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Reader ↠ For the Beauty of the Earth 360 pages Ç Reflectionslisburnltd ☆ In his late twenties Bruce Warrick holds a Harvard MBA and a new position for a global financial conglomerate in New York as the portfolio manager of a Top 50 Hedge Fund even as he suffers from a severe sleep disorder His poIn his late twenties Bruce Warrick holds a Harvard MBA and a new position for a global financial conglomerate in New York as the portfolio manager of a Top 50 Hedge Fund even as he suffers from a severe sleep disorder His powerful CEO compels him to join a private hedge fund association the Keynes Society at the Harvard Club of New York Bruce learns that the Keynes Society privately controls 1 trillion in a dark pool of hidden assets than the combined Gross Domestic Product GDP of all but eight nations worldwide The trouble begins when Bruce learns that the members of the Keynes Society are trading stocks under the influence of an enigmatic Board of Governors When Bruce is advised by his firm to engage in I received a copy of this novel from the author David LentzAs stories about the protests that began as Occupy Wall Street continue to spin out in the news moving further afield in the US and even going global it's clear that many people see stockbrokers and other money managers as key players in our current economic woes For the Beauty of the Earth narrated by young hedge fund manager Bruce Warrick offers a timely and cautionary tale about the seductive power and potential for abuse among those who manage billions of dollars in stock euity Indeed Warrick's experience in the world of high finance and free markets seems designed to fit the darkest suspicious of the Occupy movementThroughout the narrative Warrick's skills as a financial wizard are either hampered or enhanced by his narcolepsy a disorder that has him falling asleep at the most inconvenient times depending on the given viewpoint The narrative itself has a vague dreamy character in keeping with Warrick's freuent narcoleptic episodes and lucid dreaming These episodes are so debilitating in fact that readers may come to suspect that his boss Hastings dissembles when he describes Warrick as an investing genius having hired him to act primarily as a figureheadThe pivotal moment comes when Warrick challenges the enigmatic Keynes Society who dictates his trading choices Despite this burst of rebellion Warrick finds himself a pawn in a series of events orchestrated to take advantage of his continual loss of consciousness and his desire to expose the power brokers Although these events have all the makings of a fast paced thriller Lentz chooses to have Warrick and the reader learn much of the truth secondhand Like the Occupy protesters readers looking for a tidy resolution to corrupt financial institutions will be left with Warrick's solution instead to consider how to live life to the fullest with those gifts that they've been given to cherish every moment and to appreciate the beauty of the earth

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The illegal trading practices of the Keynes Society he wants to become a whistle blower But why risk paradise on earth against such intimidating power What's the net asset value of one's soulLentz's approach to writing is soul driven The Weston Forum His writing is different because he does not manufacture cookie cutter best sellers but writes on a higher plane for a higher purpose The Wilton BulletinThere is a balance in his writing Lentz has a talent for blending a compelling story line with pathos and humor a measure of literary and historical allusion and vivid imagery The result is the literary euivalent of high definition the reader is bombarded with rich text that infuses the senses The Greenwich Po I stalled on the reading of this book but something about its presentation compelled me to finish and I loved it Our protagonist possesses the American Dream coupled with a crippling sleep disorder Because his life has been so outwardly blessed with an Ivy League education a loving family and an enviable lifestyle it might be difficult for onlookers to sympathize with or even comprehend his very private struggle The dream seuences threw me from the flow alerting me very early on that this is not your typical passive read I became very attached to the character and the reality that he too couldn’t distinguish between what was and wasn’t real Add to that a window into the scandalous nature of the financial industry and the Faustian dilemmas of Everyman Is life a zero sum game Interwoven throughout the intensity of the plot were gems of thought provocation To uote from the book my favorite line among many is “I have learned that at some point in one’s life sooner or later one is destined to become what you once criticized” How true that rings for those of us willing to admit it Overall a big win

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For the Beauty of the EarthStAs in most of his stories there is than one tale to tell in this new novel The protagonist is a kind of Adam before the Fall with a great Achilles heel The Darien TimesThis is about what happens when you lose everything and you're stripped down to the bare human essentials The Ridgefield PressThe retention of dignity is a recurring theme in Lentz's novels There is always one major conflict the position of the individual against a great antagonistic force The Lewisboro LedgerLentz especially likes to explore how creative people survive and contribute in a large and often impersonal environment What is the role of a talented individual an artist for example in a complex vast society The New Canaan Advertis This novel was read for a Pulitzer Prize in Letters but did not short list Here is a chart of the Bilderberg Group which figures prominently in this novel