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Characters à Banker Author Dick Francis ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Æ It is difficult to say which was the first step towards the distant cataclysm Looking back Tim Ekaterin sees it as the day his boss stepped into a fountain From there he is drawn into events and meets people as yet unconnected but whicIt is difficult to say which was the first step towards the distant cataclysm Looking back Tim Ekaterin sees it as the day his boss stepped into a fountain From. The ground trembled from the thud of the hooves the air rang with the curses of jockeys the half ton euine bodies brushed through the birch the sweat and the effort and the speed filled eyes and ears and mind with pounding wonder and then they were gone flying away leaving the silence I had walked down several times before to watch from the fences both there and on other tracks and the fierce fast excitement had never grown stale Racing makes even the blood of a cautious naturally born banker boil with enthusiasm enough to convince Tim Ekaterin the young partner in a private London bank that a multi million investment in a racing horse is a sound business decision When the horse in uestion starts to display signs of genetic malfunctions Tim is forced to intervene an protect the investment landing him in the middle of a thick plot to defraud owners of valuable horses and culminating in bloody murder—«»—«»—«»— chagrin here's a word I always wanted to include in one of my reviews Such as writing up my end of 2017 recap when I noticed to my chagrin that I didn't pick up even one Dick Francis novel one of my all time favorite writers Hence one of the few New Year resolutions that I followed through in January with this Banker business which proved to me Dick Francis never gets stale no matter how often he recycles plot twists and character types His secret I believe is his passion mostly about horses but really about any other side issues that he makes central to the plot In this case investment banking alternative medicine and stud farm management The art of money management now held me as addicted as any junkie and my working life was as fulfilling as any mortal could expect Tim Ekaterin is a typical Francis protagonist and first person narrator modest to the point of self effacement reliable uick witted principled courageous to the point of recklessness when the situation demands it and a hopeless romantic when it comes to women In this particular novel there's a very interesting deviation from the standard Francis wooing since Tim is in love with the wife of one of his bank supervisorsThe banking details were well integrated into the plot although I feel sometimes that Francis was on a sort of kickback scheme since he is usually very complimentary towards the industries that gave him the underlying information for his thrillers The benevolent banker is something that I find hard to swallow today in view of recent scandals More appealing but also a little ambivalent was the angle about faith healers with Tim taking a very long time to decide on the practice I felt the same reservations about the healing touch as I had at Ascot I was a doubter I supposed Personally I'm in the James Randi camp and am convinced right from the start they are all crooks view spoiler which made the villain of the deal obvious to me right from his first appearance at Ascot hide spoiler

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There he is drawn into events and meets people as yet unconnected but which when woven together by time and chance lead to violent action and the threat of dea. 1 Jan 19951 Jan 199812 Mar 1998Background I picked up my first Dick and Mary Francis in the early 80s Read all the backlist at least once but the early ones weren't so much my cuppa They were a little too self consciously hard boiled but it always felt awkward The last twenty or thirty were much about the psychology of the bad guy; they weren't so much about motive means and opportunity as they were about why this person might commit this kind of murder but other people with just as much anger or fear or whatever wouldn't That's very appealing There are plenty of other reasons why I love the Dick Francis books There's the horse racing setting where despite the bad events of the story people find real joy in riding or training or owning a winner; there's almost always a sweet older owner with twinkling eyes and good grace when their horse loses There's a time when the hero endures some really horrible physical pain and is able to do it not because of willpower or focus or anything like that it's just that the guy heals uickly and doesn't seem to suffer nearly as much pain as others with the same injuries would do It makes sense that any who does anything really painful on a regular basis would have to be less susceptible to pain or they'd never repeat it I believe somewhere there's speculation that a professional jump jockey has one fall for every four races There's always a woman but most of the time she's unavailable often married and not interested in leaving her husband even after divorce became commonplace I refuse to speculate why this pops up so often Maybe the Francises Franci just don't like their endings to be too happy There is justice in the end and it pretty much never involves jail but often reuires some very clever blackmail for good And finally there's the other thing in addition to racing something else is introduced and it is something richly satisfying photography or creating toys or competitive target shooting even merchant banking which I would have thought was deadly dull So it's been nearly twenty years since I last read most of them but as I read through my collection I'm loving them just as much as ever before Two thousand sixteen the year of rereading old mysteries Anyway I'm not going to bother to write reviews of each of them There's already a little synopsis available and my opinion would just be gush gush gush over and over again Mary and I worked as a team I have often said that I would have been happy to have both our names on the cover Mary's family always called me Richard due to having another Dick in the family I am Richard Mary was Mary and Dick Francis was the two of us together from Swanson Jean; Dean James 2003 An Interview with Dick Francis The Dick Francis Companion New York Berkeley Prime Crime pp 1–10 ISBN 0 425 18187 1 PS 11 September 2016I forgot to mention something that amused me Our protagonist is explaining the set up of the merchant bank telling us what the departments are and who works there and cetera He mentions that there aren't any women on the board or in the best jobs although there are plenty working as secretaries He offers up a couple of possible theories as to why this might be but he doesn't ask any of the women working there nor does it occur to him that the simple answer sexism is the most likely Everyone seems to be white but the lack of minorities isn't even noticed It's funny the things we just don't see On first reading this thirtysome years ago I didn't notice the racism nor did I consider the sexism

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Banker Author Dick FrancTh Set in the world of merchant banking and thoroughbred racing Banker is a terrific story which grows from seemingly harmless seeds to a wholly horrific harves. It seems to me that I am slowly but surely becoming a Dick Francis fan After Reflex Banker came next on my list Here are my thoughts after reading the novel The composition of this novel mirrors that one of Reflex in terms of slowly unfolding plot However unlike Reflex Banker spans over the time period of three years But thanks to Mr Francis' polished writing the transitions between the years are smooth and the final product is a well paced novel The events at the beginning of the novel might seem random at first but as the book progresses it becomes obvious fairly uickly that things are not as benevolent as they might seem at first glance The deviousness and foul play seethe under the surface almost like in Rosemary's baby but on a minuscule level here we haven't got any satanists but there are certainly mysterious conspiracies The latter were very well thought of; I predicted a thing or two perhaps but that's because I love to propose outrageous theories during the reading of a novel at times they turn out to be correct and not because the novel is predictable Then there's the protagonist Tim Ekaterin is well what to say The kind of guy you want to have around in any kind of function He's determined to make a name for himself and prove himself worthy of a responsible position at the bank he contemplates every candidate for financing with much care and forethought He's honorable and trustworthy the type that always does the right thing no matter what Tim goes to extreme lengths to save his bank's money and while that may sound as if though he's cold and calculative it's not so He often reacts on instinct which in the end always proves to be a good thing to do Although one can hardly find a fault in Tim's character I just can't help but like him Francis made his character believable and that's good enough for me As I've gathered the common denominator of all Dick Francis novels is the tie with the late writer's former occupation Banker is indirectly connected with the world of horses and racing It primarily deals with the goings on in a London merchant bank but as the novel progresses certain aspects of the racing world emerge and take the steering wheel so to speak However Tim's job at Ekaterin's is described very persuasively and the reader can get a fairly good idea about what being a director in a merchant bank is about As Tim examines an unusual case which reuires his stamp of approval for financing both he and the reader get enlightened about running a horse farm and the proper care and feeding of race horses which make the novel interesting and give it that special Francis flareOverall I'm very pleased with this book and I can recommend it to everyone looking for an entertaining mystery read Suitable for youngsters PS I also like the ambiguous title of the novel Such wordplay is always bound to get extra points from me