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Wicked Rake, Defiant Mistress Read ✓ 4 Ù When a mysterious woman holds him at gunpoint Garrick Le Clere Maruess of Beauworth knows he's finally met his matchWith her home lost to creditors Lady Eleanor Hadley has been forced to take drastic steps She's without hope until the notorious rake offers a way out of her predicamentGarrick soon dAnor Hadley has been forced to take drastic steps She's without hope until the notorious rake offers a way out of her predicamentGarrick soon discovers that. Traveling back to his family pile Garrick Le Clere aka the Maruess of Beauworth is held up by a highwaymanerr woman Forced to hand over his expensive personal items a price he paid for stepping out of the coach without a weapon Garrick cannot help but be taken in by the woman who is clearly emulating a figure in history Playing up to that Garrick steals a kiss before her sidekick puts him downEleanor Hadley has been forced by circumstances outside of her control to attempt to acuire funds anyway she can – the latest idea being highway robbery Her older brother was killed her other brother is still off in India and Eleanor has her younger sister to think of and a debt that absolutely must be paid When she realises just who she held up and how he might be useful she puts into action yet another planGarrick still smarting from his robbery and looking to get revenge on the chit that made a fool of him ends up meeting a young villagewoman by the name of Ellie and her sister He is beyond shocked when he realises that the lovely young girl from the village is none other than his robber and that she isn’t finished with him yet Nor is he finished with herI got this story for my Kindle a long time ago – probably not long after I got the Kindle which was in late 2010 I stocked up on freebies for a while just following links I saw to them on twitter before I realised that a lot of the time they weren’t very good Nevertheless I still have a folder on my Kindle for freebies and the other night I was looking for a bit of a historical romance to read and discovered this one It sounded alright so I thought I’d give it a goIt’s uite a decent story – Garrick is an heir but he’s spent much of his time away from the family home allowing his guardian and uncle to run things He would much prefer to be in the army staying away from home to help alleviate the feeling of guilt he has over something he believes he did when he was younger He rarely ever returns home and when he is robbed they take his signet ring It’s one of the few things he cares about and he is determined to track down the little thief so that he can get it backEleanor has been forced to play head of the family since her older brother was killed While she awaits the younger one to return from fighting overseas she must provide for herself and her younger sister It is Garrick’s uncle that held the mortgage and he called it in forcing Ellie to turn to desperate measures in order to survive She and Garrick have a complex relationship that is at first two relationships – the highway robber and the victim and Garrick’s befriending her and her sister in the villageDespite an obvious and mutual attraction the path to love does not run smoothly in this one There’s a lot of secrets uite a lot of backstabbing going on and two relatives that seemed utterly determined to keep Ellie and Garrick apart This works for a little while but then it does become uite a bit overly dramatic and justget on with it already There’s a large gap of time after Ellie rejects Garrick where they don’t see each other for many years and then he returns and it seems like everything starts again – there’s still the attraction but there’s blackmailing and bitter family members and some drama and attempts on other people’s lives It started off uite strongly but once we got past the highway robbery story I lost uite a bit of interest I’d have liked to see on that maybe have Ellie remain unknown to Garrick for longer Instead it became all about Garrick’s family and this supposed curse which was uite weak There was never any evidence that it existed especially concerning Garrick and he remained utterly convinced it did It was distracting and not in a good wayPromising start and relatively entertaining but not uite the story I thought it was going to be Ended up with too many diversions and too many bit players Would’ve preferred it kept to Ellie and Garrick

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When a mysterious woman holds him at gunpoint Garrick Le Clere Maruess of Beauworth knows he's finally met his matchWith her home lost to creditors Lady Ele. Another disappointing freebieNot really bad not poorly written but not really good eitherBoth characterization and timelines seemed off to me Let's start with the characterization The hero is supposedly a rake However he's just 24 sometimes behaves as if he just turned 18 and his main achievement to confirm his rake reputation is not having had a relationship for than 3 months At 24 it did not seem that weird to me and certainly not enough to warrant such a fake moniker and reputation In my book he is not and never would be a real rake Then the defiant heroine Supposedly she's 3 years after her come out that did not occur hence 20 21 However she behaves with all the maturity of a 16 17 years old At best And the brain the size of a pea How she could have suandered her family money like she did was unrealistic at best and her remedies to that situation completely brainless Every time she appeared on the page I wanted to slap her back into reality TSTL is not an adjective I often use but I really can't think of another better one for herHer brother is an overbearing and inconsistent ass who did not seem to be the same age as the heroine at all; though as twins they should have been The younger sister made her come out 4 years after the beginning of the story And I believed during the whole first part that she could not have been than 8 years old 10 if I really stretched it

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Wicked Rake Defiant MistressHis new mistress is a virgin and a lady with a dangerous secret life But the pleasure she brings may be just what he needs to soothe the pain from his past. I will state right up front this is a cracking good read I could not put it down I read it all in almost one sitting The action begins right out of the gate when bored young idle and reckless rake Garrick Le Clare is held up by a robber a woman no less Before she can steal his valuables Garrick steals a passionate kiss He is knocked out by her accomplice a soldier friend of her late father's and when Garrick comes to he feels foolish He wants to find this woman who set him on fire but made a fool of him as well She even stole his bootsThe robber is 19 year old Eleanor Hadley forced by circumstances to take to the road to make ends meet Of course the source of her misery lost home and reduced circumstances is the Maruess of Beaworth Garrick himself She takes on the name Ellie Brown and she has to take a small cottage for her and her younger sisterIt is in this small village that Garrick meets Ellie He is immediately taken with her sweet nature and Ellie well she never forgot that kiss out on the road when she held him upDetermined to get back his signet ring and perhaps some of his dignity I loved the way the relationship slowly developed between Ellie and Garrick Revenge and guilt soon turn into passion and desire and by the end of the summer love though neither never admit to itAnd Garrick has his own past and secrets of which I will not revealIn situations like this misunderstandings abound And while the ending held no real surprise I thoroughly enjoyed the HH dynamicThis book was very readable it flowed extremely well the characters well drawn I particularly liked Garrick his passionate ways his dark family secrets Yes he was tortured to a pointAnd Ellie was a strong heroine admirable as she would do anything to protect her family almost to the determent of her own happiness A rousing adventure filled with passion