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Sunset Park Summary ¸ E-book, or Kindle E-pub í Luminous passionate expansive an emotional tour de force Sunset Park follows the hopes and fears of a cast of unforgettable characters brought together by the mysterious Miles Heller during the dark months of the 2008 economic collapseAn enigmatic young man employed as a trash out worker Luminous passionate expansive an emotional tour de force Sunset Park follows the hopes and fears of a cast of unforgettable characters brought together by the mysterious Miles Heller during the dark months of the 2008 economic collapseAn enigmatic young man employed as a trash out worker in southern Florida obsessively photographing. As with most of Paul Auster's novels he glitters and glides beneath the surface of the text mixing the obscure with the dazzling here with Sunset Park although it may read like Auster it also doesn'tThe protagonist 27 year old Miles Heller has abandoned his well connected New York family and gone into the wilderness to deal with the death of his stepbrother Bobby who died in a car accident Miles overcome with grief and guilt believes he was the cause of it but this he never reveals to his father who runs a publishing firm his estranged actress mother or Bobby’s real mother He finds salvation in Florida working as a house clearer and has a fascination with taking photos of abandoned things By chance he meets a younger girl in a park – they’re both reading The Great Gatsby and begin a risky relationship Auster whose plots are usually compelling seems to have mislaid his sense of drive in terms of storytelling here the narrative ebbs and flows sublimely but never really takes hold like some other of his novels by his standards Sunset Park reads pretty normal There are long passages of workmanlike prose “Every Monday Wednesday and Thursday she takes the subway into Manhattan and goes to her part time job at the PEN American Center at 588 Broadway just south of Houston Street She started working there last summer” And so onCircumstances force Miles to flee again this time back to New York where he and girlfriend end up sharing a suat in the Sunset Park area with his old pal Bing and a sexually frustrated artist called EllenThe narrative unexpectedly widens and we are given long sections from the point of view of each of these characters creating an intimate viewpoint of their shared and cramped existence The second half of the novel is far heartfelt with Miles aware he must re establish contact with his estranged family and confront his past but he isn't the only one with problemsWhat's great about Sunset Park is there are no minor characters in Auster's world everyone else has a rich complicated inner life of their own and when the mother and father of Miles start to enter the story your mindset switches over to them leading to some poignant moments towards the endOverall there isn't the substance of previous work however it's uncluttered approach still makes for a compulsive read driven by Auster's incongruous infectious and sheer damned interest in his subject matter 45

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Thousands of abandoned objects left behind by the evicted families A group of young people suatting in an apartment in Sunset Park Brooklyn The Hospital for Broken Things which specializes in repairing the artifacts of a vanished worldWilliam Wyler's 1946 classic The Best Years of Our Lives A celebrated actress preparing to return to. Paul Auster is one of my favorite writers; always able to paint his characters with taut finely detailed yet propulsive brush strokes And in Sunset Park he does not disappointThis novel is less postmodern than his recent book Invisible It focuses on debris physical debris from trashed out foreclosed homes in Florida that Miles Heller a Brown University drop out rescues through his camera And mental debris that Miles wrestles with after a spontaneous action on his part results in an accidental death causing him to run from his New York family and live in self imposed exileEventually we will meet the other characters four flat broke twentysomethings who are searching for their authentic selves illegally suatting in an abandoned house in Sunset Park in Brooklyn And we will meet Morris Heller Miles’ father the “Can Man” and an independent publisher who has never uite given up that his son will eventually find his way back home The fractured narrative told seuentially in the third person POV weaves together a number of elements baseball trivia including the economic recession foreclosure crisis Jack Lohrke “Lucky” who cheated death repeatedly until the very end William Wyler’s 1946 coming home classic The Best Years of Our Lives the demise of the literary publishing houses and the Hospital of Broken Things which repairs artifacts of a world that once was The themes that Auster has explored in the past – art rebellion and soltitude – are all here again this time dealt with directly and swiftlyThese disparate elements all come together in an ending that took my breath away In essence Auster is asking “Is luck random or is it within our control How much responsibility can we take for occurrences Is it worth hoping for a future when there is no future Should we live for the passing moment or take the big picture into consideration These uestions will have you ruminating long after you read the last pages

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Sunset ParkBroadway An independent publisher desperately trying to save his business and his marriage These are just some of the elements Auster magically weaves together in this immensely moving novel about contemporary America and its ghosts Sunset Park is a surprising departure that confirms Paul Auster as one of our greatest living writers. An odd book What begins as the story of a young drifter Miles Heller estranged from his family in New York and working as a 'trash out' man cleaning up after housing repossessions during the financial collapse of 2008 in love with a brilliant underage Cuban American girl with whom he lives and wants to marry as soon as she comes of age becomes something different when circumstances cause him to flee Florida the threat of arrest and return to New York to live with his old friend Bing who has invited Miles to join him at a suatcommune he has fashioned in downtrodden Sunset Park area of Brooklyn The book then reveals its true form a series of interlocked character studies as each character is developed in beautiful brilliant engaging richly textured point of view chapters There's Miles's publisher father Morrisloving literary long suffering his actress mother who abandoned father and son when Miles was a baby but has continued to have a complicated relationship with her son there's Bing himself hopelessly optimistic who runs the Hospital for Broken Things which is a great metaphor for the house at Sunset Park in general There are the other residents Alice the doctoral student in literature naturally and Ellen the realtor and artiest the most emotionally fragile of the characters I loved it as I was reading it right up until the last chapter but kept wondering seeing the small size of the book how in the world he was going to pull it all this together It all kind of collapsed for me at the end and yet the ride was exuisite and I'm glad I read it It was my first Auster and I know I'll start exploring the rest of his work