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The nightmare empire built by Adolph Hitler This record included the testimony of Nazi leaders and of concentration camp inmates the diaries of officials transcripts of secret conferences army orders private letters all the vast paperwork behind Hitler's drive to conuer the worldThe famed foreign correspondent and historian William L Shirer who had watched and reported on the Nazis since 1925 spent five and a half years sifting through this massive documentatio The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi Germany William L Shirer The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi Germany is a book by William L Shirer chronicling the rise and fall of Nazi Germany from the birth of Adolf Hitler in 1889 to the end of World War II in 1945 It was first published in 1960 by Simon Schuster in the United States where it won a National Book Award It was a bestseller in both the United States and Europe and a critical success outside Germany; in Germany criticism of the book stimulated sales The book was feted by journalists as reflected by its receipt of the National Book Award for non fiction But the reception from academic historians was mixedعنوانها ظهور و سقوط آدولف هیتلر؛ جهان پرفراز و نشیب آدولف هیتلر؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز نهم ماه فوریه سال 1994 میلادیعنوان گردونه تاریخ جلد 39 ظهور و سقوط آدولف هیتلر؛ نویسنده ویلیام شایرر؛ مترجم کاوه دهگان؛ تهران، فرانکلین، 1341؛ در 182 ص؛ چاپ دیگر تهران، علمی فرهنگی، 1372؛ در 231 ص؛ موضوع ادبیات نوجوانان داستان آدولف هیتلر از سال 1889 تا سال 1945 میلادی سده 20 معنوان جهان پرفراز و نشیب آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم هرمز همایون پور؛ تهران، کتاب روشن، 1389، در 248 ص؛ شابک 9789649681290؛ کتاب در چهار بخش است ظهور آدولف هیتلر؛ هیتلر آلمان را فتح میکند؛ هیتلر اروپا فتح میکند؛ سقوط آدولف هیتلرآدولف هیتلر در روز بیستم ماه آوریل سال 1889 میلادی، در شهر اتریشی «برانائو آن ده این» واقع در مرز اتریش با آلمان، زاده شد آدولف نخست میخواست به سلک هنرمندان درآید، اما پدرش سرش داد کشیده، و گفته بود «هنرمند»؛ «نه نه تا وقتی من زنده ام هرگز»؛ او هرگز نقاش نشد گرچه هیتلر تا آخر عمر، هماره خویش را از جرگه ی هنرمندان میدانست همین سرسختی پسر در برابر پدر، هنگامی که او هنوز پسرکی کلاس ششمی بود، نشانگر اراده ی استوار او، تا پایان عمرش نیز با او همراه بود؛ سپس وارد سیاست شدن؛ توطئه آبجو فروشی؛ کتابی که نوشت؛ عشق و عاشقی، حرکت به سوی قدرت سیاسی، پیشوا و دیکتاتور؛ پیروزیهای بی خونریزی، راه اندازی جنگ جهانگیر دوم، پیروزیهای شگفت انگیز نخست، نقظه عطف؛ نظم جدید هیتلر، توطئه برای کشتننش؛ فروپاشی آلمان، مرگ آدولف؛ اینها هرچند عنوانهای واقعی بخشهایی از کتاب نیستند برای جستجوگران شاید راهنمایی باشند از اینکه چه رخدادهایی را خواهد خواند ا شربیانی

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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi GermanyN The result is a monumental study that has been widely acclaimed as the definitive record of one of the most frightening chapters in the history of mankindThis worldwide bestseller has been acclaimed as the definitive book on Nazi Germany; it is a classic workThe accounts of how the United States got involved and how Hitler used Mussolini and Japan are astonishing and the coverage of the war from Germany's early successes to her eventual defeat is must reading I have a very strong feeling of enthusiasm and at the same time of aversion for this book which I read when I was 16 William Shirer wrote a no holds barred account of the rise of Adolf Hitler from the perspective of a fanatical in the full sense of the word opponent of everything Hitler stood for Shirer was also a journalist writing as though he were a historian so his writing reads easily and persuasively but is not necessarily a font of historical accuracy Whatever one's own position this is far and away a honest book than many of the cold cynical assessments made after the events by historians who also have a private agenda but who unlike Shirer do not make it obvious or claim to be objective when they are no such thing Shirer is however in my opinionright to stress than is often stressed the novelty of the Nuremburg Laws which essentially disenfranchised a large section of the population on the basis of a postulated alien ethnicity These laws undermined the fundamental principles of citizenship as understood in Europe since the American and French revolutions and were profound and potentially murderous in their implications Shirer also laid stress on medical experimentation on human subjects which in my humble opinion is as close to Hell as human beings are likely to get on earth I do not think there are any medical experiment deniers of course medical experimentation on human beings is in no way something uniue to the Hitler dictatorship but Shirer is right to highlight it as a particularly pernicious abuse of power by politicians and doctors one which should serve as a reminder to us if we really need a reminder of the arrogance and ever lethal potential of the notions of so many representatives of both It is all very well talking about controlling decadence crime or whatever but who controls the controllers is a uestion that should never be for a moment forgottenI give this two stars but the two stars award is misleading in the sense that I would give his work 4 or 5 stars for readability as a breathtaking introduction to the history of the Third Reich and 4 or 5 stars for highlighting certain aspects of that history so full of suffering and desolation but 1 star for reliability balanced view veracity objectivity Shirer will have no track with the notion that Polish fears of Russia could have been justified that Churchill wanted war that in a sense whatever one thinks of him Hitler was right in claiming that the war was between a Jewish and anti Jewish world view that Roosevelt was deeply anti German and pro Jewish that the Soviet Union was planning a preemptive strike on Germany that the Poles had been put up to provoking Germany and did provoke Germany and that Hitler in this case as later with the British bombing of civilian targets fell into a trap and allowed himself to be provoked just in the way his enemies planned he should be provoked; Shirer says nothing as I recall about the appalling condiitons which induced many to vote for the NSDAP and there are plenty imbalances in this work and half truths and untruths besides for there is plenty of history that Shirer does not mention but I do not have the book any and I read it 40 years ago Shirer's is a book to be read by anyone interested in the time but to be read with rather than the proverbial pinch of salt I was going to award this book three stars but I'll put that down to 2 to counter balance the wave of uasi psychophantic enthusiasm with which so many Goodreads readers have greeted it It is a deeply flawed book after all for readibility it is up there in the top rank for historical balance down far below

