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Pies Prejudice review ´ 103 ´ Right before the start of freshman year Emma’s family unexpectedly moves to England The book club members are stunned—but thanks to videoconferencing they can still keep the club alive and they decide to tackle Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice And when the girls try to bring Emma home by starting a bake sale it becomRight before the start of freshman year Emma’s family unexpectedly moves to England The book club members are stunned but thanks to videoconferencing they. It is a truth universally acknowledged is the start of one of the most beloved literary classics of all time It is also one of the main explanations of why Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is still popular and going strong 200 years later Jan 28th 2013 is the book's birthday to be exact That is to say that she wrote universal truths to which we can relate even in our dayThis is true for a set of girlfriends and their mothers who participate in a book club together and find some uncanny parallels in their own lives while reading the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy along with a host of other characters in the Jane Austen classicEven though this is the fourth book in the series I had no trouble picking up the book and reading the story I chose this one because of the cute title and story blurb I adore Austen's stories and contemporary books based on them There were so many enjoyable things about this book outside of the actual story First of all each chapter takes up a different girl's perspective I was worried that it would re hash things from the previous chapter just from how a different girl saw it and bog down the story but it doesn't really Then I enjoyed that its a story that is centered around a book club and it was cool that there were actually book club meeting scenes complete with the Fun Facts About Jane sheets included in the story And finally I enjoyed how the story was about modern high school girls but still managed to subtly fit in the loose plot to the original Pride and Prejudice And when I say modern I mean that there are video conferences with the members of the club that are away in England and one of the girls actually does a blog called Fashionista Jane not a book blog sadly but hey I guess we can't have it all The story revolves around four fifteen year old girls Emma Jess Megan and Cassidy who live in Concord MS They have known each other for donkey's ages along with their families Each girl has a uniue situation and interests including other friends which I thought was a good thing that they weren't self absorbed One of them Jess even attends another school Their determination to remain close friends and their prioritizing of the book club keep them from drifting apart with their separate livesJess and Emma are best friends and even have a special rule 'BFBB' or Best friends before boyfriendsBut all this is strained when Emma's parents announce that they are going to do a type of cultural exchange swap and take their family to live in England for a year where Emma's dad will continue to do his writing and her mom can soak up history and literature to her heart's desire while Emma and her brother will get exposed to another culture While Emma's family stays in a cottage in a village outside of Bath the cottage's occupants the Berkeleys will stay in Emma's house while the dad guest teaches at the local university This of course shakes everyone up but everyone makes the most of it determining that they will continue with the book club through webcamIn England Emma deals with her own Mr Collins and Caroline Bingley while back home Megan meets her Mr Bingley and Cassie tolerates her Mr Darcy Jess pines over the real life Darcy Emma's brother All this in the midst of daily school and activities filled with happiness sadness disappointment and triumph Honestly I found this book very captivating as I followed along with each girl through the year that Emma and her family were away Emma's side gets told too It was fascinating how the author was able to really convince me that I was reading four different girls' perspectives when it switched up I also felt that she did well making me feel that I was getting a real fifteen year old perspective on things These girls crush on boys or in Cassidy's case learn to think of them for than sports pals but it isn't all about teen romance They worry about what they're going to be when they grow up They deal with the usual array of teen issues and responsibilities There is also a strong family presence portraying the dynamics in each girls' home Most people who read this will probably relate cto one of the four girls closely than the rest and that is true of me I found myself laughing and groaning over the thinking processes and antics There were a few times when I shuddered at a choice made thinking 'This won't end well' And it didn't went down in blaze of glory The girls had their moments but I liked all four of them because in general they were well rounded caring unselfish girls They actually started a pie selling enterprise to pay to bring Emma home for spring break because they knew she was having a hard time with Annabelle or Stinkerbelle as they call her Then there is a sad moment they makes them all really take a look at their lives and the influences people have on our lives which I thought beautiful in a way even as I got a little lump in my throatThe dips into the life of Jane Austen and the Pride and Prejudice story were great It was done in such a way that those who are familiar with the author and book are not bored and those who are entirely unfamiliar will not be overwhelmed and clueless The author cleverly used the girls varying literary interests and experiences to help with this In fact some of the girls and moms listen to the audio story while others read aloud together and yet others just read aloneThe biggest compliment that I can offer is that I wish Heather V Frederick had written these books when I was a teen because I would have gobbled them up and dreamed of having friends and a book club like this I plan to go back and read the first three stories that focus on a few other favorites of mine like Anne of Green Gables and Little WomenThe book is a clean read and can be read by the very youngest teen to the young at heart with easeThose who enjoy chick lit teen contemporary romance and Austenesue stories will like this one

