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Cyberiada Read & Download Õ 104 Û Opowieści Cyberiady łączą postacie Trurla i Klapaucjusza którzy używając swojej fantastycznej wiedzy i zdolności pomagają mieszkańcom różnych planet zazwyczaj neutralizując panujących tyranówDuet ten stanowi parę najlepszych przyjaciół ale też rywali Ich spory o miano najlepszego konstruktora przyOpowieści Cyberiady łączą postacie Trurla i Klapaucjusza którzy używając swojej fantastycznej wiedzy i zdolności pomagają mieszkańcom różnych planet zazwyczaj neutralizując panujących tyranówDuet ten stanowi parę najlepszych przyjaciół ale też rywali Ich spory o mian. It all happened in days of yore long before the invasion of cyberpunk Cyborgs were merry and mischievous then And they were cunningly inventiveNext there was a boom a puff of yellow smoke and something came rocketing out a form as blurry as a tornado and with the general consistency of a sandstorm; it arced through the air so fast that no one really got a good look at it anyway Whatever it was flew a hundred paces or and landed without a sound; the curtain that had been wrapped around it floated to the earth glass bells tinkling oddly in that perfect silence and lay there like a crushed strawberry Now everyone could see the beast clearly – though it wasn't clear at all but looked a little like a hill rather large fairly long its color much like its surroundings a clump of dried up weeds The King's huntsmen unleashed the whole pack of automated hounds mainly Saint Cybernards and Cyberman pinschers with an occasional high freuency terrier; these hurled themselves howling and slavering at the crouching beast The beast didn't rear back didn't roar didn't even breathe fire but only opened its two eyes wide and reduced half the pack to ashes in a triceThis is an absolute beast created by the unsurpassed robotic constructors optimistic and resilient Trurl and his pessimistic and ironic colleague Klapaucius Their colourful adventures and mishaps throughout the entire universe are simply unrepeatableEveryone knows that dragons don't exist But while this simplistic formulation may satisfy the layman it does not suffice for the scientific mind The School of Higher Neantical Nillity is in fact wholly unconcerned with what does exist Indeed the banality of existence has been so amply demonstrated there is no need for us to discuss it any further here The brilliant Cerebron attacking the problem analytically discovered three distinct kinds of dragon the mythical the chimerical and the purely hypothetical They were all one might say nonexistent but each non existed in an entirely different wayAs one can clearly see all the reflections in the book are profoundly philosophic and strictly scientificPugg meanwhile sat propped up against the barrel and read as that diamond pen which the Demon employed to record everything it learned from the oscillating atoms sueaked on and on and he read about how exactly Harlebardonian wrigglers wriggle and that the daughter of King Petrolius of Labondia is named Humpinella and what Frederick the Second one of the paleface kings had for lunch before he declared war against the Gwendoliths and how many electron shells an atom of thermionolium would have if such an element existed and what is the cloacal diameter of a small bird called the tufted twit which is painted by the Wabian Marchpanes on their sacrificial urns and also of the tripartite taste of the oceanic ooze on Polypelagid Diaphana and of the flower Dybbulyk that beats the Lower Malfundican hunters black and blue whenever they waken it at dawn and how to obtain the angle of the base of an irregular icosahedron and who was the jeweler of Gufus the left handed butcher of the Bovants and the number of volumes on philately to be published in the year seventy thousand on Marinautica and where to find the tomb of Cybrinda the Red toed who was nailed to her bed by a certain Clamonder in a drunken fitIt sounds so familiar It looks like Stanisław Lem could predict the appearance of the Internet so many years agoDo androids dream of electric fairytale tellers

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Nie oponują i nie wstydzą się przyjmować hojnych nagród za ich usługi Oszukani w tej materii nie zawahają się sami ukarać niesłowne osobyPozycja zawiera także Summa smocologiae Esej Adama Michnika o totalitaryzmie Czy kosmos jest śmieszny Posłowie prof Jerzego Jarzębskieg. Not only did this book make me want to read everything that Lem has ever written it also makes me want to buy everything Michael Kandel has ever translatedOne of the saddest things about becoming an adult is growing bored with most of the stories you loved as a child the Jatakas the Panchatantras folk stories Finding the Cyberiad is like rediscovering your childhood love of fables This is a book I'm going to be coming back to many many times

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CyberiadaO najlepszego konstruktora przybierały nawet dość brutalne formy opowiadanie Wielkie lanie Kiedy nie są oni zajęci konstruowaniem kolejnych wspaniałych mechanizmów podróżują po Wszechświecie pomagając potrzebującym I jakkolwiek są oni opisywani jako dobrzy i praworządni. While I was initially tempted to treat this collection of 1965 short SF stories with kid gloves because I was already a huge fan of Solaris I didn't uite understand that this collection was already a heavyweight of humor satire and delight Where the hell have I been I should have read this back when I was a kid Alongside Hitchhiker's Guide As I read this I gave a constant chuckle rumble especially with the Seven Sallies of Trurl and Klapaucius These two master builder robots get along with their wits and near infinite capability to make things Anything And they are tricksters Very funny trickstersThe one time that Trurl made a poetry machine I was fing spoiled by some of the best math poetry I've ever read and here's the kicker This was translated from Polish Hell it was translated into several dozen languages But the English translation retained ALL its flavor It was honestly funny All of this was light clever and always to the point These are traditional fables almost like the old Chivalric tradition but add the element of gods granting everyone's wishes to the downfall of the wisher and you've got a very good idea about what's going on here Oh and almost every character is a robot The wisecracking kindI admit I've read a number of things like this but never to this one's high uality This is a perfect cure for grimdark malaise