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FREE PDF ð BOOK The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi Germany Á WILLIAM L. SHIRER ¿ Hitler boasted that The Third Reich would last a thousand years It lasted only 12 But those 12 years contained some of the most catastrophic events Western civilization has Hitler boasted that The Third Reich would last a thousand years It lasted only 12 But those 12 years contained some of the most catastrophic events Western civilization has ever knownNo other powerful empire ever beueathed such mountains of evidence about its birth and destruction as the Third Reich When the bitter war was over and before the Nazis could destroy their files the Allied demand for unconditional surrender produced an almost hour by hour record of Three years ago I implemented a personal tradition to read a Monster Classic each year This is my term referring to a piece of writing that is great in reputation and girth The how and when of it is to begin the Monster mid summer and read it in fits and starts over the course of several months with a goal of finishing before the end of the year The why of it isn't so simple Most avid readers I know have daunting lists of books they want to or feel they should read I'm no different but life is too short for shoulds I'm after something that will change the way I look at writing at storytelling at the world Without intention my Monster Classics have been built on the premise of or are greatly informed by war Two years ago I read Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain an allegorical tale shaped largely by Mann's reaction to World War I; last year Tolstoy brought me War and Peace that gorgeous and profound tale of Russia during the Napoleanic era This summer I turned from fiction to narrative non fiction World War II has long fascinated and disturbed me I've sought without success to reconcile the incongruous romance of this war the films music literature that conjure a sense of the heroic and of solidarity the Greatest Generation united as Allies with its human suffering so incomprehensible that the mind struggles against its limits to accept what the eyes witness in words and photos I selected The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich for perhaps the same reason that millions before me have to understand how one man created a machine of slaughter out of a country in shambles After 1264 pages in six weeks I am still bewildered Of course I knew the external conditions the carving up of Germany after WWI the political disaster that the Treaty of Versailles put into motion the desperate economic conditions in Germany as the Depression ground what little economy it had left into grist But this diminutive Austrian who so captured the imagination and bent the will of a once proud nation how did he do it? Why did he? And why did so many follow him into the hell of his creation?William Shirer a longtime foreign correspondent worked in the Third Reich from 1934 to 1940 leaving only when it became clear he and his family were no longer safe He returned to Germany in 1945 to report on the Nuremberg trials The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich was published in 1960 barely a generation after the end of the war Because of Shirer's proximity and access to the majors players of the Third Reich and certainly because war was exploding all around him the book has an immediacy and intimacy that sets it apart from a traditional historical examination of events It also contains Shirer's interpretations suppositions and ruminations As an American of German Italian Norwegian descent I had a very hard time with Shirer's characterization of Germans as possessing a predilection for cruelty and war There are few nations that remain exempt from this pointed finger But it begs the uestion that even Shirer could not answer how did the atrocities of the war escape the outrage of the German people? Shirer presents clues and circumstances which serve as a caution to us all And many of which I recognize in today's socially and politically polarized America that feeds on propaganda and is increasingly indulgent of politicians' idiocy and rejection of facts The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is thick with military history this is a book about war That may seem obvious but do not expect a sociological narrative Shirer is a great journalist which assumes certain skill in telling a story that will appeal to a lay audience But this book after its introduction to Hitler and his early life uses the major events invasions and battles of World War II to show the creation of an empire It is a testament to Shirer's skill that I became so caught up in the details of Hitler's conuests and defeats Although I have read books about individual battles I have never followed a comprehensive history of the European theatre It was astonishing to read on the ground reports as nearly all of Europe fell at Germany's feet in a short period then to sit above it all and witness Hitler's increasing megalomania that spelled out his downfallIt is dense It is detailed It is exhausting exhaustive overwhelming and shattering To read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is to have your heart broken again and again Yet to hold history at arm's length is to guarantee that it will be repeated