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It becomes a thriving business Pies Prejudice But when the plan they cook up falls short they are left wondering if their club will ever all be together aga. In this review Ill be reviewing the parts of the whole series I haven't liked and the good partsBad Parts1 Stero type girls Many of the girls in the series are stereo typed girls For instance Cassidy is a jock without good grades who doesn't like boys Megan loves boys fashion doesn't get very good grades and hates sports Same with Becca I have to say only Jess is an original character2 They Must Be Thin Judgemental Characters In the first and second book The Mother Daughter Book Club and Much Ado about Anne the girls in the book club always comment on how chubby Emma is and how over weight Mrs Chadwick is Why are Emma's friends so judgemental of her weight For a girl in the same position as Emma this might let them think all their friends notice their weight and not in a good way And maybe it's funny to talk about Mrs Chadwick that way but the fact they mention both of these character's weights so often is a little too much Staying on the topic of weight couldn't one character not be thin Emma goes to the rink and starts skating okay She loses weight okay But chubby Emma was a relatable character to girls their age And the same with Mrs Chadwick she goes to yoga and loses weight A relatable story would include characters who aren't getting thin and who aren't as judgemental to their friends as Jess Megan Cassidy and Becca Plus when Emma does lose weight all the girls seem to talk about that in their narration It's not their place to judge her3 This one may be a mistake but in Dear Pen Pal Jess's goat Sundance has a baby She says Ill name you Sunbeam In Pies Prejudice Sundance's baby is called Cedar Not just one time but throughout the whole book4 Some of the events are bit too unrealistic In the first book the club takes a trip to New York where everyone's dreams come true And in Pies Prejudice they take a long trip to London with lots of expensive activities 5 After the 1st book nobody ever seems to mention Emma's family's money problem again Did it go away Nobody got a new job in the series so I don't know what that's all about Plus In Pies Prejudice Emma's family Gets plane tickets to England lives in England for a year goes on a lot of trips in the UK and pays for hotels there sends Darcy back to Concord for spring break plus sends him back and so much How did they go from thrift shops and Nicole's old clothes to extravagant trips to London6 Recycled PlotsFashionista Jane Megan's blog Prime example of a recycled plot within these books Megan makes fun of people in a blog Mom finds out Mom makes her stop it Megan learns her lesson As someone who watches a lot of kid's shows and teenager shows as well as reading these sorts of books this has been used many times Same with Emma's kiss with Rupert Tricked into kissing him mean girl takes a photo and shows it to Stewart Emma's boyfriend they temporarily break up Used in a lot of kid's shows and books The whole series is not recycled or bad but some things have been used by other authors before7 Girl's Rudeness Yes we mentioned how the book club always points out Emma's weight but the girls are rude to some characters in their narration MOOO Rupert is one example It's just the way he is I wish they wouldn't make fun of him Kevin Mullins yes Cassidy stands up to him but they always talk about how he doesn't take a hint with Jess Well he is just a kid You can't blame him Plus they always get revenge on people Tricking Becca and scaring her the cheese in Savannah's suitcase Fashionista Jane's pictures of Tristan and Annabelle Emma's story Stinkerbelle and so on They don't seem to understand not to get revenge on people no matter how old they get8 Only in 7th Grade By the time they are in high school everyone younger then them is little and only in insert grade here They were that old in the beginning books and they don't seem to have matured a bit Onto The Good Parts1 Humor The book has some funny parts but it's not exactly a laughing kind of book2 Jess In my opinion Jess is the best character She is relateable in the way she doesn't know what she wants to be yet She has a wide range of interests and her mom Mrs Delaney is my favorite of the mothers She also has a wide range of interests she likes to act and loves working on Half Moon Farm with her family Plus she gives Jess some pretty darn good advice3 Relateable Some of the parts of the book are relatable though not all Overall I love this book series it just needs work I'm excited to read the rest of the books and make a new review

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Pies PrejudiceCan still keep the club alive and they decide to tackle Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice And when the girls try to bring Emma home by starting a bake sale. The girls are now about to become freshmen in High School at Alcott High and Jess starts a new year at Colonial Academy Disaster strikes though when Emma and her family decides to do a house exchange with a family in England and live there for a year Will the girls ever see each other again and will their scheme to bring Emma home with their Pie business Pies and Prejudice work while they read Pride and Prejudice in the book club Read on and find out for yourselfThis was a great installment for book 4 in the mother daughter book club I look forward to reading books 5 and 6 in the future but you can find these books at your local library and wherever books are sold