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Hen Paul seems a stranger to her And since dating is forbidden except to seniors their romance must remain a secret With so many new feelings and obstacles to overcome in her present can Flip help Paul to confront his troubled past and find a futur This was apparently uite daring when it was originally published in the 1940s so much that it had to be bowdlerized But it seems awfully tame to me I read the original non bowdlerized version and find myself wondering just what they felt they needed to cut out The whole mysterious stranger lurking around subplot seemed pretty truncated to meNevertheless this was a good book It does a good job portraying the claustrophobic almost incestuous boarding school atmosphere I would have HATED it and it's also interesting to see Philippa mature from a painfully shy sulky and rather whiny girl to a stronger independent and mature person as the months go on And all the topical stuff of the post war period was well integrated into the story

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And Both Were YoungFlip doesn't think she'll ever fit in at the Swiss boarding school Besides being homesick for her father and Connecticut she isn't sophisticated like the other girls and discussions about boys leave her tongue tied Her happiest times are spent apar I've been doing a L'Engle read for the last year or so decided to read this standalone in connection with a genre reading challenge February is romance month I previously read this book back when I was in junior highearly high school It was originally published in 1949 which makes it one of her very early novels it appears this was 3rd and I probably read it around 1978It is uite dated but that doesn't mean it isn't also enjoyable It is set in a Swiss boarding school which was one of the things that fascinated me when I read it as a public school student growing up in Boise Idaho A Swiss boarding school seemed like one of the most exotic interesting things ever and I frankly envied Philippa for what I perceived as a wonderful opportunityThis time around I enjoyed the fact that Flip was obviously an introvert and I was interested in how L'Engle approached her introversion Being an introvert in a boarding school would be tough it's not a place where solitude is easily accessed Being an introvert myself I felt for Flip and understood her hunger to spend time alone and didn't like the way the various characters approached her need for uiet No one really seemed to understand much less respect the fact that a young woman might need to spend time alone to recharge her batteries This rings really true even today Flip didn't always handle herself well but her peers also really didn't understand her and they seemed to expect that she would change to suit their expectations rather than suiting their expectations to her character which was frustratingThe romance is extremely chaste with some mild kissing between Flip and Paul I also grew up skiing which might have been another reason that this book made such an impression on me as a young woman since a ski meet represented a major plot point in the book There is apparently an updated edition of the book which restored some of L'Engle's original manuscript which had been cut by her publishers because it either referenced death or was sexually suggestive Set in Europe in 1946 many of the various characters are dealing with the aftermath of WWII and the Jewish genocide More than one character has family that was murdered in the concentration camps It is sort of astonishing to me that given the time and the subject matter it was considered appropriate to sanitize that topic And having read it I can't actually imagine how the words sexually suggestive could've been applied to this book All of the adult characters appear to be celibate and Paul and Flip share a couple of kissesI don't think it has worn uite as well as some of L'Engle's other work but I still enjoyed it Philippa Hunter apparently makes a cameo appearance in one of the later works A Severed Wasp published in 1983

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And Both Were Young doc Á Paperback ✓ madeleine l'engle ✓ Flip doesn't think she'll ever fit in at the Swiss boarding school Besides being homesick for her father and Connecticut she isn't sophisticated like the other girls and discussions about boys leave her tongue tied Her happiest times are spentT from the others sketching or wandering in the mountainsBut the day she's out walking alone and meets a French boy Paul things change for Flip As their relationship grows so does her self confidence Despite her newfound happiness there are times w My experience with this book is not very pleasant I mean it wasn’t bad No not at all I suppose it can be compared to when one is reading the back of a Raisin Bran box of cereal while shovelling spoonfuls of them in their mouth it’s good for you but in the end it’s no choco puffs The thing is I feel like I’ve been gipped The blurb at the back of this book advertises FORBIDDEN ROMANCE in big bold letters And if you know me you know that’s a huge bait Besides it’s MADELEINE L’ENGLE How could you now want to read this? Well I did And I’m sorry to say it was a tad disappointingThe writing is very odd I suppose it reflects the era from whence the novel took place The dialogues are very clinical and some too formal But again that probably had to do with the way people spoke at the time post World War 1This is the story of a young girl sent to a boarding school in Switzerland Flip’s father being a traveling artist did not want to take Flip around the world with him So Eunice his companion suggested she goes to a boarding school He’s also made it a goal in life to search for all the missing kids displaced during the war What I don’t get is why his travels brought him to China when the war was centred in EuropeEunice the woman who wants to replace Flip’s mother in her father’s life plays the uintessential evil step mother role very haughty expects too much of Flip and very critical of Flip And I guess the reason why Flip was so against the boarding school to begin withIn the boarding school we see Flip be her awkward self The girls call her “Pill” instead of Flip and we see her stumble haplessly in every social situation With the help of her Art teacher and her nephew Paul she starts blossoming on her own We see her adapt and accept her lot in life But while I enjoyed seeing her come of age I was still a little confused about how old the kids wereThere was also supposed to be a romance between Paul and Flip but to be honest they were better off as siblings I really wish they didn’t packaged this book as having a forbidden romance because of two things one there wasn’t any And second it was an awkward romanceWhat I enjoyed about this book was the depicted life on a Swiss boarding school Though Flip had to go through a version of bullying aka hazing at first in time the girls eventually warmed up to her I especially liked the shown camaraderie during Christmas time It was gorgeously described It makes me want to stay at home on Christmas and create our own family traditionOver all I almost feel like it’s sacrilege to say I didn’t uite enjoy this book I can compare it to someone listening to an aria in a monotone voice Lifeless novel packaged as a romance that didn’t exist