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A Tangled Web by New York Times bestselling author Mercedes LackeyKidnapping Persephone should have been an easy task But in the Five Hundred Kingdoms nothing's ever simple and the wrong blonde goddess is stolen by mistake leaving Prince Leopold without his new bride At least until he braves the realm of the dead to get her back SERIESA Tangled Web Five Hundred Kingdoms 55Cast in Moonlight Chronicles of Elantra 05Retribution Underworld Cycle 05Three short fantastic stories that involve the moonI have the impression from the level of writing that the intended audience is young adults Which I suppose is a rather rude assumption as it indicates that I think people who are not yet adults aren't capable of understanding complex writing And that is not my intentionTHE STORIES Mercedes Lackey's A Tangled Web is a twist on the Demeter Persephone Hades myth The difference is the addition of Leo and Brunnhilde from Norse mythThis is cute if a bit on the childish side I did appreciate Lackey's bringing in her theme of The Tradition which she uses to create the external impacts on the protagonists The Tradition's effects always take me back to the fairytales of my youth and cause me to see them differently Always a good thing Michelle Sagara's Cast in Moonlight is a terrific story although Sagara is a major pain in that she just abandons you in the middle of the story when she stops There is no conclusion of any sort It's as if Sagara got up to go to the bathroom and never came back Yeah yeah I know authors have the option of leaving us hanging on the edge of a cliff but they usually conclude some aspect of the story before they doI know I don't normally list the characters when I review a series of short stories but I do want to read if only to find out what does happenThe CharactersKaylin Neya is thirteen years old and has been surviving on her own Recently tattoos appeared on her body and seem to convey an ability to see and perform magic It appears that she is also a survivor of the Nightshade ritual killingsThe Hawks areone of three police forces that enforce the Emperor's Law Lord Grammayre an Aerian aka the Hawklord is the commander of the Hawks Garadin is a Tha'alani who uestions Kaylin Sergeant Marcus Kassan is Leontine Kayala is one of his five wives; Graylin and Reesa appear to be two other wives; Corporals Teela and Tain are Barrani Clint an Aerian is of the Camaraan Flight a flight can be translated as family; he is a guard and flies a patrol Caitlin is the sergeant's aide Red don't even think of him as Reginald is their coroner Morlan an Aerian is in charge of the infirmaryThe Imperial Order of Mages works forthe Eternal Emperor he's a Dragon Ceridath Morlanne has a problem he's hoping to solve and is very sensitive to magical residual effects; Meredith is his eight year old granddaughter Magister Dreury is the head of the Order Sanabalis is another mage but is not usually involved with the Order Farris is yet another mage with the OrderWolves areanother policing agency and one of their skills directives appears to be a specialization in surveillance Captain NeallTha'alani appear to be magical personnel who torture beings for the police Leontines seem to be lion like Barrani are dragons I think They appear to be the dominant beings in this world and immortal Nope at one point Sagara mentions Barrani and Dragons as two different species Arcanists seem to be wizardsmages who practice off the grid Aerians are birdlike and have wings; yes they can fly but they don't shiftNightshade is a fief a neighborhood in which a series of ritual killings occurred a year ago Elantra is the city in which all this occurs Cameron Haley's Retribution is a double edged sword in this excursion into LA gang territory This one combines magic with the usual internal gang concerns This particular story feels like an introduction to an upcoming change to Dominica Riley's lifeTHE COVER and TITLEThe cover is fantastical with its oranges creating the watery landscape and the sunset while a fey maid dressed in a pale green diaphanous dress wades in the water bending to touch the reflection of the harvest moonThe title reflects the theme of a Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms #5 5Er first meeting with the Hawks Retribution by Cameron HaleyIn the underworld there are tricks to killing Like executing rivals at crossroads so ghosts won't follow you home But sometimes retribution is hard to avoid and now a supernatural hit man has a contract on Domino Riley's life Luckily she knows a thing or two about death I only read Harvest MoonA Tangled Web by Mercedes Lackey This story features the supporting characters Leo and Bru from the previous book along with Persephone and Hades Always than one romance happening in Lackey's booksI think I prefer her full length novels because she tends to go on these infodump rants and have her characters mull over every single possibility even though none of it is in any way relevant And she simply doesn't have time to do that and keep a story flowing in a short story It was interesting to see how The Tradition worked on the Gods of Olympus but the author failed to take advantage of her own very interesting mythos by wasting page time on how many god damn different fields there are in the Underworld a lot apparently and not showing us why the gods behave the way they do With the jumping around between 3 different relationships none of them are very fleshed out You're told that these people love each other and why but you don't see it because they're literally together for like 4 pages each Things just are in this story there is no character development reallyIt's uite a ridiculous way to write but it seems to be this author's way of doing things It works in her full length novels because there is plenty of time for the over abundance of pointless information and things are just so crazy that you'll go with it anyway Here in a shorter story it just does not work Not for me anyway

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read Harvest Moon doc ↠ Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms è mercedes lackey ☆ A Tangled Web by New York Times bestselling author Mercedes LackeyKidnapping Persephone should have been an easy task But in the Five Hundred Kingdoms nothing's ever simple—and the wrong blonde goddess is stoleCast in Moonlight by New York Times bestselling author Michelle SagaraBarely a teenager Kaylin Neya is a thief a fugitive and an attempted assassin She also has a smart mouth sharp wits and mysterious markings on her skin All of which make her perfect bait for a child prostitution sting in the city of Elantra if she survives h Three awesome novellas from three fabulous writers I bought Harvest Moon because of Michelle Sagara's contribution Cast in Moonlight a preuel to the Chronicles of Elantra series and I certainly wasn't disappointed Teenage Kaylin was an interesting contrast to the Kaylin that we all know and love from the Elantra novels She was already picking up some bad habits from Teela before the end of the novella howeverWhat really interested me however was Mercedes Lackey's story A Tangled Web Set in her 500 Kingdoms world which I admit I know nothing about but now have a yen to read Lackey has created a fabulous world where the Olympian gods are pawns of the beliefs of the mortals around them I am so happy to read a story where Hades is not the evil villain but rather he and Persephone are in love tragically their elopement is interrupted through the stupidity of Thanatos and they must fight to stay together while remaining within the boundaries of Tradition Add in a Valkyrie who is not happy at being mistakenly abducted and kept in the Underworld and her mortal husband who will do anything to rescue her and I am fast becoming a fan of Lackey's writingCameron Haley's novella Retribution had an interesting take on the world of magic and spirits and spells When an execution on an Israeli gangster leads to a death curse mob lieutenant Dominica Riley must pull out all the stops to try and defeat the mysterious Sam and retain her position within the organization Another series that I'll have to check out now