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review On Thin Ice Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ç Amazing Kindle Epub, On Thin Ice By Linda Hall This is the best favorite book 215 pages isbn 9780373443888 format Paperback and othersSbn 9780373443888 format Paperback and other. I always enjoy Linda Hall's novels although I prefer the longer ones She has such a gift for developing memorable characters and situations In this shorter format she still achieves than most authors will but I miss the deeper secondary characters and subplots This is the second novel in the Whisper Lake series set in Maine and I liked recognizing some of the people from book one The heroine also does something particularly clever at one point when she's in danger I won't ruin it by mentioning it hereMy full review is on my blog On Thin Ice

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Amazing Kindle Epub On Thin Ice By Linda Hal. Great book I could not put this book down

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On Thin IceL This is the best favorite book 215 pages i. ©201016 chapters 203 pagesBook Summary—Megan Brooks is afraid for her life Twenty years ago she planned to marry but the murder of her grandmother cancelled those plans It’s awkward to wed the brother of the man who was charged tried and sentenced for killing your only family member And now two members of her bridal party have died suspicious deaths and Megan believes she’s next So what can she do but run to her ex fiancé Sheriff Alec Black in Whisper Lake Crossings Maine for help But being around Alec again proves to be neither any good for her heart nor her life Someone wants them BOTH deadMy Review—This is the second read for me I think the first time I read it I liked it a lot Funny how that works With a little time only a couple years I think my tastes have already changedI couldn’t stand this story I didn’t like Megan I didn’t like Alec I felt both were annoying for different reasons Megan because she goes to HIM for helpprotection and all the while gives him attitude as he tries to HELP her and Alec because he kept putting his family first—normally not a bad thing but when you’re a grown man and believe you’re in love you should be focused on the woman you claim to love and let your grown brother fend for himself and your mother too He kept trying to protect everyone but the woman he claimed to love who NEEDED protectingI also didn’t like how rushed the story felt The first in the series didn’t feel contrived pushed through as if Linda Hall just wanted to be done with this story and needed a fast pace I mean Alec and Megan meet again it’s tense then a couple days later they’re sharing kisses and the “can we try agains”It’s not a BAD story just not good It all happens so FAST Maybe if she’d taken another 50 100 pages and let the story evolve a little slower it would’ve worked better for meAlso spoiler alert it’s not really hard to guess the mystery Brad’s Bryan and Bryan sucks I kept rolling my eyes because Alec seemed incapable of putting it together Megan too Usually when I figure out who’s the guilty party I still enjoy watching the heroinehero work out the mystery themselves but not so this time I literally kept skipping the story just to get to the endI’ll read the third but I hope it’s better than this oneGrade C Again it was BAD; it just wasn’t GOOD