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Last DaysMost recently The Open Curtain which was a finalist for the Edgar Award and the International Horror Guild Award He is the recipient of both an O Henry Award and an NEA award Evenson’s writing has been described as dark violent philosophical critical and lyrica How many whales do you suppose God will deign send to swallow you When does God run out of whales” Last Days Brian Evensonnote Figuring out what amputationish painting would be appropriate here was an interesting in not rewarding exercise My good friend Keith is pretty sure on good authority one of the paintings referenced in the book is an Odd Nerdrum so I'm going with one of his Amazing Brutal Funny Dark AbsurdThis is hard boiled horror Cult Crime Brian Evenson is writing tomorrow's horror today well technically he wrote tomorrow's horror ten years go Like Philip K Dick and JG Ballard I have feeling Evenson will be far appreciated in 50 years than he is today Right now Evenson exists as a cult writer; a writer's writer My first exposure to Evenson was my freshman year at BYU That was the year the church school removed him Cut him off Amputated him for the very same book they hired him for It was the first time I bought his book and one of my first literary horror purchases Now don't get me wrong I didn't READ Evenson that year I wasn't ready Again Evenson arrived too early He was there before the worms and the birdsI'm avoiding directly reviewing the book because I don't want to give the experience away Let's leave it at the fact it FEELS like JG Ballard meets Sam Beckett The first two members of The Holy Christian Fellowship of Amputation or The Brotherhood of Mutilation we are introduced to seem to possess the dialogue sensibilities and absurdities of Vladimir and Estragon The book is essentially a short story Evenson wrote called The Brotherhood of Mutilation expanded or mirrored A story about one cult becomes a story about two cults The original AND its schismatic twin It is a thesis antithesis synthesis kinda novel This is a story that haunts you but not with chills but echos and vibrations I finished this novel bit of a fingernail spit it on the floor and went to bed

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Or self preservation Kline must navigate a gauntlet of lies threats and misinformation All too soon he discovers that the stakes are higher than he thought and that his survival depends on an act of sheer willBrian Evenson is the author of eight books of fiction Been searching for a joyful heartwarming story to get you into the holiday spirit Boy have I got just the book for you Well heartwarming may not be the best word for it How bout gut churning bone chilling nerve racking gruesome little slice of horror noir Yeah that’s like it “And if thy right hand offend thee cut it off and cast it from thee ”—Matthew 530 But why stop thereMr Kline’s descent into madness begins with a rather innocuous phone call offering him a job which he flatly refuses He’s too depressed to even get out of bed let alone consider any work what with him still recovering from having his hand chopped off during an undercover job After shooting the culprit and helping himself to a briefcase full of cash he doesn’t need the money anyhow But the caller’s not accepting no for an answer so after repeatedly hanging up on him Kline does the only reasonable thing left yanks the telephone cord out of the wall and goes back to sleep Only to wake up later and find two men sitting at the foot of his bed “When opportunity comes knocking Mr Kline it’s customary to open the damn door You are after all one of us” they inform him as they twist off their own hands Rudely usher into their car and driven to their compound he’s forced into the role of reluctant detective The leader of The Brotherhood of Mutilation who count their spiritual progress by the number of body parts lopped off seems to have been murdered or has he Kline’s tasked with solving the crime but the he investigates the he’s given the runaround until he begins to uestion everything“Aline is dead” Kline said “Aline is dead” said Ramse his voice rising “Is that possible” said Gous “How is that possible” “Or not” said Kline “Maybe not” “Well” said Gous “Which is it” “What did you say about Aline” asked the bartender “Nothing” said Kline “Oh God” said Ramse shaking his head “Dear God” “Aline is either alive or dead” said Gous to the bartender “Be uiet Gous” said Kline “Well which is he” asked the bartender “There’s a big difference you know”That’s an example of what I’ve really enjoyed about all of these noir stories that I’ve read so far No matter how dark the subject matter the dialog is often light and funny Seemingly all of these stories are built upon deceptively simple and straightforward prose which cuts right to the chase or bone if you will shudders with crisp and snappy dialog All of which helps these stories to maintain a gripping breakneck pace Sometimes the plots can be a little too convoluted but not so here there’s nary a wasted word Evenson can’t even be bothered to describe the landscape We’re provided no clues as to where the story even occurs because that’s not what’s important All that matters are the actions of the characters and the horrors they inflict on one another Now a word of warning Only those fearless readers with strong hearts and cast iron stomachs need venture any further For all of you brave souls willing to give it a go be advised to save the introduction by Peter Straub for last unless you’d care to have that rat bastard spoil the entire story for you And here I thought only Stephen King pulled stupid shit like thatFor the rest of you scaredy cats too frightened to crack open the spine yet curious to know “What in God’s holy name was the moral of the story” I’d wager it’s something along the lines of religious cults and fanaticism can be downright terrifying Lucky for me after many years lost in the wilderness and suffering through trials and tribulations I’ve finally discovered the one true religion Pastafarianism O Blessed Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky if it be thy will scour my mind with your Noodly Appendage and cleanse it from this pestilent horror which has stained it so Footnote The Last Days actually began life back in 2002 as the novella “The Brotherhood of Mutilation” But “Almost immediately after the initial publication Evenson wanted to continue the story but he knew it needed to hold its own against The Brotherhood” Eventually inspiration struck in the form of a one handed piano player named Paul and he penned the second half of this story As soon as I discovered this fact I immediately went back and reread the conclusion to the Brotherhood section and I must admit that would have made for one hell of a powerful novella Unfortunately the latter half while vastly entertaining wasn’t uite up to snuff with his initial creation—it was a little too over the top for my taste 45 stars for part one and 35 stars for part two nicely averages out to 4 stars total

