and cheered their final redemption In the end I enjoyed a great deal and cannot wait to read of Wells’ backlist Recommended

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Lady Louisa Brooke has many suitors but the only man for her is the wild and ruthless Maruis of Jardine When Jardine suddenly abandons her after a long standing liaison he leaves her with nothing except the secret they share Her future in ruins Louisa recklessly accepts a mission from the head. This is my first book by Christine Wells While I like a lot of the elements of the book there’s just something lacking that made it fall short of one of those books you drop everything around you for just to find out what’s nextJardine the Maruis of Jardine and Lady Louisa have been secretly married for eight years Lovers here and there on the sly during that time they share a love for the other they’ve never spoken of out loud Too bad because I think that might have helped Louisa come to her conclusions much earlier after Jardine carelessly tosses her aside says he bored with her and wants to move on She’s shocked of course heartbroken but she doesn’t know he’s doing it to keep her safeWith a dangerous nemesis comes after him again Jardine is hoping to finally put this part of his spying past behind him so he can keep Louisa in his life His current mission is to retrieve a stolen list of active agents all of which whose lives are on the line if Jardine fails When he puts his cruel but necessary plan into action against Louisa he could never guess what she does nextLouisa has had connections to those in espionage for a number of years so when she’s approached by a head agent who asks her to aid her country in a small way she now doesn’t hesitate since Jardine’s betrayal But amidst her efforts at the house party of a gentleman but suspected traitor she butts heads with Jardine once again despite emotions roiling on both sides both working on the same case without the other knowing thus causing danger and problems in the long runI like both Jardine and Louisa I like the idea of them secretly being married When they’re together they have good chemistry Both are strong willed and stubborn intelligent and witty They love each other but neither of them know that for sureMaybe it’s the fact that Jardine keeps Louisa waiting for so long Or the way he cruelly tosses her aside It wasn’t pretty at all Or the old theme of devastating the heroine to make sure she’s safe Or the one too many times they come together during spying not being able to keep their hands off each other kissing each other only to have Jardine once again push Louisa away Louisa figures out what Jardine is up to why he’s treated her the way he has but even that’s a little too late in the scheme of things for meThere’s plenty of action in between all of this The evil doers are darned evil great characters to hate It’s just that everything didn’t seem to come together to connect as it should have I kept waiting for that moment when the story would grab and not let go when it would keep me awake for just another page another chapter It never cameI enjoy Ms Wells’ writing and in putting my review together I learned that there are two books before this where Jardine and Louisa appear Maybe that would have been helpful to know something of them before their story I’m going to find out though because I do want to read those other booksMaybe then the story will finally come togetherSee my complete review at

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Sweetest Little SinBy jealousy and fear for her safety He tracks her down only to discover that her mission collides with hisTogether Louisa and Jardine must now foil a plan to betray the secret service and escape a diabolical revenge But can they put the past behind them and take the greatest risk of all on lov. If you've read the previous book The Dangerous Duke and loved the story between Jardine and Louisa don't bother reading this book The author completely changed the characters’ motivations and went with the stupid trope of I love you but need to push you away so you don't get hurt There was no showing of why the characters were in love They just are There was none of the passion and longing felt in the first book The suspense plot is recycled from every other regency spy book The reasons for Louisa's involvement were ridiculous She could have been accidentally involved and that would've been smoother to read The characters felt flat to me and I was bored and skimming halfway through I don't know how I would've felt if I hadn't been looking forward to their story based on the previous one Probably would've given it a 3 but only because I do like the author's writing