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TEXT ☆ ᾿Ανάβασις ᾿Αλεξάνδρου Ñ Arrian The Landmark Arrian is an important new edition of The Campaigns of Alexander the most authoritative ancient account of one of the world’s most brilliant military leaders  During twelve years of continuous campaigns Alexander conuered an empire that stretched from the shores of the Adriatic to the edge of modern India Arrian’s history of those conuests the most reliable and detailed account to emerge from the ancient world The Campaigns of Alexander made a breach in my austerity reading project eh I had been reading updates on the excavations at Amphipolis view spoiler which I do find pretty exciting hide spoiler

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MOBI É DOC ᾿Ανάβασις ᾿Αλεξάνδρου 9780375423468 FREE ´ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD Ì The Landmark Arrian is an important new edition of The Campaigns of Alexander the most authoritative ancient account of one of the world’s most brilliant military leaders Ve on Alexander imbued with a level of understanding that only firsthand military experience can provide In the richly illustrated and annotated style of the Landmark series The Campaigns of Alexander which features an engaging and elouent new translation by Pamela Mensch brings together some of the preeminent classics scholars at work today to create what is certain to be the definitive edition of this essential work of histor ”Undisputed Monarch of Two Continents”Excellently written account of the life and military campaigns of an extraordinary man the Campaigns of Alexander by Arrian is a pleasure to read It is designed to praise Alexander’s achievements and of this Arrian makes no secret But he does not fail to include criticism where it is due Arrian appears to take the job of historian seriously realizing that he will be leaving the definitive word on the life of this giant for millennia to come And it is true that much of what we know about Alexander is courtesy of Arrian’s diligence and care When Alexander finally listened to his men’s pleas and agreed to halt his campaigns and turn for home it is said that”Most of them wept They came to Alexander’s tent and called down every blessing upon him for allowing them to prevail – the only defeat he had ever suffered” Yes he allowed his men to talk him into standing down his only defeatAlexander purportedly said “There is no part of my body but my back which has not a scar” There is so much that is uotable in this book But Arrian summarizes Alexander best in the end when he says ”He had great personal beauty invincible power of endurance and a keen intellect; he was brave and adventurous strict in the observance of his religious duties and hungry for fame Most temperate in the pleasures of the body his passion was for glory only and in that he was insatiable He had an uncanny instinct for the right course in a difficult and complex situation and was most happy in his deductions from observed facts In arming and euipping troops and in his military dispositions he was always masterly Noble indeed was his power of inspiring his men or filling them with confidence and in the moment of danger of sweeping away their fear by the spectacle of his own fearlessness When risks had to be taken he took them with the utmost boldness and his ability to seize the moment for a swift blow before his enemy had any suspicion of what was coming was beyond praise No cheat or liar ever caught him off his guard and both his word and his bond were inviolable Spending but little on his own pleasures he poured out his money without stint for the benefit of his friends”Arrian carefully weaves in the geography the military strategy the personal details the flaws of Alexander his leadership and his history At no point is the account lengthy or boring as you would expect from a book that is almost 1900 years old I read this biography of Alexander from Kindle and Audible though it is not available in whisper sync This means of course that you turn the pages to keep up with the narration I do not recommend this book for audio alone as many words need to be seen to remember or understand The ebook is in the public domain and can be gotten almost anywhere free I believe But the Kindle edition cost about 1000 The Audible is narrated by Charlton Griffin in a voice that does Arrian’s work justice I am definitely inspired to read of Arrian after this

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᾿Ανάβασις ᾿ΑλεξάνδρουIs a work that will fascinate readers interested in classical studies the history of warfare and the origins of East West tensions that still simmer today in Ira Iran and Afghanistan Drawing on Ptolemy’s memoirs and other sources that have not survived antiuity Arrian’s portrait of Alexander is unmatched for its accuracy and immediacy Having served as a high Roman official with command of an army Arrian had a uniue perspecti I finished reading this unthinkable but pleasurable biography last Monday It seemed to me it's a bit hard to review this book appropriately so I hesitated to write or even think on how to write it for my Goodreads friends One of the reasons is that there're innumerable formidable Alexander scholars worldwide and I'm simply a common reader who has just decided to read his biography written by Arrian after many vague postponements since years ago Therefore I'd focus on the key uestion above namely what I thought after reading this bookFirst of all this is a literary masterpiece written by an experienced scholarly Greek you may read his brief biography at Page i who just imagine wrote it around 400 years after Alexander's death It's not easy to accomplish such a task let alone think or plan to do itSecondly it's of course worth reading since its readers would understand on Alexander's insatiable campaigns in Asia as far as India From various engagements we'd learn how each side manage to fight for victory and how noble he was when he could conuer subdue and pardon some enemies who deserved to be released or even appointed to govern some particular citiesLastly the readers would admire his kingly leadership that is he always led his fellow soldiers took action and got seriously wounded sometime Therefore he's long been honoured as Alexander the Great among the few in ancient history Find a copy to read and you can't help admiring him as one of the great military leaders in the world