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Download Last Days Epub ´ ✓ Still reeling from a brutal dismemberment detective Kline is forcibly recruited to solve a murder inside a religious cult that takes literally the New Testament idea that you should cut off your hand if it offends you Armed only with his gun his wits and a gift for self preservation Kline must navigate a gauntlet of lies Still reeling from a brutal dismemberment detective Kline is forcibly recruited to solve a murder inside a religious cult that takes literally the New Testament idea that you should cut off your hand if it offends you Armed only with his gun his wits and a gift f Rating four horrified repulsed goosepimply stars of fiveThe Publisher Says Intense and profoundly unsettling Brian Evenson’s Last Days is a down the rabbit hole detective novel set in an underground religious cult The story follows Kline a brutally dismembered detective forcibly recruited to solve a murder inside the cult As Kline becomes deeply involved with the group he begins to realize the stakes are higher than he previously thoughtAttempting to find his way through a maze of lies threats and misinformation Kline discovers that his survival depends on an act of sheer will Last Days was first published in 2003 as a limited edition novella titled The Brotherhood of Mutilation Its success led Evenson to expand the story into a full length novel In doing so he has created a work that’s disturbing deeply satisfying and completely originalMy Review Kline is a PI who doesn't need clients to hire him so he can live This is because he stole money from a man who was trying to murder him To make sure the man couldn't murder him Kline bought time by lopping off his own hand before killing the murder minded malefactorAll of this takes place before we meet Kline and is the very least awful least repulsive and most understandable stuff that happens in the entire 201pp of this book Still interested Then on we goThe book is two connected novellas “The Brotherhood of Mutilation” and “Last Days” comprising the adventures of Kline in the weirdest subculture that christian imagination has yet to throw up the mutilates These are two sects of people who amputate parts of their bodies to align themselves with scripture “And if thine eye offend thee pluck it out it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire” Mark 947 First and smallest of my anti xian rants here commenceth Srsly y'all can any sane person in possession of even modest decoding skills think this crap is meant literally And if so how can that morally defective person claim this horrifying religion is a force for love and peace after reading just this one passageBack to the book Borchert leader of the mutilates and a twelve number of body parts amputated has Kline kidnapped and forces him to investigate the death of Aline the leader and founder of the mutilates a seventeen as we horrifyingly and disgustingly learn later in the story despite handicapping Kline by refusing to let him a mere one the hand that's gone meet with any witnesses or ask any uestions or see any evidence Now old hands in the groves of noir know that this is a set up so classic that one wonders if those blinking neon signs are visible from the parkway Kline certainly knows the danger he's in and has in fact been boringly repetitious in his demands to be let go let out left alone And then evil evil Borchert gives Kline just enough to compel him as a PI to address the itch of curiousness Bonus points for following that reference back to its originAll ends in tears as Kline oversteps the rope he's been given to hang himself in a nefarious plot to rid the world of a bad “holy” man; the body count mounts; and Kline doesn't escape without losing yet body parts to the Brotherhood of Mutilation Escape however he does; and then we launch into “Last Days”Oh my heck Kline wakes up in the hospital missing an entire arm now to find a blond man with no right hand go look that Biblical uotation up again determined to kidnap him again this time taking him to meet Paul leader of a schismatic amputee group called “The Pauls” because they're all blond men with amputated right hands Paul the leader wants Kline to go finish the job he thought was done ie killing the unholy holy manWhich not to belabor the point Kline doesn't want to do but does in the process meeting an old friend killing an old enemy and causing a degree of mayhem only describable as Biblical Kline is seen as the Mutilate Messiah the burning brand that will cleanse the filth and degradation of error from the mutilate communityI have to stop now or I will vomitIt took me three weeks to read this book because I couldn't do much at a time It is grim grisly and gruesome; it is horrifying and horrible; it is strong strong stuff for even seasoned veterans of de Sade's revolting worksBrian Evenson was raised as a Mormon; he was told by the Mormon Church that he would have to stop writing if he wanted to continue being a Mormon I don't know what happened after that but I know there are books by Evenson to be read And I cannot believe I'm typing this sentence I will be reading themOne dayEvenson's vicious critiue of christian religion is spot on with my observations of the religion's effects on the world over the past two millennia A potent force for evil has never been unleashed From the christian thugs burning the Library of Alexandria to the Westboro Baptist thugs condemning fags to burn in hell because their narrow minded bigot of a gawd hates them this religion should in a properly run world be closely monitored as a hate group and membership in it should deny a person all civil rightsOnly recommended for the reader who seeks out the dark side