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The Mad Ship characters î 104 ✓ Robin Hobb returns to the sea with Mad Ship the second book in a projected trilogy set in the same world as her famed Farseer series Many unresolved uestions from Ship of Magic are answered in this tale of sea serpents and dragons; living ships made of wizardwood; the Bingtown Trader families who sail the ships; and tLthea's niece seeks help from her suitor the Rain Wild Trader Reyn whose family is the Vestritt's major creditor Meanwhile the sea serpents who follow sailing ships struggle to remember their history and return to their place of transformation Each volume in this series is a major undertaking but those who enjoy original epic fantasy characters who grow and change believably and fine writing will not want to miss The Liveship Traders Nona Vero. Look forward not back Correct your course and go on You can’t undo yesterday’s journey Even though almost nothing happened plotwise I love it This book focused mainly on character development and world building I really love the way things are progressing for the characters even though not all are positive I love that the characters just refused to give up You cannot simply discard parts of yourself because they are painful Acknowledge them and go on The writing is awesome Robin Hobb's writing style is my favourite thing about her it compels the reader and draws the reader in its easy to get in the mind of the characters Her world building is explicit I love itThe friendship in this book is so realistic I adore the loyalties and dedication of people to what they believe in do not even get me started on the romance that was awesome I love that it didn't overwhelm the plot Discover where you are now and go on from there making the best of things Accept your life and you might survive it If you hold back from it insisting this is not your life not where you are meant to be life will pass you by You may not die from such foolishness but you might as well be dead for all the good your life will do you or anyone else There were some revelations in this book that really surprised me the whole sea serpents POV now makes total sense I can see how the third book will end What I can't picture is how Jamilia Bingtown and Chalceaden will resolve their conflictThis book started just where the first book ended there was no time jump which I enjoyed immensely I love all the characters in this book except Kyle Haven which I loathe I even like hateful selfish people user Kennit he's likeable even though he is evil Wintrow is becoming a mature and realistic young man the naive and optimistic monk is almost done he us still a good person but life has changed him ‘Love isn’t just about feeling sure of the other person knowing what he would give up for you It’s knowing with certainty what you are willing to surrender for his sake Make no mistake; each partner gives up something Individual dreams are surrendered for a shared one In some marriages one partner gives up almost everything she once thought she wanted But it’s not always the woman who does so Such sacrifice is not shameful It’s love Althea is also growing up she is still somewhat selfish but it isn't as bad as before oh how I love Brashen despite everything he's been through he is still so goodMalta is now a changed person gone is the spoilt and selfish brat life has changed her for the better and I'm loving the new her Rye is a Rain Wilder that I also like ‘Half the evil in this world occurs while decent people stand by and do nothing wrong It’s not enough to refrain from evil Trell People have to attempt to do right even if they believe they cannot succeed’ Ronica Keffria and Selden and were also in this they didn't make much contribution Serillia is a new character that I don't know what to make of for nowParagon is now my favourite Liveship Vivacia is getting on my nerves with her new attitudeThe plot focuses on the Vestrits trying to get Vivacia back Kennit trying to win Vivacia to his side and a few other things

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Ambitious pirate Captain Haven is a prisoner; his son Wintrow who bears the Vestritt blood finds himself competing with Kennit for Vivacia's love as she becomes a pirate ship Althea Vestritt in training to become Vivacia's captain arrives home to discover her beloved ship lost Brashen Trell her old friend and shipmate proposes that they sail to Vivacia's rescue in the liveship Paragon who has lost two previous crews and is believed mad Malta A. The Mad Ship picked up right where Ship of Magic ended so I didn't have to wait much before I found myself between the action And by action I didn't mean the pirate battles or some wars but the planning and plotting to win a LivShip's heart Hobb did a wonderful job with every story arc that she gave us in first book but here I will talk about my favorite ones ie Malta Kennit and Paragon Malta was the character I hate to love but she changed herself so much here that it was hard for almost half of the book that this was the same arrogant cunning vile and proud girl I met in first book The change in her was so drastic For a long time I thought she would changed her colors and be back to same cruel girl but it never happened and with each chapter she paved her way in my heart and it was so hard to hate her I know she was naive and manipulative but here she showed a depth in her character and understanding of things which some people would say beyond her understanding Kennit is a work of art he beat Malta in manipulation by leagues He was making everyone on his ship doing things he wanted them to do all the while making them think that he was giving into what they want All the while he was keeping his secrets hidden from every one else his motives and his darkest desires I hated him and yet could not stop marveling at how he turned the tide in his favor One moment he was on the door of death and bam in the other he was the pirate king The crippled god who would save the slaves from their cruel masters But no one knew how ambitious he was and he would not think a moment if he had to kill everyone to achieve his goal Paragon was introduced in the Ship of Magic and I kept wondering why he was given a PoV when he did nothing but stand on the shore of Bingtown and behave like some mad man And perhaps that's why he was called a mad ship yes now you know where this book got it's title From refusing to sail again to going on a uest which was a lost cause even before it started Paragon was not a character that I liked initially but he slowly grew on me and there were many times in this book where he revealed some painful secret from his past which left me sad Definitely a very good middle book though slow at times it was slow but in the end I am happy how events in this book made way for the finale

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The Mad ShipRobin Hobb returns to the sea with Mad Ship the second book in a projected trilogy set in the same world as her famed Farseer series Many unresolved uestions from Ship of Magic are answered in this tale of sea serpents and dragons; living ships made of wizardwood; the Bingtown Trader families who sail the ships; and their disfigured cousins the Rain Wild Traders who build them The Vestritt family's liveship Vivacia has been taken by Kennit an. The Mad Ship Liveship Traders#2 Realm of the Elderlings#3loved the writing style and the story Book 2 in this series reinforced the idea for me that Hobb has no ualms with really putting her characters through some hardships It seems like every time I think that things are really going to have to turn around she manages to sueeze a little pain into their lives Open your eyes This horrible mess is your life There is no sense in waiting for it to get better Stop putting it off and live it Amazing book