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Destruction from Twins Lor Mandela #1When a selfish enchantress steals mystical powers from her twin sister she sentences the far away world of Lor Mandela to an untimely death Only one can save it a Child of Balance named Audril Borloc All hope seems lost however when shortly after her fourth birthday Audril disappears without a traceDesperate to save their world a group of spies travel to Earth in search of the little girl with black hair and bright blue eyes traits that on Lor Mandela are exclusive to the ruling Borloc family. Picked this up because the concept sounded cool Story doesn't really get going until about halfway through but it's pretty interesting once you get there

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Re importantly she must find a way to convince the Lor Mandelans that she is not their missing Child of Balance and her family and friends in Iowa and herself for that matter that she's not going insaneAmid battling a ferocious two headed beast being captured by a lawless band of Shadow Dwellers and falling head over heels for the enchanting son of an evil warlord Maggie discovers that her blasé reality could be the real fantasy and that the fate of an entire world may actually depend on her. Lor Mandela – Destruction From Twins by L Carroll captured my interest even before I opened the book The front cover features a beautiful young woman with piercing blue eyes and a rupturing planet The back cover text describes a dying alien world a prophetic riddle and a “Child of Balance” who may or may not be a teenager from Earth Immediately I sensed I was holding an epic entertaining read in my hands I can tell you that Lor Mandela did not disappointIn Part One on Lor Mandela twin sisters position themselves to take power as the Vritesse the matriarchal leader of the Trysta race after their mother dies Soon it is discovered that Lor Mandela is dying and will be destroyed The soul of the planet appoints a “Child of Balance” named Audril Borloc who must solve the prophetic riddle known as the Advantiere to save the planet Shortly after her fourth birthday Audril disappears during an attack on Mandela castle Several Lor Mandelan spies travel to Earth in search of AudrilIn Part Two we meet our heroine Maggie Baker a bored but typical sixteen year old living in Glenhill Iowa Small town life has Maggie longing to ease the boredom even swimming nude in the local pond Little does she know that her wish will soon be granted with a grand adventure beyond her wildest imagination Maggie despite the age difference possesses an uncanny resemblance to Audril including the blue eyes and black hair which are traits exclusive to the ruling Borloc family on Lor MandelaAuthor L Carroll has created an entire universe with loveable creatures horrible monsters and mysterious magic effectively keeping readers of all ages captivated from cover to cover Carroll gradually builds the momentum over the first 300 pages Then she throws us onto a rollercoaster of twists and turns in the closing chapters as two great armies clash with a dying planet as the background Just when you’re able to catch your breath the author hits you with a whopper of an ending effectively setting up the seuelI would like to have seen Maggie appearing sooner in the story as younger readers will uickly bond with the strong yet vulnerable protagonist However there is plenty going on throughout to keep less experienced readers turning the pages Maggie’s time to shine is in the second half of the book and shine she doesThe conclusion of the Harry Potter series has left a largely unfilled gap in the fantasyyoung adult genre A gap I believe L Carroll’s Lor Mandela Trilogy will fill uite nicely I highly recommend Lor Mandela and rate it as a Must Read for fans of this genre

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characters Destruction from Twins (Lor Mandela, #1) ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ When a selfish enchantress steals mystical powers from her twin sister she sentences the far away world of Lor Mandela to an untimely death Only one can save it a Child of Balance named Audril Borloc All hope seems lInstead they find sixteen year old Maggie Baker While the age difference between the girls is obvious Maggie has the Borloc traits evidence enough for the desperate spiesFollowing an earthuake that no one feels but her Maggie's mundane existence is launched into a roller coaster ride of twists and turns as she finds herself bouncing back and forth between her hometown of Glenhill Iowa and the mysterious lands of Lor Mandela On this strange world she must learn who to trust and who to fear Mo. Lor Mandela – Destruction from Twins – Review by Martha A Cheves Author of Stir Laugh Repeat Destruction of twins and so it must endThey are the lock yet they are not friendsThe Child of Balance can only restoreHer father the key and she is the doorThe Riddle now told the Advantiere presentsHealing begins following events ONE comes swiftly in the morning ONE unknowing moves in haste ONE beloved through mighty fallen ONE is chosen to forget her place Elahk E Ber Lor Mandela One through strong must fall forbidden One made low shall rise again One must be as these words written Then will One forever reign Elahk A Ber Lor Mandela This is the puzzle that must be solved to save the world of Lor Mandela The destruction of the planet started with the death of the matriarchal leader known as the Vritesse of Lor Mandela who prior to her death had to choose her successor between her two twin daughters Anika had the strongest will whereas Lantalia was the kindest Both were ualified but only one could rule Which would it be Little did she know that her choice would bring vengeance between the two ending in complete destruction of their sisterhood Will one be stronger than the other and rule their world To complicate things even Anika’s daughter's former entrusted husband Darian has swore to seek revenge upon her her family and put himself into a position as ruler But does he have the strength to pull it off And then there is Maggie Baker a 17 year old living in what she calls the most boring town on earth When she starts seeing hundreds of tiny lights buzzing around her window she knows it’s nothing than a stupid dream But when the dream starts taking her in places that she can’t identify she starts believing that these dreams aren’t your every night dreams So who is Maggie and how does she fit into the world of Lor Mandela When I made it to the last page of Lor Mandela I had one thing to say “NO Don’t end now” This book contained some of the most creative characters I’ve ever found in a book of this type The Shadow Dwellers can fade in and out of the shadows and move at high speeds won me over The Sybran Forest that draws it’s branches up as beings entered were easily within my ability to imagine But my favorite characters had to be the Shadow Suanki which is a magical creature who can camouflage into its surroundings and create portals allowing them to move from place to place And they will do just about anything for their favorite food the cricket This author kept me so involved in the story of Lor Mandela that I found myself thinking about the riddle and it's meaning while driving to and from work each day So Author L Carroll I’m ready for the next chapter of Lor Mandela and hope I don’t have to wait too long This book was great 390 pages2010L CarrollAuthor of the Lor Mandela Serieshttpwwwlormandelacomfollow my blog at Review Stir Laugh Repeat at com Stir Laugh Repeat